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Part 6: I Missed A Formula: Acid Rain

I missed it during the recording, but some people informed me that I had missed Acid Rain during the last update. Frankly, I'm not surprised, and I appreciate those who pointed it out. I'd like to say this is the last formula I'm going to miss, but we all know that isn't the case. There's a formula coming up much later that I know I'm going to miss, because you have to navigate a special path through a pain in the ass maze. But we'll get to that when we get there. For now, let's snag Acid Rain.

It's on the path leading away from Thraxx, after you smash his oversized behind.

There's a hidden path here; it's kind of subtle, or maybe not. Either way, I walked right past it without thinking about it.

There's also another bit of Clay, a Biscuit, and some Water in these gourds.

Further to the right, we get the formula proper.

Considering what he was up to before, this probably qualifies as a hell of a big day for York. Zach doesn't seem to be that concerned.

You're not wrong. Things are getting better, though. We have an axe now.

Lava!? I don't want to go through any lava!

It's not a new spell, as Thraxx used it, but it's now in our hands!

We've found an assload of Water, yeah, but that still seems a little costly for a spell. Ash isn't hard to find, either. But a 3:1 mixture seems a little cost-heavy on the one side.

Still, it's another alchemy formula, so why not equip it?

This guy also acts as an ingredient shop.

Where I take the opportunity to stock up on Crystals and Clay. And, yes, I have 54 of each, so that is 54 castings of Hard Ball.

But before that, let's jack those two gourds.

We also snag four parts of Ash.

And I bid you adieu, Constant Reader. See you next time, for a real update.