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Part 32: Face Off

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Secret of Evermore, we made our way up Gomi's Tower and with the help of Gomi and Sterling, have arrived back in Ivor Tower. Today, we're going to see what the fake Queen has to say for herself, so let's boogie.

We have to navigate back through this maze, but it's not too bad.

Just head up and left and you'll get to where you need to go soon enough.

Alright, let's go find us a queen.




...Queen Bluegarden?

...Well, maybe the king knows where she is. Sure, at this point in time, he couldn't find his ass with both hands and a flashlight, but there's always the off-chance...

There is dark magic at work here. I went to the balcony and came out on the stage.

Don't think I can't Crush you from here. Or Explosion you, or whatever other spells I have around.

This is not Scooby Doo!

But it is a boss fight!

Finally, we can take revenge for them being creepy shits.

Old Nick and Mephista have 500 HP a piece, drop 1,000 EXP, and give out 250 Gold Coins.

And, yes, they respawn. The only difference is that each time they come back, they gain an additional 250 HP, so they now have 750 HP. Next time, they'll have 1,000.

But they are not the bosses here. Not even close.

We're fighting the Face of Boe!

Man, I can't believe I just made a Doctor Who reference...

I will pay for my sins right now.

Mungola back there has 5,000 HP, and gives out 8,000 EXP.

He also helped teach The Rock how to properly raise the People's Eyebrow.

Okay, disclosure time; I tried to do this fight legit. I really did. Even in my test run, I did it legit.

However, when trying to record this fight, I encountered a very odd glitch. When fighting Mungola with the recorder going on the emulator, I had a very limited amount of time to defeat him. Due to some oddball glitch, if I spent too long fighting him, the game would eventually kick me to a save screen. If I tried to do anything on that screen, such as exit or save, the emulator froze up on me. I have no idea why the hell that would happen, nor can I even begin to formulate the barest sense of a guess as to why that happened.

In short, shit glitched, I had to Crush him as quickly as possible.

And, hey, you got to see Level 8 Crush do its thing. That's fun.

For those of you who don't usually watch the videos, check out this next part in video. It's worth seeing.

She's leaping from the turnbuckle!

She missed! I don't believe it, York and Zach managed to dodge the Royale Frog Splash!

She broke through the floor! That would have been the hardest hitting Royale Frog Splash of all time!

She fell all the way to China, Zach!

A gear?

And this cements it for me; York spent too much time watching B-movies and ordering replicas of character outfits to learn anything about autonomy, life, women, or conversation skills.

Damn, that spell was broken quick.

And there's a fat joke for you. I think.

York heroically rushes in front of the King.

This only means that we can't go back to the throne room or the stage.

Speaking to the King again makes him lose his shit as he realizes that everyone is gone from Ivor Tower.

For a single shot of it, Ivor Tower now looks like a cleaner Ebon Keep. But the armor shop and inn are still open, but why the hell would you go back to those for anything?

We've gotta get back to Ebon Keep. Camellia will want to know of our victory!

We do have to cross the hedge maze again, but it's not really a maze. Just go right, follow the path, and you'll make it.

With the Bone Buzzards around, I took some time to use Explosions.

And Lightning Storm. It's pretty much what it sounds like.

It's roughly on the same level as Explosion, so if I level either of those like I have Crush, I'll be even closer to unstoppable.

The drawbridge is down and leads directly into Ebon Keep Castle. I'm not sure if this is the most efficient system, but hey, I'm not an architect. Or designer of good sense.

on rats is completely acceptable. Real scientists do it all the time!

I'm not sure if I needed all of the previous three screenshots, but there you go.

Alright, Camellia, what's our reward for keeping you from being murdered?

That's it, folks! We get a pat on the head and an attaboy.

I'm going to see Tinker. He'll be glad he's not been horrifically killed.

Tinker! Where are you?

He's been busy in the half hour since we've been gone.

Maybe he's out here, testing rocket fuel or something.

Or he has a Flintstones-esque flying device. Sure, that's good, too.

Hell, with the barrel and the stove, this might be a Donkey Kong flying machine.

And you've returned a little disappointed, I'm sure.

York, we've seen all of this world.

We do need a fourth world to finish things out with.

Hell, it's even our final area. We're really coming up on the end of the game.

I noticed your rocket thing in there.

Calling your flying machine a Windwalker is a pretty good name. I'm down with that.

But, Tinker, I went to space!

Of course there are.

I may have had a hand in that...

If you don't remember what he's talking about, click here!

And you couldn't have stopped to pick them up?

What if I bring a square pressure gauge? Or an octagonal one? Does that still work, or is your machine able to detect roundness? I suppose it's possible that you just want a round one and won't accept anything less...

I've got plenty of Explosion ingredients...

Oh, hey, we'll need those again. I was thinking that the energy core thingy would be better, but if you want Diamond Eyes, you'll get Diamond Eyes.

Shouldn't be too hard to track those down. It'll take me a couple of minutes, at least.

That's all I want!

Alright, we got a flyin' machine!

And that's why we've been seeing those around the entire game. They're landing spots.

Someone pointed it out in spoiler tags way back when.

And those are the only places you can land; you can't free land, like in Secret of Mana, or with a lot of other video game air vehicles. And there is a way to shaft you out of having the Windwalker, but it's convoluted and I won't be doing it.

Just like losing any game airship, really.

And wherever you land it, you have to walk back to it. It's not a huge deal, but it's good to remember.

And now, we take to the skies...

In glorious Mode Seven!

And this seems like a good break point, so we'll be stopping here. Next time, though, we'll head back to Prehistoria and see about finding the valve wheel and the pressure gauge.

Stay tuned!

Something Interesting!

Shardix posted:

Yeah, I remember that. I think this got linked as part of the discussion:

More about the mysterious Ed Kann:

There might be some minor spoilers in these, but if you're interested in the game and what it was (allegedly) supposed to be, check 'em out. Hell, check 'em out anyway, as they're pretty neat.