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Part 10: Stop and Smell the Flowers

"Stupid golden road.. why couldn't that jester idiot's brother just shoot us right over to Byzel instead?"

"For someone who hates cannon travel as much as you claim you do, you certainly have a lot of opinions about how they should do it."

"…and there are weird sounds coming from inside! It must be a ghost!"

"You're a complete idiot, aren't you?"

"I'm Mataro, expert on paranormal activity. Everyone calls me the 'ghost nut' though…"

"And I'm with everyone else on this one."

"Hawk, you're the expert on this kind of stuff. Is it normal for criminal enterprises like black markets to set up in the largest, most central building in town and announce their hours to random passers by?"

"No, I think this is just a regular market with delusions of illegality."

"Palo is near the entrance to the Wind Kingdom, Rolante. But I'd stay clear of there if I were you. Rolante got invaded by Navarre recently. They killed the king and all. Nasty business."

"Nastier than you know, old man."

"Are you looking for some free dental work courtesy of my fist?"

"C'mon Lise, it's not like me or Carlie could take the job and we could use some more cash.."

"Are you trying to say I don't have what it takes?"

"I'm a princess, you twit, not some pole-dancing floozy."

"Sounds like a lovely vacation spot."

"You called it, Hawk."

"But.. it opens at night. That's like right after dinner. I know old people go to sleep early, but just after sunset is ridiculous."

"I don't even think you could find that at the Black Market."

"You might be able to find it at a REAL Black Market."

"All the sailors have been talking about it… I'd like to get on it if I can."

"I encourage you in your endeavor. Go find a boat, start paddling, and don't stop until you find them you crazy diamond."

"I'm Mataro, expert on paranormal activity. Everyone calls me the 'ghost nut' though…"

A new town opened up means an upgrade to our weapons and core armor set, which I don't mind spending money on at all.

"Aww.. I was almost hoping for a ghost. Even a ghost janitor would have been something interesting."

"You're missing the larger point. If he's here, then that means the market is open."

The Black Market only has two shops, which sell boosting items, magic damage items, and the darts and hand axe type weapons. They're cheap as anything, so I stocked up.

"Some kid who kept saying he was a prince.. heh. Come back tomorrow. I'll have some new ones."

"What!? That HAS to be Eliott!! Where is he?"

"Fair enough. I won't keep track of how many times I stab you before you talk."

"That's all I know… I swear!"

"Hmph.. People like you make me sick…"


"What do I care? You changing your ways doesn't bring my brother back."

"A man with red eyes…"

"That'll make him easy to find. He should stand out anywhere we go."

On a lighter note, we can find Lise's possible employers in the center of the market.

The Aurora Sister's Dance

The dance.. well, let's just say it's better seen than described. It's not quite Final Fantasy 4 quality dancing, but it comes close.

"You say that now, but try getting a fairy stuffed inside your head and see how you feel then."

"Or a constantly cackling earth spirit."

That's about all there is to do in Byzel at the moment. Even though this travel is plot required there's still a fee involved, although it's so trivial that there's no danger of not having the money.

It feels like we're going backwards with the boat trip going back to the Rolante area, and that's an impression that is only going to get stronger.


"Eh? Doesn't he know who I am?"

"Famous member of the Navarre thief guild who used to hang around with the chief and his kids my ass."

"Is he being manipulated by Isabella?"

"A likely excuse.""

"Hey you, say something!"

"Damn that Isabella! From the looks of it, the entire army is under her spell…"

"Works for me. Just means that they won't struggle too much when I gut them."


"You never let me do anything fun."

"Besides, if they're aware enough to answer questions they'll probably actually put up a fight."

There's a lot of Navarre soldiers roaming around town, but they don't have anything to say. You can't provoke them in any way.


"It's me, Hawk… Don't you recognize me? Damn that Isabella…"

"Look on the bright side, Hawk. Your friend is okay and he'll be here waiting when we get Isabella."

No new weapons (thankfully, as I'd feel a bit ripped off if they handed over new weapons with no combat between this and the last town) but a second chance at the latest armor upgrade and some new head gear.

"Was he the only casualty in the entire town? What the hell did he DO to the soldiers?"

"Do I know you..?"

"On a first name basis with the local waitresses? Are you sure you weren't the princess of a restaurant and not a kingdom?"

"… Eliza!"

"Shhhh-h! Not so loud! They'll hear!"

"I'm pretty sure the mind-controlled soldier over there doesn't care if your name is Eliza or not. He just knows you as a pair of beer mugs attached to some jugs."

"Hey! W..where's my w…whiskey!?"

"Coming right up, sir!"

"Whiskey, then. I stand corrected."

"Let's hurry up and see about this hideout."

The Path to the Heavens marks the re-emergence of the needle birds we were fighting at the very beginning of the game. They're considerably less of a problem now.

It's also one of the most gorgeous areas in the game. I could never get tired of living in a place like this.

Admittedly, to be able to see the curve of the earth like that you would have to be at least a mile above sea level. Two or three would be even better.

There's a few random caves scattered around the place with a few enemies inside and nothing else.

We've also got some harpies running around that can drop some status effects. Not pictured are chibi-devils as well, who are just as much fun.

Near the top we can find the Corridor of Wind, but it's a no go until we progress the plot in a different direction first.

At the very top we've got two ways to go, but it's a bit of a trick. Also, I'm amazed Lise made it safely out of here with all the level 9 monsters running around.

" you have a key under the mat or something?"

"Not since that one time when my dad snuck out at night and stuck it under a bush. We had to look for three days to find it and keep a 24 hour guard on the gate."

The other twist in the zombie cave takes us to where we first saw Lise, with a new enemy and nothing of interest. We've actually completely missed the right turn by this point.

Using a spring to take a look.. really doesn't help. It's all featureless mountain. The actual path is across an unassuming bridge halfway down the mountain.

"Hey Lise, what kind of flowers are these anyway?"

"They look.. kind of like poppies.."