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Part 14: Secret of Evermore: Canine Drift

Welcome back! Last time, on Secret of Evermore, we washed up on the shores of Crustacia, and met some of the local Rogues. Today, we're going to explore around a little more, see an old friend, and catch back up with Zach. With that said, let's boogie.

We can't get to the treasure on the west banks, so we're forced to go easts.

Mad Monks are another new enemy; they attack by spinning their staves in front of them, which can inflict Confound, which is this game's version of confusion; it reverses your movement inputs, which is more annoying than anything else. It can also inflict Plague, which is a stronger Poison, dealing a little more than 30 damage every few seconds.

However, Mad Monks are not fans of alchemy.

They've only got 60 HP, by the way, giving 20 EXP and 75 Jewels.

We flash annoyingly when Confounded.

Despite messing with your movement, being Confounded doesn't seem to mess with anything else. You'd think it would tank your evasion or hit rate, since you can't move right.

This is another one of those odd areas that doesn't seem to have anything in it. I didn't find any hidden paths or ingredients here, so...Yeah, just a blank area. If anyone can explain it, I'd love to hear it.

Rogues can take a hell of a hit, can't they?

But, a couple of Hard Balls to the Rogue and to the Mad Monk, Hard Ball hits level 6. I think this is the highest level I've ever gotten an alchemy formula in this game.

Rogues also hit like bastards. They've the highest attack of anything we've met so far, counting the bosses we've fought.

However, using the power of style, we can not only take out both Rogues, but also snag a level up!

Maybe there's someone friendly in here.

Hey, it's Blimp! And...Damn, did you mount Salabog's head on your wall? That's hardcore.

Big washout? Did I miss something? I know the volcano erupted.

Oh, that was a boat. I thought it was an upside down turtle shell. I guess it could still have been. And we didn't exactly use the boat; we just kind of fell into it.

Whatever is in the Mud Peppers apparently give them some sort of floating ability when mixed with water. Which we've already seen, so I don't know why I said that.

Speaking of which, Blimp, have you seen him?

Oh, we're fading to black.

Well, that's a dog alright.

Even better, it's our dog!

I'm going to have to get Explosionface to make us a new for our new dog.

It seems that we're more in Roman times than Prehistoria. This area is called Antiqua.

: Fix this! Fix that! Never a moment's rest.

Sacred Dogs? Maybe that'll come into play later on. I wouldn't expect it, though. Just some throwaway dialog.

Also, yes, that guy is just a palette swap of a Prehistoria old guy. And Strong Heart. I didn't notice it until making that portrait, and I had the two side by side on a sprite sheet.

I like how the dog runs. Don't judge me.

: My husband complains about the all the work around here. Truth is, I do the work and he does the complaining.

We came out of a fountain; I'm sure our paws are clean.

Now, if that's not a villainous man, I don't know what is.

And he has Caesar on his side, too.

Pompolonius is far too amusing to me.

: I must have the eyes of the Diamond Dog statue.

: But, Sir. The people will not support your actions unless we receive a sign from the Sacred Dog!

: I hate to burst your bubble, Pomp, but the Sacred Dog is a myth. We can't expect for some mystic creature to simply slide into the palace!

And we

pan over

to this.

Goddammit, I love Zach.

And we fade to black again...

"Looks like I'll have to punt you in the ravine. Nice knowin' ya."

If we're finding our dog, perhaps you have something to help us?

That's...Not quite what I was thinking.

Maybe some fancy new weapon?

If nothin' else, you did build the bridge. I suppose that's enough.

Aha! My man!

Crush is going to be in use for a very, very long time.

So we equip it; I'm going to keep Hard Ball around for a little longer, just in case I need some extra alchemy oomph.

We also stock up on what ingredients we can; we've got twenty-five castings of Crush at our disposal now.

Instead of going across the bridge, we go rob Blimp of some Ash and Wax.

And save up, since we're taking a break.

But next time, we'll cross that bridge, a desert, and get a new formula. And maybe other stuff, but you'll have to stay tuned to know for sure!