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Part 37: The Final Battle For Evermore

Welcome back, everyone. Last time, we prepped everything for the final battle. Today, we're fighting that final battle, so let's boogie one last time.

We've got over 80 casts of Crush ready, nearly 50 casts of Super Heal, and 96 casts of Energize. I'm about as ready for this as I can be.

And since I forgot to mention it, Energize is able to be cast on both York and Zach, in case it wasn't good enough already.

Let's go pick up one last formula before we enter this fight.

Flattery will get you nowhere.

I'd prefer a bigger bazooka or something, but I can't complain.

Reflect will reflect back magic attacks, but only one enemy from here on out will use magic, so...Yeah. Its usefulness is debatable.

One last save prompt before the final boss.

Once you activate this machine and plug in the Energy Core, there is no going back. You're on the path of no return.

Which comes pretty late, all things considered. You can still boogie out and re-visit any old location if you'd like.

The video covers the entire boss fight and the credits. Last one!

Some last minute preparations and off we go!

For the first phase of the final boss, we have to destroy all of these fans and speakers. If you get too close, they blow you backward into the Bombs, which do an assload of damage.

My preferred method is switching to Zach and lasering the shit out of them. The Speakers have 1,004 HP, while the Fans have 2,500.

The blow-back effect doesn't bother the AI, for whatever reason, but it works out well for me.

After a little while, the first phase will end with the destruction of the fans and speakers.

We go clear out the rubble and begin the next phase of the fight.

The Bombs have 200 HP and this is a bad idea.

Mostly because it hurts like a motherfucker.

You can see a Metal Raptor inside of the computer screen, which is the next phase of our fight.

They apparently kick it off by dry-humping our dog.

Broad strokes for this phase, as we've already seen how they fight. They explode into dust when defeated, which is important for a couple of reasons.

This Mechaduster comes out to clean up the mess, and you can destroy him if you'd like.

But if you do, a 6,000 HP, small, fast, capable-of-dealing-200-damage enemy comes out and mingles with the other phases of the fight, which can get hectic and wreck your shit before you know what hit you.

Besides, I have no beef with him, so I won't make him by beef with me.

More Raptors appear after the first phase, but they're easily dealt with.

The next phase involves fighting multiple Eyes of Rimsala.

I'll never tire of enemies exploding into dust when they're destroyed.

It feels very final, like you've well and truly destroyed them.

We're now entering the third phase of the fight.

In which we battle a Bad Boy, who is just as strong as when the Shape Lifters impersonated York.

He doesn't last long.

If you'd been wondering why I hadn't been searching these dust piles, it's because there is nothing in them.

Third phase, part two!

Or is that just the fourth phase?

The Dark Toaster is waaaaay more dangerous than the Bad Boy.

He doesn't take much damage from alchemy attacks, so you're much better off with physicals.

As the Dark Toaster has 10,000 HP.

Enemies still drop EXP here, which can give a valuable, mid-fight heal.

This is the penultimate phase. We're nearly done here.

With a Metal Magmar exploding out of the computer!

He's got 25,000 HP and can use Crush, as well as Heat Wave, but we don't give him much of a chance to do anything.

As he spends this fight too busy getting the shit kicked out of him to do anything else.

He can barf out these balls of light to attack with, but he isn't too dangerous, considering his obscene HP.

Alright, time for the final phase. Let's dance one last time.

We're facing off against Carltron's Robot, who has 30,000 HP and fires missiles at you.

And they hurt like hell, as you'd expect being hit by a missile would do.

Keeping your health high is a necessity here; Carltron's Robot will wreck your shit if you stop paying attention to your HP.

Other than the missiles, he just bounces around, doing...Well, not much else.

Upon defeating him, you get 100,000 EXP (for some reason), and you've beaten the game!

Kiss the fattest part of my ass, Carltron. You're done for.

From here until the end, I'm going to let the video speak for itself. I don't have much to add to the way things end, so I see no reason to bog down the ending with needless commentary.

Well, this is it, folks. I've another LP done and added to my pile, and this time, it was a game I'm not all that familiar with, except in a passing way. I've played Secret of Evermore before, but never to the level of detail I had during this LP. I remembered the game being a lot more goofy than it actually is, with more B-movie references and jokes, but for the most part, the dialog feels like it was mostly made to hold places while they made up better stuff. York turned out to be a lot more boring protagonist than I remember, and our faithful companion, Zach the dog, is more of a driving force on the plot.

This has all been mentioned in the thread, but I have to hammer home that there is a certain and odd charm to the game when you're actually playing it; if you're looking at it with a critical eye, the dialog drags it down and the bland, almost-there characters keep it from being truly great, but it's just a ton of fun to play. I can't quite say how the charm of it all works, but it's definitely there in some way that doesn't lend itself to words. I can highly recommend playing the game, but keep in mind that you're not going to get a touching story or deep, meaningful dialog out of the experience.

With that said, this LP is finished. If there's anything absolutely huge that I missed, I'll go back and find it, but I think I've covered everything that I need to. Thanks to everyone who read along, who commented in the thread, and who was here for the journey that was Secret of Evermore.

I'll see you guys next time. Until then...