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Scooby Doo Mystery

by Tobias Grant

Part 5: Ha Ha Carnival 1

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Shaggy: Zoinks! Let's not and say we did!

Daphne: What do you guys want to ride first?

Shaggy: The hot dog cart!

Scooby: Yummy!

Fred: Definitely the roller coaster.

Velma: I like that one, Daphne.

Fred: Me, too. I'll try the roller coaster later.

Scooby: Rook!

Scooby: (Slurp)

Velma: you guys are definitely going to be sick.

Shaggy: Like, that's part of the carnival experience, Velma!

Velma: Not for me!

Fred: Well, here we are guys! Let's go get some tickets.

Daphne: Maybe it's an off night.

Shaggy: Like, that means no waiting in lines!

Scooby: Reh!

Velma: It's creepy if you ask me.

Scooby: D-d-dead?

Shaggy: Like, boring, Scoob. Unhip, not happening. Get it?

Scooby: Oh! Rehehehe!

Fred: I'm with Velma. Something feels funny. I don't even see anyone selling tickets.

Daphne: oh, stop being a worry wart. All the lights on the rides are on. let's go.

Fred: Okay, okay. Shaggy, Scooby, you coming?

Scooby: uh UH. No ray.

Shaggy: Like, Scooby here's allergic to boats.

Scooby: And water!

Velma: you mean you're both AFRAID of the boats.

Scooby: Uh huh. Rat's right.

Shaggy: Not to mention starved.

Fred: Well, let's meet back here in an hour then, okay?