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Part 7: Strong Heart Loves Our Doggie

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Secret of Evermore, we thrashed Thraxx, and then I had to go back for Acid Rain. Which I could have skipped as...It's Acid Rain. Eh is a good descriptor for it. Anywho, today, we're going to find out about another crisis, find out how Fire Eyes got her name, and hit up Strong Heart, so let's boogie.

I gained a level on my way back from getting Acid Rain.

And we learn that things have gotten pretty shitty. I guess the volcano provides all their heat. I'm...Is that possible?

Some more dialog around the village has changed, so let's go chat it up.

The Vipers? Who the hell are they?

I can't imagine there's much else going on to talk about. Besides the heat disappearing.

We'll get our reward in a bit. We've something else to get done first.

There's a formula available over here, past the armor shop. I think that's the only one around here, but if I missed one, just let me know.

We've gotta head into this hidden alcove thingy.

'sup, duder?

T'weren't no thing, sir.

"Granny's recipe for brick bread always knocks 'em dead!"

Well, I suppose if it were the right kind of clay, this could provide some sort of benefit.

I know one poster mentioned he was a chemist; I'm curious about how many of these formulas, so far, are viable.

Simply Simon posted:

I'm a chemist and I see no problem with this logic.

(yes, ash is alkaline. Consists of unburnt mineral residues, including carbonates, which are alkaline in aqueous solution)

Acid Rain seems to be good enough. Hard Ball is, too, since you're just putting a stone in some clay and winging that shit at someone. I suppose Flash works well enough, since the Wax looks like a candle, and assuming it's lit, mixing Oil with it would light some shit on fire. I'm starting to think that most of the formulas won't work out exactly, but if there is some element of truth to the composition, I'd like to hear about it.

We also find a Biscuit and four parts of Clay.

Alright, let's go visit Elizabeth.

More Ash can never hurt.

What's shakin', Miz Liz?

Well, we did kill some horrific, pants-shitting monstrosity.

Coming up is one of my favorite lines.

Fire Eyes hardly gives a shit.

Yeah, you're welcome, by the way.

I heard. A volcano cooling down just seems...Awful. Especially when it provides the heat for your village.

What does the sun do here? Does it just provide light? The sun is a giant ball of nuclear hellfire, right?

I mean, that's terrible and all, but

York has a point. We are trying to find our way home. We didn't come here to solve the village's problems.

How the hell is that going to help?


So it's his fault we're here.

I'm not even sure what to say to this.

Who are you, fuckin' Ross?

Just a boy and his dog being abruptly dropped into the world?

Dear God, they've discovered the thermostat!

Mm, gotta love that alliteration.

...We'll be burned alive?

How the hell does that make any sense!?

Well, York, what do you think?

...Goddammit, I knew you would say something like that.

Alright, I'm with you so far.

I'm glad you have the self-awareness to realize that.

Once again, Fire Eyes proves that she is awesome.

And so, she gives us the alchemy formula for Cellular Communication. You take two parts Crystal and one part Root, and we can call on her at any time.

These could come in quite handy.

I'll be sure to show them off, and I might get a chance sooner than you expect.

Well, now, that's not very progressive, York.

: Let me show you why they call me "Fire Eyes."

Alright, let's see what you've---

Yes, ma'am.

There goes a truly frightening child.

What? Don't look at me like that. Free Ash!

Alright, let's go see Strong Heart. He's got something for us, too.

Two somethings, actually, and one I'll probably use more than the other.

The Spider's Claw is pretty fancy, but mostly because it's stronger than the Bone Crusher.

There's some different goodies hidden around here, but I won't show them all. They're mostly just alchemy ingredients.

Zach's attack sprite tends to scare the shit out of me.

Though, I should mention the axe will be outclassed soon enough.

Hey, speaking of outclassing things, we got a new helmet.

Not a ton better than our Grass Hat, but I'll take what I can get.

And this is Strong Heart's place. For being the village alchemist, he certainly lives a bit far from the place.

Hey, how's it going, Strong Heart?

No side effects from being sealed in that cocoon?

No baby Thraxx's planted inside your guts or musculature?

Or no weird bug viruses going through your veins?

He took what happened pretty calmly. Seems like he would have been a good choice for the Nostromo.

All in a day's work, bub.

Cure never sounds like a status healing spell to me. Final Fantasy does that if you play it long enough.

Hmm...Well, Roots are supposed to be good for you, depending on the Root, and if you mix it with the right Oil, you can rub it into your skin and purge the toxins.

Oh, my God, Strong Heart is a goddamned New Age healer.

And he has ingredients for sale, too.

I stock up on Roots and Oil, just in case. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a good stock of ingredients.

He can also save our game.

Real quick, let's switch over to Zach. We can choose to play as him; he's a bit lumbering, and powerful, and I don't see much reason to not play as York.

Big is kind of an understatement; I'd put Zach at around 160 or so. He's a pretty sizable creature.

"I also don't want my thighs to become your next snack."

Oooh, a treat for a good boy!

This is part of why I didn't buy the Leather Collar sooner.

Five points of defense isn't a ton, no, but hey, I won't turn it down.

Alright, let's get back to the village.

Just wanted to make sure to include this as hell shot.

Let's take a sleep and pick this up later.

For those of you reading, you have a good night as well. Sleep well, dream even better, and have the best day that you can.

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