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Scooby Doo Mystery

by Tobias Grant

Part 9: Ha Ha Carnival 5

Time to catch ourselves an Evil Clown!

The first thing we do is use the Sign in the back lot.

Excellent. Part one of the plan is complete. Now it's time for part 2.

Shaggy: No way am I gonna push him!

Okay, then...

Shaggy: Um, how would you suggest I use that?

Oh come on, Shaggy. You can't be that dumb.

Guess that means we're gonna have to improvise.

Mission Complete!

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Velma: You two were very brave.

Shaggy: Like, we didn't have a lot of choice!

Scooby: Uh uh!

Strongman: You guys shoulda asked me for help.

Shaggy: Like, we tried!

Strongman: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Manager: Well, let's find out who's been ruining my carnival!

Manager: So, it was YOU, Charlie! I've been good to you Charlie! Why?


Manager: Charlie, you aren't funny! You never have been.

Charlie: I could be!

Manager: That's the funniest thing you could possibly say, Charlie.

Charlie: That's NOT funny!

Manager: That's why you'll never be a clown.

Charlie: I could have been a clown!

Charlie: I could have made myself a clown!

Daphne: Where you're going, there'll be plenty of time to study your technique!

Manager: Kids, because of you, the Ha Ha Carnival is safe again. So I'd like to thank you in my own personal way.

Fred: Great! And Daphne? This time, we ride the roller coaster.

Daphne: I'm with you! No more boats for me.

Velma: Even a roller coaster sounds better than another boat to me.

Fred: Great! Shaggy, Scooby, let's go.

Shaggy: Like, thanks but no thanks Fred. Scoob and I have had enough of the old roller coaster.

Scooby: Reh! More than enough!

Fred: We should call the authorities.

Manager: Well, now, I don't think so.

Manager: So I have a much better idea than the police.

And roll credits!

That's it for Scooby Doo Mystery for the Sega Genesis! I hope you enjoyed reading this LP.