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Scooby Doo Mystery

by Tobias Grant

Part 7: Ha Ha Carnival 3

Alright, time to go back there and show that carni who's boss.

Amazingly, the dude didn't take our coupon, so we can reuse it.

Alright, so using the hammer obviously doesn't work, because he'll just activate the magnet and screw us over, and there no way that we can stop him from activating the magnet either.


Time to improvise!

Shaggy: A very striking pole.

[Use pole]

Shaggy: Where's my special prize?

Hammer man: Forget it! You cheated!

Shaggy: Besides, look who's talking.

Hammer man: Fine, smart guy. You win. You get the hammer.

Shaggy: Like, what am I going to do with the hammer, man? I want FOOD.

Hammer man: The hammer or nothing.

Shaggy: Okay, I'll take it.

Hammer man: It's yours. Now scram before I change my mind.

Next on our to-do list. We need to get that magnet. While passing through here, though, I filled our bucket up with water.

Shaggy: This should do the trick.

[Look bucket of water]

Shaggy: One Acme bucket filled with salt water. Definitely not a pocket sort of thing.

And here's the Ferris Wheel that the magnet landed on. Unfortunately, the ride is out of order, so we'll need to find some other way of getting up there.

Time to improvise!

Shaggy: Hey, Scooby! I have an idea!

Magnet get!

Now that we have a magnet and a bucket of water, it's time to go back to the Diving Bell

We now have our very own octopus!

Shaggy: One Acme bucket filled with one gallon of the deep blue sea. Occupant included. Looks like a funky float in a can of paint, if you ask me.

Now it's time to score some nice treasure.


Shaggy: They have little clown faces on them.

And with that done, it's time we finally go into the Fun-house!

Oh dear. The way this works is that you will go in the opposite direction of what you pushed. For example, if you wanted to go right, you would have to press left, and vice-versa.

We're going to go to the left first.

Later scoob!

[Look Funky Shaggy]

Shaggy: Zoinks!

The Hall of Mirrors has everything you would expect them to have.

Shaggy: Handsome fellow!

Well let's just continue on an-


Well that was unexpected. Every time you leave the Fun-house, you get booted back here.

Let's head back into the Hall of Mirrors and see if we can't do something about that clown.

Hmm... this mirror has wheels on it. I wonder what would happen if we pushed it...

[push mirror]

Shaggy: Let's give him a taste of his own medicine!

Take that! It also looked like he dropped something.

...A spark plug?

[Look spark plug]

Shaggy: Bad spark plugs are the most common reason for engine failure!

[take spark plug]
This will definitely come in handy later.

And that's it for the Hall of Mirrors. Let's go back into the Fun-house, and this time try out the top tube.

Oh no... not this place...

[Look engine]

Shaggy: The engine is missing a drive belt.

Guess that means that the problem isn't the spark plug...

[Look bumper car]

Shaggy: If we could get this working, we could ride it.

You can walk across the bumper car arena if you want, but we need to get that engine up and running sooner or later, and we have just the item we need to fix it!

This game just loves to make you improvise.

Shaggy: The engine has a makeshift taffy drive belt.

[use switch]

I can't believe that this is working.

Now, are you ready for the mini-game that I hate the most?

Click here to watch me fail at this mini-game!

The way that this mini-game works is that you need to hit the clown's car from either the side, or behind. If you manage to hit him into a wall, than it will deal extra damage. On paper, this seems like it would be a fun mini-game, but there are a ton of problems with it. For one, controlling the bumper car is a pain in the ass. The screen is also way too small which makes it difficult to see just what the hell is going on. There's also the fact that the clown's car has a shitload more acceleration than you do, so once he's locked on to you, the only thing you can really do is turn your car towards him in order to reduce the damage, and if he has you against a wall, than you're pretty much screwed.

Fortunately for me, I managed to win on the third try.

The clown runs away, and also drops another item.


[Look dart]

Shaggy: This is just like the darts at the dart game.


[take dart]
And that's it for the bumper cars! one last room to check.

Welcome to the Haunted House! Ignore ol' Frankie here. He's just decoration. He does have two items that we need on him, though.

[Look bolts]

Shaggy: Garden variety bolts.

We can't grab those just yet, so we'll have to come back later.

[look boots]

Shaggy: Size 24EEE Lumberjack.

Shaggy: Gee, I hope his feet don't get cold.


[Look coffin]

Shaggy: The ideal home for the discriminating vampire.

[Open coffin]


...Let's try that again...

[open coffin]

Shaggy: Uh-uh, no way, man. There's a mummy in there!

Yikes... hey, look! Some of the mummy's wrappings came loose!


Manager: Thanks for rescuing me. I hoped someone would find my note. But my carnival is still being ruined my that evil clown!

Shaggy: I thought clowns were supposed to make people HAPPY.

Manager: He's not really a clown. He just wants to be one. Listen, can you do me a favor?

Shaggy: Like, no problem, man.

Shaggy: he doesn't ask for much, does he?

And that's all that we can do in the Fun-house for now. We'll have to come back later for those bolts on Frank's neck.

Now that we have some Tokens, we can use the Madame Zelda machine. Why don't we give it a whirl?

Madame Zelda: You seek answers, yes? Speak your questions to Madame Zelda.

Shaggy: Um, where is the cotton candy?

Madame Zelda: The answer lies within! Search your feelings!

Shaggy: Will we get this evil bad guy clown, or will he get us?

Madame Zelda: The future holds great promise for you!

Madame Zelda: It is...

Scooby: Ruh roh!

Madame Zelda: It is...

Shaggy: Zoinks! She's gonna blow!

...I think we just killed her.

Eh, might as well take her head with us now that the glass is broken.


Next stop, the arcade!

Hello, there, Mister Crane Game.

The crane game is a simple game of timing.

...Although finding the exact moment that you need to press the button can be rather difficult...

It took way more tries than it should have for me to get this damn squirt gun.

But it's worth it.

Shaggy: Comes with a free supply of ammunition.

[take water pistol]

Back to the kid!

Shaggy: Guess what I got.

Kid: What?

That is a lie and you know it, Shaggy.

Kid: Aw, man! There was only one!

Shaggy: I'll trade you for those tickets you have.

Kid: Okay! Deal!

And now we have some tickets! Now let's go try out the dart game.

Give the Evil ClownDart guy some tickets, and he'll give you some darts.

[look darts]

Shaggy: For popping balloons

[Use darts]

It takes shaggy three tries in order to successfully pop all three balloons.

Shaggy gets pretty happy once he does it, though.

Our reward is a teddy bear. Neat, although I can think of someone who would like to have this.

Hey there, ma'am. I brought you a gift.

[look ball]

Shaggy: A Garden variety inflatable beach ball.

[Take ball]

At this point, there is only one thing left to do.

Hey, guys. Hope you weren't waiting long!

We need to somehow get this spark plug over to the gang. throwing it isn't an option since Shaggy would probably just miss and hit the water.

So instead we're going to make use of this boat.

Shaggy: Hmm, I think I can jam it right here in the back pretty well.

[look boat with spark plug]

Shaggy: A work of genius. Miniature water delivery craft!

Shaggy: Hold on, guys! Captain Shaggy to the rescue!

Fred: Okay, the girls and I will take the Mystery machine and get the police...

Shaggy: Don't say it, Fred!

Shaggy: Like, I told you not to say that, Fred!

Velma: Jinkies, you guys are such chickens.

Scooby: *slurp* Chicken!

Shaggy: Come on, Scoob. If we're doomed, we might as well face it now.