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Scooby Doo Mystery

by Tobias Grant

Part 6: Ha Ha Carnival 2

Welcome to the Ha Ha Carnival! This level has a lot more areas to explore than Blake's Hotel had.

First, let's go see what the Gang is up to.

They seem like they're having fun.

[Look gang]

Shaggy: Boy, they sure look like they're having a good time.

[Look pond]

Shaggy: Cold, fresh water.

[Look sign]

Shaggy: Boy, I hope the gang doesn't run into any sea serpents.

With that out of the way, let's check out this cabin.

[Look Bookcase]

Shaggy: A bunch of books on carnival management. Boring.

[Look window]

Shaggy: 'Wash me.'

[Look stove]

Shaggy: If we could find some wood, we could cook ourselves up a meal here!

Shaggy: Poor guy. He looks pretty uncomfortable up there.

Unfortunately, there's nothing in the cabin for us to loot, so let's check out the Front lot before heading into the Arcade.

[Look arcade]

Shaggy: Arcade! Maybe we can win some popcorn!

[Look Sign]

Shaggy: Wow, recyclable Help Wanted signs. Like, modern, man. Wonder who they're hiring next?

[take sign]
Nobody! Bwahaha!

[Look Java Hut]

Shaggy: I hope the other snack bars are open!

Shaggy: 'Closed?' How are we supposed to get tickets?

Now it's time to check out the Arcade.

[Look teddy bear]

Shaggy: A cuddly, lifelike plush toy.

[Look Balloon]

Shaggy: You're supposed to pop these with darts.

[Look Dart Attendant]

Shaggy: An altogether UN-savory looking dude.

Let's talk to him!

Shaggy: Hey, Mr. Dart Guy...

Dart dude: What!?

Shaggy: I wanna play the dart game.

Dart dude: Cough up a ticket or get lost.

Well crap.

Shaggy: Well, see ya.

Dart dude: Not if I see you first.

Maybe this guy will be a little more friendly.

[Look strongman]

Shaggy: He is definitely the strongest old guy I ever saw.

[Look crane game]

Shaggy: Oh, I LOVE this game!

[Use crane game]

Shaggy: This thing takes tokens.


Shaggy: Mr. Strong guy?

Strongman: Can't talk right now, kid. This is my workout time. Maybe later.

He seems a bit preoccupied. Maybe we can go into the Employee's Only room?


Stongman: Hey, cantcha read? Employees only.

Let's check out this thing, then.

[Look Camera Obscura]

Shaggy: This thing is like a big periscope with four lenses.

[Look Window 1]

Hmm, nothing out of the ordinary here...

[Look Window 2]

Shaggy: We have to do something to rescue them, Scoob!

Scooby: Right, Raggy!

It'll be a while before we can help them out, so let's finish exploring the area.

[Look Window 3]
Now what's behind Window number three?

The clown was so scary, it scared the Dart Guy right out of the Arcade!

[Look window 4]
One more to go.

That does not look safe.

before we leave the Arcade, I want to try one more thing...

Shaggy: That wouldn't be very sporting of me to steal it.
Ah, you're no fun.

Time to check out this place.

[Look attendant]

Shaggy: He seems pretty interested in that video game he's playing.

[Look trashcan]

Shaggy: It's a trashcan. Haven't you ever seen one before?

It looks like something is hanging out of it...

[Open trashcan]

Hello there...

Shaggy: Huh. There's not enough left here to wrap my big toe.

[Take mummy bandages]
Might as well take them with us.

[Talk to attendant]

Shaggy: We want to ride the roller coaster.

Attendant: Gotta have tickets to ride, guy.

Shaggy: Is that game you're playing any good?

Shaggy: Hear that, Scoob? We're famous!

Scooby: Rehehehe!

Shaggy: Well, see ya.

Attendant: Uh huh.

Now, we could go into this Fun house, but I want to save that for later.

[Look taffy]

Shaggy: Hey, looks like that machine is whipping up something to eat. I wonder how old that taffy is.

[Look faucet]

Shaggy: This must be what they make the taffy with.

[Eat taffy]

Shaggy: Delicious!

We need some of the taffy for later, so I grab some more.

[Look Madame Zelda]

Shaggy: Like, it's a fortune telling machine with a creepy looking robot inside.

[Look coupon]

Shaggy: It's a coupon for a free try at the hammer game.

[Take coupon]
This sounds like it'll come in handy later on.


Shaggy: I can't reach it. The glass is in the way.


Next, let's head into the boathouse.

[Look boat]

Shaggy: A little motorized boat. Boy, this thing sure has a big motor.

[Take boat]
My boat now.

[Look bottle]

A message in a bottle, you say? Sounds important!

[Take bottle]

[Open bottle]

Shaggy: Creepy!

I'm sure whoever wrote the note will be fine for just a little longer. Let's check out the Back Lot.


[Look Balancing Bear]

Shaggy: As far as bears go, she seems friendly enough.

[Look cars]

Shaggy: That's where they pile up after they fall off the track.

Shaggy: There's a ferocious beast in there! I hope he doesn't get out!

Oh I'm sure nothing will hap-


...moving on.

[Look balloons]

Shaggy: They're helium filled balloons. I heard a kid holding a bunch of these floated clear to China one time.

There's still one more area to see in the Back lot.

[Look valve]

Shaggy: I guess this is the steering wheel.

[Use valve]

Scooby does not like this at all.

Shaggy: Now there's a unique pet! Cute once you get past the slime.

[Look octopus]

Shaggy: Mom looks pretty tough.

[Look treasure]

Shaggy: Those don't look like real gold to me.

You can open this little hatch here, but there's no need to do it right now. We will be coming back here later on, though, so we might at well do it.

[Use Valve]
Time to head back up.

Now it's time for things to get a little silly.

[Look bungee harness]

Oh yes. You can probably see where this is going.

This is incredibly silly.

[Look bucket]

Shaggy: That's the landing zone?!

[Take bucket]

That's enough bungee jumping for now. Let's head back to the front lot.

...Where did this kid come from?

[Look kid]

Shaggy: he looks kinda lost

[Talk kid]

Shaggy: Hey, kid.

Shaggy: Hey, where did you get those tickets.

Kid: I found them in the ticket booth. Ain't no more there though.

Shaggy: Wanna share some with me?

Kid: No way, Jose. I lost all my money on the crane game trying to get the water pistol. These tickets are all I have left!

Shaggy: How come you're just standing around here?

Kid: 'Cause I can't figure out what to ride.

Shaggy: Well, gotta run.

Kid: Later.

Only one place left to check out.

[Look attendant]

Shaggy: There's something about that smile he's wearing...

[Look hammer game]

Shaggy: This doesn't looks so tough.

[Talk to attendant]

Hammer man: Whaddya want, kid?

Shaggy: How do I play this game?

Hammer man: It costs two bucks. I give you a hammer, and you hit that pad over there. Ring that bell and win a prize.

Shaggy: Well, see ya.

Hammer man: Yeah, yeah. come back when you have some money.

Fortunately for us, we have a coupon for a free game!

Hammer man: Hey hey! One free shot at the hammer game, eh? Here ya go! Give 'er a shot.

Shaggy: A sturdy hammer, useful for hammering most anything worth hammering.

Stand back, I got this.

Oh you cheating son of a bitch! I saw that!

[Look magnet]

Shaggy: strange place for a powerful magnet.

Unfortunately, we can't confront him about his cheating ways, so we just have to leave.


Shaggy: here's your hammer back, Mr. Hammer Man.

Hammer man: Tough luck, kid. Maybe next time.


Next time, I explore the Funhouse, and beat the Hammer Man at his own game.