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Part 36: Seriously, That's It?

Welcome back, everyone! Last time, on Secret of Evermore, we made our way through Omnitopia and some of the various bullshit of it. It's kind of a pain in the ass area, but we finally found Sidney Ruffleberg, who has sent us on a quest to retrieve the Energy Core. Today, we're going to do that and also visit the Omnitopia shop, since I wanted to pad out this update somehow. With that said, let's boogie.

So, we're one update from finishing the game. This update is basically padding.

I went back to visit the shop here, since I probably should have done that last update, but we're basically a half hour from finishing the game.

While we have a good chunk of cash, we'll need some more to afford the good stuff here.

When I say good stuff, I mean the ultimate armor of the game.

It's always kind of disappointing to me when you can just buy the best armor in a game. It's much more satisfying to actually find it.

Brainstorm is a kickass name for a helmet.

The Virtual Vest and Glove sound like nerd shit for nerds.

I, uh, I never actually equipped this last update. I just kind of forgot.

Anywho, we're fully equipped now. We're as ready as we'll ever be.

Let's roll back to the shop. There's an ingredient shop there, and if you recall, I'm sorely lacking in ingredients.

We've gotta get back to A 2. It's not too bad of a trip, but this section is actually fairly lengthy and annoying to get through.

I also gain a few levels, just by fighting the Rimsalas that populate the hallways. I didn't even intend to grind!

And it's not going to be our last trip through here. We'll have to do another after getting the Energy Core.

...Not that I had to do this one, but someone (i.e., Seiren) complained that I didn't visit the shop.

That, and as I mentioned, padding. Otherwise, this update would be about thirty images long.

There are three shops in this area, and the inn of the area.

At the end here is the armor shop.

By not coming here, I was doing a small challenge run, for the satisfaction of you, the viewer.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Nothing we need, but there's an alternate hand armor if you missed the Protector Ring.

We can also buy Bazooka ammo, if you really need to. Killing a Rimsala will get you enough for ten shots of the strongest ammo in the game.

The middle shop is the ingredient shop.

Who the fuck is buying Mushrooms!?

Finally, there's the item shop.

Nothing we need (now), but that Honey is nice if you run out of ingredients for your healing spells.

Heading south leads you to the inn area.

You can talk to one of these cleaning robots to get a code for the Alarm Room, but...We were already there and finished it up.

And they literally call it an inn. That doesn't seem very futuristic...

Still, a hundred bucks for a full heal. I'll take it.

Let's get to the Energy Core. There's one more stop I'm going to be making, which is also entirely optional.'

Heading north is the exit out of here.

As well as the Laser Lance, the ultimate spear weapon.

Still sticking with my sword; I've got alchemy if I want range, and the level 3 charge to the sword weapons can hit multiple times.

You might be wondering how we're going to get around if our Windwalker is wherever the hell we left it and we took a rocket to get up here.

We get a flying ship that we're not going to crash this time!

We're going to visit Blimp real quick-like.

For an idea of how strong the end-game weapons are, this is a regular strike. They're as strong as to be expected.

Shut up and sell me what I need! I have a world to save!

Oh, yes, all is right with this LP again. I'm no longer afraid to roam the halls of Omnitopia.

We don't have to navigate back to Omnitopia. Our ship auto-pilots back.

We're not heading back there just yet, though.

There's two things in Tinker's Lab, and the Energy Core to still grab.

Nitro! It's one of the strongest formulas in the entire game, if not the absolute strongest.

The downside is that we're so close to the final boss, we'd have to go out of our way to grind it up, and the ingredients are costly and hard to get a hold of. There's a couple of different merchants we'd need to visit to get Grease and Gunpowder, and Crush is a higher level, and we have nearly 99 castings of it.

Hey, whatever happened to Simply Simon telling us the viability of formulas? It was neat having a real chemist tell us if the formulas were totally "What the fuck" or not.

And right next to that, thrown in a box, is the strongest axe of the game.

My Shakespeare looking friend, Tinker.

Who is talking about this!?

Then what use are you as an NPC? That's all you're good for!

Through the magic of editing and screenshots, it looks like I popped out of that room onto the chessboard maze!

Man, I'm running out of things to say. It's hard when you're on a fetch quest that doesn't involve any level of difficulty.

I hope you weren't expecting a boss fight this update.

Because...Yeah, we just grab the Core. There's not even a fanfare or anything to denote that you've grabbed the Core. It's like if you beat Golbez in Final Fantasy 4 and the game just gives you a thumb's up.

Over to the right is a hidden NPC.

This is literally the only use of the Oracle Bone in the entire game.

If you don't have it, this guy doesn't say shit.

And you don't get these two formulas. Not that I'll be using them, mind you, but I think I've gotten every other formula up to this point.

Well, still gotta visit I8-PI, but we'll have to pass through there again anyways.

If there's anything else I missed, let me know. I'll go back and snag if it possible.

This is the only place to buy Grease in the entire game. The Omnitopia ingredient shop is the only place to buy Gunpowder, so you see what a bitch it can be to actually use Nitro.

Speaking of NItro, have a demo for it.

Extremely powerful, but a pain in the ass to be able to use reliably, efficiently, and commonly.

Imagine a checkerboard transition or something that got us here.

...This might be the last time we visit Evermore properly.

Might be the last time we buy ingredients, too.

This is one of our final formulas, too.

And it's a fucking doozy, too.

Enough of a doozy that I'm going to have a video dedicated at the end of the update to show it off.

It doesn't have a choice!

Thanks a ton, Doc. You've made us into absolutely brutal killing machines now. you brilliant bastard.

Next time, we're going to go finish the game, destroy Cartron, and save all of Evermore.

Stay tuned!

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