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Part 15: Holy Christ, I'm Glad I Didn't Screenshot That Shit

Welcome back! Last time, on Secret of Evermore, we discovered that something is amiss in Antiqua, something with Sacred Dogs and their eyes. Today, we're going to hit the next city and I have a video for the important stuff there. When you see it, you'll understand.

Get used to seeing this. This next section is crossing a desert.

But, hey, here's an oasis. Those are kind of rare around here, but scattered to and fro.

And that's a skeleton in a row boat.

That's a hell of a lot better than jogging across the desert.

Uh...I have no idea what that is. Sounds cool, though.

Dammit. I wonder if we can fool him.

Yeah, sure. If not, we'll owe you one.

Hrm. Guess he's not that much of a bonehead.

Well, that's alright. We've got a new formula to pick up, anyways. We head northeast.

Yes, that's a tumbleweed. Well, no, it isn't. It's a Tumble Weed, and it's an enemy.

They have 60 HP, and give 50 EXP and 40 Jewels.

Let's toss out Crush.

Enemies are moving around a lot and making it hard to get a good .gif of Crush. One day, I promise!

But, yes, it is a big ol' fuck-off stone fist coming down to Crush some poor jerk.

There are also Bone Buzzards around here.

They don't take being Crushed very well. This isn't straight Crush, though. It's had a few levels put onto it, since I loaded the wrong state after crossing the desert, so I had to recross it.

Reaching this first oasis is a good sign. When you reach here, head straight north.

If you're wondering, I'm not Poisoned from the spiders; seeing as how it's a desert, it's very hot and we're being roasted.

It's quite a jog through the desert. It's actually very, very big, like far larger than it should be. It's fairly easy to get lost and just wander around aimlessly.

And, of course, there's a hidden formula around here. Why wouldn't there be?

Eh, they're not too bad. Tossing a spear through their eyes really takes the fight out of them.

I'm...I'm not even sure why you want to do that. Or why you're hanging out here, in the middle of nowhere.

Our new formula is Sting, and it takes an ingredient we haven't acquired yet; Vinegar is one of the rarer ingredients in the entire game, and it'll be a little bit before we acquire any.

But once we do, we now have a formula that throws fucking bees at enemies. I mean, that's like a genuine fear for tons of people, and now we can just throw bees at them?

The second charge level of the spear is pretty great. I've killed three enemies at once in this desert, which i satisfying in ways I can't properly describe.

Before we head inside, and you can see the stone entrance at the top of the shot, there's something I discovered by accident.

At a certain spot outside of the entrance, you'll find this whirlpool.

It takes a little while before anything starts happening.

Thankfully, we don't hurl. I can hardly stand that noise and I don't like seeing it, either.

Eventually, we're sucked down into the sands.

And dragged over here and spat out.

Now, what did this do for us?

I don't have a shot of it, but it gave us 99 Rice and Spice.

Now, that doesn't sound like anything really useful, right? They're only trade items.

And here, in Nobilia, we're at the local bazaar, and there's a huge series of trades we can do here.

Normally, we'd have to gather all sorts of supplies here, including tons of Rice and Spice, but finding those out in the desert was a huge boon.

Now, it'd be boring as a motherfucker to display all that in screenshots. Instead, I made a boring, 11 minute video, showing it if you'd like.

Items Gained

Now, inside this market, if you watched the video (or at least skimmed part of it), you'll see that we gained a ton of items. The items we gained were

Centurion Cape
Centurion Helm
Bronze Gloves
Armor Polish (increases the defensive power of your armor)
Jade Disk (increases hit rate)
Moxa Stick (increases the strength of healing alchemy)
Ruby Heart (lowers enemy hit rate)
Sun Stone (increases attack)

At the end of that video, we were called to the square for some sort of meeting. As we're RPG heroes, that relates to us.

...Sacred Dog? That's our dog!

I mean, Zach's great and all, but I dunno if he has sacred status.

I...I don't know if I like where this is going.

Alright, there's quite a crowd here, so maybe we won't be picked.

Pick the old guy! Let's see how he fares against whoever is in there. Or whatever.

...Oh, you son of a bitch.

If nothing else, at least Zach's back.

Who else here has a dog? Seriously, York?

Though, he's figured out his role in this world.

Tiny, if you didn't watch the video, threw a gigantic rock pretty much into the ionosphere. He was jealous of our ability to Levitate us. Or wanted to show how strong he was.

I think we could take him. At least drop a stone fist on him.

And we don't even have a choice. Then again, look at his muscles. I wouldn't piss around with that.

And we get thrown into jail. Or at least the pit before we're killed in the Coliseum.

...I think you're underestimating us, Tiny. I mean, it's not like we're fighting you.

(yes, I know we can kick his ass; I just like Tiny, is all)

Pompolonius? What's up?

Nice to meet you outside of a villainous setting.

No, no, no mistake. Zach picked us out.

This part is true. We're more like jungle adventurers, who occasionally throw down with evil twins and destroy magma monsters.

...Damn, your logic is impenetrable!

Guess we'll have to do more than fight.

We're going to have to win.

Yes, please. Keep a record of when some weirdo with an out-of-water life jacket and a pointy stick defeated your Coliseum champion.

He'll do his part to get us out. He's certainly badass enough to handle things on his own.

Now, yeah, all of that sounds really bad, sure. But we've got

...Oh, hell. Alright, we have to come up with some sort of game plan here.

I'm gonna need at least some sort of Easter meal before I've got that figured out.

Stay tuned!