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Part 12: A Series Of Chutes-TO HELL

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Secret of Evermore, we plunged our way into the volcano's depths through the catacombs at the base. Today, we're going to finish off the volcano, so let's boogie.

Alright, so the purple Raptor went this way. Let's track him down!

These being running streams of water, if we move with them, we'll move fast as hell. If we move against them, we'll go super slow, as is the norm for video game.

Mosquitoes hang around here, but they're as much a threat as they ever were (i.e., no threat at friggin' all).

Ah, crap.

That's right, everyone; it's one of those dungeons.

And if we're caught in a stream, it's very hard to hit stuff. But, that mosquito is now enjoying life and will go home and tell his mosquito wife how much he loves her.

We're spat out over here, so let's go check that out.

See that one with the light? That's the special one. We need to get there.

We'll have to wing around a bit to find the right path, but knowing our goal makes this a little better.

It's when these dungeons don't have a clearly defined spot to reach is when they're really terrible.

Or when there are far too many paths and winding corridors and this path leads off to that path, and there are three or four turns to it.

This is not where we want to be dumped.

Thankfully, we can sprint back up at a reasonable enough speed, and with the sprint glitch, it's not too much trouble.

This was the wrong path to take as well, but if you'll notice, York is blocking the attack from that mosquito. While that's happening, I can't run back through the stream.

And so, we're dumped down the wrong drain.

But, try, try again.

If you get to dashing around and aren't careful, you'll zip right into a drain and have to restart.

Zach continues to get his murder on, as he is wont to do.

And what murder it is!

Huzzah, this is where we want to go!

Hey, cool, let's step on the swtich. And then take care of that Viper.

Now we have to get around to there, but that's all easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

As for this guy...

Hey, lookit that, he's not hostile.

Probably best that he piped up about that.

However, it seems that Vipers were once a peaceful race and only just recently became massive dicks.

But they did not start this revolution on their own. And I just noticed that typo.

Alright, so, in addition to the Vipers trying to kill Fire Eyes' village by cooling down the volcano, we've learned that they've been directed to do so. Which means we probably have to track down whoever started this shit.

And we can save our game here. I like this Viper.

And now, off to where we need to go!

And York looks like he thinks he's going to die.

As does Zach.

What's behind Door #2?

Pipes!? Those monstrous bastards!

Hey, Fire Eyes. You lost your specs.

...That's not my name.

...How curious. Fire Eyes has an evil twin, but how can I tell them apart?!

: Hi Sis! Hot enough for ya?

: Who...Who are you?

: Who do you think? I'm your evil twin! And I'm here to take over! As hot as it may be in the volcano, the temperature is dropping outside...'cause I'm cutting it off at the source!

Well, this has taken an odd turn. It seems our dear Elizabeth wasn't the only one who has been transported to Evermore, but who is this other girl?

: Then my Vipers and I can take control over your world. As much as I'd like to chat, Sister, I've got work to do. So if you'll forgive me, I'm going to make you go away now!

That escalated quickly.

Oh, c'mon, I was just starting to think you were cool.

This video also covers the dialog before the boss fight!

...What the hell--

--I see. This is Magmar.

He's got a lot of fire-based attacks, which makes sense, since he's some sort of lava golem thingy.

Also, Hard Ball hits him right in the dick.

Oddly enough, he only has half the HP of Salabog, sitting at a low 1,000.

So, uh, yeah, he's a third dead now.

I'm not sure if Speed really helped, since I'm not sure of any of Magmar's attacks missed after this.

Magmar, being a bigass, fuck you rock/magma monster, hits like you'd expect that to.

Yeah, I pretty much forgot I had these to show off.

There are four spells we could have Fire Eyes pop out to do; Flare, which throws fire balls at the enemy; Life Spark restores health, as a name like that would indicate; Heat Wave roasts all enemies on screen; finally, Storm blasts the enemy with a small electrical storm.

It seemed silly to hit this guy with the fire based stuff, even though there's no element system, so I went with the option.

Pretty much at the same time as he used Heat Wave, so I get to show this off now, too.

He takes some damage while our screen waves around with heat distortion.

And after performing the attack, he jumps back into the lava.

We take a bit of damage, while he heals some health, but only around 100.

And eventually, he'll come back out.

Like most boss fights, as long as you keep dealing damage and keep your health high, you'll be perfectly fine.

And Zach proves himself as awesome as he looks by destroying a rock monster by biting it.

...That doesn't look good.

: You want heat? I'll give you heat!

I'm not sure what that machine is, but it's the one taking the heat. I think. I'm pretty sure.

I'd like to think that if I ever learned to teleport, I'd figure out how to do it by exploding.

I'm never sure if I should make .gifs of this sort of thing. The "shake your monitor" joke is definitely played out, but I'm wondering if I could give someone motion sickness with a .gif like that.

And then the machine explodes.

Hey, look, it's Fire Eyes' village!

Hey, look, it's the Bugmuck!

Hey, look, it's our quickly approaching death!

Thank goodness this...Turtle shell? What the hell did we land in?

I'm thinking turtle shell. Upside down turtle shell.

Whatever it is, I'm glad it was there.

...Well, this just keeps getting worse and worse.

Seriously, it's probably been two hours since York and Zach dropped into Evermore.

I mean, I'm ready to give up on life when I stub my pinky toe.

Having to deal with this shit? Naw, dog, I'm out.

I'm not sure if I ever noticed the reflection before. Neat!

Where the hell are we? Is Zach dead? York isn't, since we can see his health bar, but will that do us any good? What happened to Fire Eyes? Or her village?

All these questions, and more, aren't answered next update, but stay tuned anyways!