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Part 13: Welcome To Crustacia, Where The Punches Are Made Up And The Rogues Don't Matter

Welcome back, everyone! Last time, on Secret of Evermore, we discovered Fire Eyes had an evil twin, who owned a pet rock, and then we beat up said pet. We were then blown out of the volcano and landed in a new place, so let's boogie down and explore.

The funny thing is, that film only featured schooners and they sailed on a lake.

And "Dandy" Don drowned after filming the final scene, so they released the film as a tribute to his memory.

Hey, that's right. Where's our dog?

Well, he's a tough son of a bitch. I'm sure he's fine.

But, he could be close.

Perhaps even in this shipwreck.

This looks like his rough and tumble style, but there's no sign of any wolf-like creatures.

Treasure, you say? I fully support finding these treasures.

...Couldn't I just keep the treasure itself and still be filthy rich? And Nobilia? Where the hell is that?

If you steal my plan, I will hunt you down, hit you with a brick, and tie your shoelaces together.

Was there ever a point in history where calling the strongest guy around Tiny wasn't tired and played out?

Aww, he has no friends. Like a weightlifting goon or something.

But, steady employment! That's good!

...Crustacia? Reminds me of a joke about the difference between a lobster with boobs and a dirty bus station.

One's a crusty bus station, and the other is a busty crustacean.

A guy at work told me that joke the other day. He also told me he's quitting, and I'm eagerly awaiting the day.

Uh, my bad.

Ah, if only all of our priorities were so well in line.

It's still a bright and sunny day, pal. Quit bein' a wuss and go.

I'm looking for my dog. Any treasure I find along the way is purely a bonus.

Yeah, I'm outta here. I don't need that kind of sass.

Also, pots are the new gourds. That one in there contained some Clay.

We heard a lot about the west bank over there. Seems like a solid place to start our search for Zach.

And to meet some new enemies!

Sand Spiders and Rogues are two of the new guys we'll be meeting around here.

Rogues are buckets of health, with 200 a piece. They also drop 100 EXP a piece and 10 Jewels, since Talons are no longer the accepted currency.

The Sand Spider has 74 HP, with 72 EXP and 18 Jewels for a drop.

These two also have pretty good magic defense, so Hard Ball isn't quite as useful as it once was. It's still nice for some quick, long-range damage, but our Horn Spear can do that, too.

And there are still blood pops.

While the Rogue just goddamn explodes. There's no doubt about if York killed a man here.

Well, can't get past that. But, I'm sure we'll be back later.

And that leads out over the water, but with no way to cross. The bridge is also broken halfway across, so we're not going to get over to the west bank proper for a little while yet.

But, maybe we just didn't go high enough to find Zach. He's a dog and they get into all sorts of shenanigans.

Not quite sure why some of the Rouges are so desperate to tear our heads off while others just want to chat, but I'm cool with it.

His items are all stuff we've seen before (Nectar, Biscuits, Pixie Dust), but the Change Money option is new.

There are a couple of other areas we'll be visiting and each has their own currency. As I said above, Jewels are what we use in this area.

Man, we had a lot of Talons. And now we've a lot of Jewels!

Nabbing this reminds me, I should be leveling up Heal. Before long, it'll be stronger than the Nectar.

Thank you, Russel.

As long as it's not the ghost dad, I'm perfectly okay with that.

So, uh, yeah, this ship got the hell wrecked out of it.

Right you are, sir!

We drop the 1,400 Jewels to kit ourselves out in the new gear, which will come in handy.

Because they are definitely hefty upgrades over our previous stuff. Holy smokes.

We jack his Water and move on.

Yeah, you guys are alright. I like the cut of your jib.

If they're anything like the Rogues I already met, I'm not worried about that.



Yarr, I'll be declining this request, ye scurvy dog.

Twenty Jewels will get you fully topped off, though.

His other pot contains more Water, which I won't turn down.

It's never until you're taking screenshots of what people say that you realize how much they say the same shit.

I get the message, game, but it'll be a while before we can get over there. Out of protest, I head into the nearest cave.

For that silly shit, I'm taking your Clay and Nectar. I hope a badger eats your man-thong.

This elevator takes us down to the bottom; it'll stay down there, too, so if we need a quick ride back up, we can hop back on.

But for now, before we head on up to the east side, let's take a break.

Next time, we'll see a familiar face, snag a new (and very badass) formula, and do some other stuff, so stay tuned!