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Part 18: I Missed A Formula: Atlas

Welcome to the second episode of I Missed A Formula! I didn't exactly miss it, since I knew right where it was, but if I don't get it now, not only will certain folk want to skin me alive, I'll forget about it until it's too late. The formula we missed this time was Atlas, which is a strength boosting formula. Anywho, let's boogie.

It's back in the marketplace. I could have grabbed it our initial time here, and probably should have, but the important thing is that we're getting it now.

You'll notice that our levels are different from what they were in the last update; that's because, in getting across the desert, I decided to get the Gladiator Sword to level 2, which meant plenty of EXP for York and Zach, so we're much stronger now.

I also have about 5,000 jewels now, too.

Which means I can buy tons of Vinegar and Sting the everliving shit out of whatever is in our way.

We have to enter the warehouse that we cross through to reach the salesman who sold the Jeweled Scarabs.

See that spider? You may have noticed it in the video, if you watched it. If you didn't, I don't blame you.

Where are you going, you little bastard?


Oh, it's just a Rogue napping back there.

York, you're acting, uncharacteristically, I might add, like a wuss.

Is there a hot wings vendor around here somewhere? I'm sure a golden jackal or a souvenir spoon is worth a plate or two of those.

Believe it or not, Atlas is of questionable use.

And that's basically why.

100 Jewels for a single amulet, and this is the only guy in the game who sells them.

We have one, so let's bug him again.

The price for an Amulet goes up by 50 jewels each time you come to get one; the next one I bought was 200 jewels. This man will only sell you up to three of them; if you have three, he won't appear any more, which makes it a pain in the ass to have any amount of Atlas Amulets on hand.

For this next part, I did a little video of Atlas in action, at level 0, to show off what it does. Our regular damage is around 60 to 70, and with Atlas, it's much closer to 100. If I bother to level it up and really show off what it can do--Oh, hell, here it is.

Yes, I embedded a video. I don't know if I've ever done that before.