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Secret of Evermore

by My Name is Kaz

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Original Thread: Cheat Like There's No Tomorrow: Let's Play Double Secret of Evermore


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Squaresoft made Secret of Evermore back when I was a lad as the second game in the Mana series (I think). It's game-engine-wise everything you could ask for in an action/RPG if you have any like of the Mana games, whose engines, by my estimate, have never been quite the same way twice.
The plot is far removed from anything else in the series. That is, there's no world-tree-hugging harem of heroes carrying on about how we need a special sword to use as a trowel to prune the tree and either save or destroy everything by the pruning. There's no connection to gods sending god-beasts to punish people who punish trees who created the gods.
As a matter of fact, there's no Mana at all. Hah!

For me, it was a fresh innovation and a welcome change to a patterned series of games. The game combines an offbeat plot, irreverent sense of humor, and unique gameplay elements to make the mana-less Mana game.
And because of the offbeat plot, irreverent sense of humor, and unique gameplay elements, I've decided to dash it all to ribbons.

I won't be doing any heavy analysis of the plot, or even stopping to observe the dialog (the game has plenty). I won't even be stopping to level up after a point. I won't follow the rules.

There's plenty of depth to the alchemy system, the plot, and the dialog of the game that I leave the viewer to experiment with. I highly recommend finding a copy of and playing the game the regular way. That is, not at all the way I intend to.

What those unfamiliar with the game should know:

This is an action/RPG, which means you control a boy with a stick who runs around and hits things to make numbers fly out of them.
The boy's companion is his faithful dog, who can sniff out ingredients that are lying on the ground all over the place.
You use pairs of ingredients as fuel for alchemy, the game's equivalent of magic spells.
You kill baddies, gain levels, get items, equip gear, and wield magic (science) like you would in most any action/RPG.
Almost everything has a level to it, though. In addition to regular experience, each of your weapons (except the Bazooka) and each of your alchemical formulae level up as you use them. The more you use something, the more powerful it becomes.

Plotwise, the poor protagonist/movie buff gets zapped into the matrix, called Evermore, that consists of four realms themed after the eras that the four human creators found the most rad: Prehistoria, Antiquia, Gothica, and Omnitopia.
Then a bad guy makes bad stuff happen and you go crush him.

Expect to see in this LP:

I shall perform for your amusement an unholy (scientific) ritual to obtain huge power, which I shall use to defeat most of my foes in a single slash, and many of the game's bosses in seconds.
I shall use a cart in a console and record the screen. I may be cheating, but only using the tools that the game itself provides (seriously any idiot can do this wonderful trick).
I shall obtain every alchemy formula in the game.
I shall bring Medibot along for the ride. It is nearly all us two, and the occasional special guest. Thanks to Medibot's previous total ignorance of the game, he has plenty of leading questions for me.

Sometimes, I'll need to go level up some of my formulae. During those times, I'll cut in some training montages to pass the time for you.

My name is Kaz. Let's play the Double Secret of Evermore!


Part 1: Throwdown with the ThraxxViddler
Part 2: Buh-buh-buh-BONEYARD BashViddler
Part 3: Showdown at the FrippodomeViddler
Part 4: Extreme Cannon TravelViddler
Part 5: Screw all your armor. Where's my hoodie?Viddler
Part 6: Fighting Vigor, Obtaining SupervigorViddler
Part 7: MAXIMUM POWER!Viddler
Part 8: Ancient Halls, and the Many TaursViddler
Part 9: Let the Menacing End QuicklyViddler
Part 10 part 1: What is a Mer-man?Viddler
Part 10 part 2: Ivor Got My PigpoodleViddler
Part 11: Climbing a Stairway to EbonViddler
Part 12: Journey to the Lipread-o-scopeViddler
Part 13: Boss EnduranceViddler
Part 14: Love Me Tender Love Me TinyViddler
Part 15: Omnitopia and You Can TooViddler
Part 16: Core de RoiViddler
Part 17: FINAL BOSSViddler

Bonus Content:

This video demonstrates what may happen if you include foul language in your name (or your dog's).
Apocrypha A: Trip for Potty-mouth
This video demonstrates what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force, which then meets an even more unstoppable force.
Apocypha B: Lotus Grande
This diagram shows the number of alchemical formulae in height in kirbys that use each ingredient.

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