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Part 31: Another Story

Our story begins under a nearly full moon and two rather less so, in a forest kingdom of eternal twilight. A place where "Beastmen… wolf-like creatures with incredible strength were once persecuted by humans…until one beastman stood up for his people, to make a difference."

On another day, he received a very strange visitor who just kind of walked right in the poorly guarded front door of the Beast Castle.


"I bring splendid news! The day for your revenge on humanity has arrived!"

"The power of Mana is becoming most unstable!"

The King's response, all agreed, was entirely reasonable under the circumstances.

"I don't need help. Get out of my sight."

"….wait. Dark magic?"

"Dark magic, at your beck and call! I shall not fail you…"

And by such things is the world thrown into chaos. And, although the story may begin here, this is only partially a story about the Beast King and Death Jester. It is also a story about a boy and his dog...

Kevin was trained as a fighter, as he would one day become the heir to the Beast King's throne. But one day Kevin came across a wolf pup whose mother had died, and his heart opened up...


"Karl, you sleep well?"

"Yip yip!"

"This is wolf cry!! Awoooooooh!

"Me, beastman, but human blood…"

"… and both… no mother…"


"Oh, sorry about that Karl. I know you don't like it when I rub that in."

"C'mon Karl, let's go for a walk. Maybe eat some squirrels, or fight a bear or something."

"Arf arf!"

"Karl! What's wrong!?"

"Is this about what I said about your mother? Because I said I was sorry, remember?"

"Karl!! Stop!! S…. …. stop… … … …"

"M… my body… what!?"

The next few seconds would never be terribly clear, but in the end...

"… no… … … Karl… Karl!!"

There are no answers to some questions.

"… I didn't protect Karl… I killed him…"

"My beastman blood… I became one… of them…"

"You're kind of bloody, you know? Look like you just killed the shit out of something out in the woods. Must have been one hell of a fight."

"I was… uh.. hunting. Deer. I hunted a deer. And killed it. And ate its heart."

"Good times! You should have invited me, though. We coulda killed it together!"

"I'll do that next time…"

"I'm sorry for your son's condition, ma'am. I'll see if there's any work we can find him around the castle."

"Because we're murderous animals who kill things at the drop of the hat? Maybe?"

"We'll show THEM who's inferior! Hahahahaha!"

"Wait, what did you say?"

"Nothing… just kinda woke up to a bad day or something."

"These are the powers the Beast King has given us!"

"You give the old man too much credit."

"I'd rather not, all things considered… it's a bit cannibalistic, you know?"

"Hahahaha! Of course, of course. You wouldn't have the stomach for it anyway!"

"You know, you're alright. Thanks for trying to cheer me up."

"Least I could do. It's just depressing when young guys are wandering around like their dog just died or something."

"I… just suddenly remembered somewhere else I desperately need to be."

"No! And I didn't turn into a werewolf out in the woods, kill him, and bury him in a shallow grave! That absolutely did not happen!"

"Nobody said you did…it's good that you didn't? I'm confused now…"

"Something tells me that can't end well."

"That's an awfully generous offer, but… you're not my type."

"Watch out when she transforms, she's a strong one!"

"Really not my type."

"Our first target… the Holy City Wendel!"


"And the Beast King chose ME to lead the invasion instead of you! Ha ha ha!"

"That's great for you, I'm sure. Listen, I'm not in the mood for this kind of thing so why don't you just take your troops and get it out of your system?"

"You… really took all the fun out of this. Fine, I will! And I'll kick all kinds of ass, and you're going to be sorry you didn't get to come along!"

"Somehow I really, really doubt that."

"You got me, especially after he bit the last one in the face."

"Now you can finally get revenge on those humans for throwing you away!"

"How's that supposed to work? Am I supposed to track a half beastman baby down and take it away from its parents? Or a human?"

"Whatever floats your boat. It's your revenge, man."

"That's got to be about the least secure place to have a secret meeting I've ever heard of.."

"He can transform into a real werewolf now. Your job here is done. You may leave."

"Beg your pardon? N… no… Your Hignhess!"

"You can't just have me pull off one little trick and that's it! I have more Dark magic for you!"


"Kevin… hahaha. Such hatred… the blood of the beastman runs strong in you."

"Never forget who you are, Kevin."


"… Don't even try it."


"… Go take care of Kevin."

"Do you mean take CARE of, or Take Care Of?"

"The second one."

"U… understood!"

"Well, this is a mess… I'm alone in the woods with a bunch of idiot wolves all over the place, no food, and nowhere to go. At least this day can't get any worse…"

"In fact, it just got better. COME BACK HERE!!"

"Aiiie!! It… it was the Beast King's orders!! It's not my fault!!"

"You seem to think that I really care about that… not to mention that he's not here, and you are."

"The entire reason I went after you was to tell you how to revive Karl!"

"But the Priest of Light lives there, and he knows the way to revive your beloved friend."



"I've met you twice, but I'm already almost certain that it's literally impossible for you to tell the truth about anything, but…"

"….. Which way is Wendel!?"

"That could get annoying really fast."

"… Beast King… not my father! That is why mother ran… Mother… out there? … … alive…?"

"Kevin headed for the Holy City, but unlike the other beastmen, his was a peaceful mission. Little did he know, the fate of the entire world was about to be placed in his hands…"

Kevin was also ignorant of a number of key concepts regarding how civilization worked, and his method of transport was a bit different from the other beastmen...

"Huh. A boat… why didn't I think of that? Would have been a lot drier than swimming the entire way…"

"And a lot faster. This just got a lot more complicated. And maybe… a bit more fun!"