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Part 7: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Coming out from the Full Metal Hugger fight the shortcut pretty much takes us right back here, implicitly suggesting we've done all we can in this cave for now. Before we find out where we're supposed to go, though...


"Now our invasion of Wendel can proceed as planned. Hahahaha!"

So.. yeah. Nice job breaking it, heroes.

Following the fall the Faerie is left hovering over our not-quite corpses. It's a bit odd to see a hero from a Mana game actually appear to be phased by a long fall.

In the meantime, it's time for a nice flashback to explain what happened at the beginning of the game.

"Oh no.. the tree.."

"We should tell the Priest…"

it's questionable how much the Faeries actually have individual identity. They don't seem to use names, and they're completely focused on their mission.

"We don't have much time…"

The bit about the Hero, however, is pretty interesting.

Evidently our Faerie is something of a marathon runner in the faerie world, and is thus the only one of the four to complete the journey. And with that, it's time to go back to our heroes.

We awaken locked in a jail cell, with 1 HP to our name. Luckily the enemy was too dumb to strip anything like our equipment and items from us.

"Quiet! Nobody's going to come."

"Excuse me.. where are we?"

"We've been taken to a prison-themed tropical resort. Any minute the staff is going to come down the stairs and give us some luaus.

"Wow, did we win a prize while I was passed out?

"This is the prison in Jad… the beastmen brought you in while you were unconscious."

"Same story with you, right? Well, I'm just gonna who them who's boss! Just wait….."

"Yeah, I just can't wait to see this."

"Well here's your chance. Watch and learn."

"I thought all the beastmen were half-wolf. Was your mother the unlucky one who drew the short straw and got a donkey instead?"

"Is that actually working?"

"I'm afraid it is."

"I'll admit, that is fairly impressive."

"Come on out! Lets go!"

"There should be a ship leaving soon… I heard rumors about it. Go on!"

"Well… if you say so.."

"HAHAHAhaha… no. Your friends will have a field day when they find you like this."

The same kind of wolves we had to deal with when we first escaped from Jad are scattered around the castle, although made slightly tougher with being leveled up to three. It's pretty sad if this is the force the Beastmen have been using to conquer other cities.

"Right now our plan is to kill everything in a straight line from here to the harbor. If that counts as saving you, consider yourself saved."

"Not that I think you'll do anything. If you had any spine the Beastmen would have locked you up, not left you sitting in your throne room."

Another day, another trap. Arrow is a lot like Spike, although it hurts a bit more. One thing I've noticed in this game is that the frequency of treasure chests is a LOT higher than in Secret of Mana, probably as a consequence of the expanded inventory.

Now that we have an opportunity, though, this is what Carlie's Heal Light spell looks like in action. The best part is probably the way she kicks up her feet.

"Where is everyone…?"

"I'm not sure that's a question I want to know the answer to."

"It'll be fine. He probably found another way out of the city."

"Huh. Well, I feel like a jerk now"

"Any suggestions on where we should look for the next one?"

"I have a strong feeling that it'll be very close to wherever this ship is taking us."

Which would be here. We're pretty much cleanly cut off from the Jad/Wendel Area for now, so the only way to go is forward.

"The Golden Road has always been a major thoroughfare for merchants, until recently…ever since the monsters took over, hardly anyone travels it."

"Just like how they wrecked all the tourist trade in Wendel. Why isn't anybody doing something about the monsters?"

"It's easier to just invade other countries than to fight off monsters, I guess."

"There's something about that location that seems like we should visit it."

"Those xenophobic bastards. As a foreigner, I am offended."

"Maybe they're hoping that any invading armies will read the sign and then politely turn around and go home?"

"I think that's where Duran is from. It's going to be pretty awkward if we run into anybody he knows."

"…he knows a lot about them. I've always admired King Richard and the Knights of Gold.. they've made a reputation for themselves around the world."

"Never heard of them."

"Me neither."

"I think one of them gave me a lollipop once."

"I heard the Priest of Light has put up a new, stronger barrier around Wendel..but he used a lot of energy in the process, and has since fallen ill…"

"I can't help but think that this is all our fault. Or maybe.."

"Hey, don't look at me!"

"Who else are we supposed to look at besides the person who took the barrier down and didn't bother to put it back up?"

"How about the two numbskulls who didn't bother to tell the priest "Oh, by the way, your barriers down in case you didn't know?"

"…Carlie, I'm sorry, but I don't think we can return to Jad right now. In order to save the Priest, we have to get the Mana Sword and find Sir Heath…"

"Not to mention that if we go back right now we'd have to take the barrier down again and let the Beastmen in."

"Alright, we'll get Heath back or fix the Beastmen.. which ever one comes first."

"He's built something really weird again… look out the back door!"

We'll get back to this place in a bit… in the meantime..

Hats for everyone! No new weapons or armor to speak of otherwise, though.

"They call my brother an alchemist, but he couldn't make gold if his life depended on it. He's more like a mad scientist if you ask me…"

I love the fact that the sister is named Bon Soir.

We now see the origin of the Cannon Travel Service from Secret of Mana. That would make.. Bon Voyage… the ancestor of the Cannon brothers?

"Between Maia and Forcena, there is only one bridge.. and no other routes around it… but..! With my Super Cannon Mark 2, you'll fly anywhere in a single bound! And it's almost complete!"

"You're actually proposing shooting people out of a cannon as a method of travel? Are you nuts?"

"Nevermind that, I want to know what happened to the Mark I."

Our destination is down this road, which has a minor zombie infestation problem.

We've also got a few new enemies. The Poron is a lot like the Chobin Hoods with an annoying dart attack that can hit us for about 50 damage. Assassin Bugs are venomous, but nothing special otherwise.

Our destination is this humble looking hole in the wall, which seems awfully rough for a major route to a kingdom.

Well, other than a bridge straight out of Chrono Trigger.

"Wait! No matter what the reason, I cannot allow that!"

"We're not even FROM Forcena! I mean, were crossing the bridge going this way from Maia."

"Hey, hey, ladies… Don't get so excited…"

"You're disgusting. You can't charm your way out of this."

"It was worth a try. Get a look at those hats."

"Uh-oh! The ugly one is getting mad!"

"They all look the same to me. Which one's the ugly one?"

"Third one from the left, obviously.

"Well, I guess that's put a huge dent in my chances here."

Boss Battle: Machine Golems

Machine Golem Battle Video

Some people have called this one of the tougher battles in the early game, which you can kind of see from the way they're throwing me around like a bunch of ragdolls. It's very possible to find yourself low on HP in a hurry here.

They've got a lot of missile based attacks, and they seem to really like to pin you in a crossfire.

It gets easier once you take down one of the two golems, but you might notice that the other one didn't vanish when it went down..

Yep. The soldiers run, and we get a final "screw you" out of the last robot.

"Well, shit."