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Part 33: Team Parental Issues

"Would you be quiet!?"

"It's bad enough that I'm stuck in jail, but now I can't even nap while I'm waiting for a chance to get out…"

"Who's there!? Where am I!?"

"That just makes me so mad! Oh… I'm Angela!"

"I don't trust her, Kevin. I'm pretty sure she's a bad person."

"I am not!"

"Then why are you in jail? Only bad people are in jail."

"Oh? So why are you in jail then?"

"Because Lugar's a di…ohhh."

"We have to get out of here! I have an idea…. I'll let you out once I'm free…"

"Hey, quiet!!"


Two seconds later...

"Wow…I didn't think a man would actually fall for that outside of a book. Oh! Hey, you guys! Let's get out of here!

"You poor thing.. they stole your clothes when they locked you up!"

"What? These are my normal clothes, I'll have you know! And perfectly normal where I'm from!"

"So you're not a bad person, they just thought you were a streetwalker?"

"NO! I'm telling you, I'm a freaking princess and this is court wear in Altena! Grrrrrrr…"

"Well, don't just stand there! Come on! There's a ship leaving from the harbor soon."

"Lemme go!"

"No. You were dumb enough to fall for that, you're dumb enough to be in jail."

"Pfft. Puny king, save yourself!"

"Harsh. But I guess a king who can't do anything on his own is pretty useless…"

"Uhhh.. is this thing supposed to rock like this?"

"I'm pretty sure they are. Never been on a boat before?"

"Beats swimming hands down. So..where are we going?"

"Ha! Faerie, that's never going to get old. Don't stop!"

"This is my friend from the Mana Holyland. We're looking for eight spirits to open the gate to Holyland!"

"I was looking all over for you two! Where we you!?"

"Wait, why did he send you to look for us? What do you have to do with the Mana Stones?

"He's quite the charming old man, you know.

"As an old man he must have seen a lot.. probably a big hero when he was younger."

"Never mind that. Who are you, really?"

"My mother's the queen, you see.. her magic keeps the kingdom hot all year round, even though it's in the far north. That's why we all dress like this."

"Uh-huh. Sure. "

"Brat. Anyway, Mana is fading, so the castle kept getting colder…"

"This guy named Koren showed up a while back, and said that we need to get the Sword of Mana so that we'd still be able to live in our home."

"His plan was to invade all the other countries and take their Mana Stones."

"I.. wasn't a very good student. I just didn't find it interesting. All those years of study in closed off rooms over dusty books, and for what?"

"My friend Victor always got scolded for not stopping me from skipping class, but he didn't seem to mind."

"I can't imagine why not… men, I swear…"


"She had some ancient magic she wanted to use that would kill the user, but she didn't want to die herself…"

"Sounds familiar."

"I guess that's one way around the problem."

"She said it was something I could do to make up for being a failure at magic."

"It's really hard when it seems like nothing you do makes your family happy…"

"Does anybody here not have mommy or daddy issues? I'm an orphan who was raised by a priest, and both of you come from single-parent households where the one parent was an asshole."

"The next thing I remember, I was outside freezing in the snow. I guess I used magic to get away…"

"I'll bet you were regretting that outfit then."

"Well.. yeah, but I never went outside before. That was for poor people and criminals."

"I kind of passed out in the snow, but someone rescued me and took me to Elrand, the nearest town in the snowfield."

"Unfortunately, mom's messengers had gotten there ahead of me and it wasn't exactly safe there."

"I didn't have any other ideas, so I asked a convenient fortune teller what I should do."

"The Mana Sword… Mother was trying to get that too. If only I could beat her to it…"

"Please?! Can I go with you?"

"If you want. Just try to pull your own weight and don't get in my way when I'm punching monsters until spirits come out."

"Of course! And when you obtain the power of the Spirits, you'll be able to use magic too!"

"Really? Yay!!"

"Err… excuse me, but we be here."

"That's.. nice, I guess? I hope you enjoy it here?"

"What I'm saying is that the Captain needs some alone time, so get the hell off my boat."

"Where's Forcena?"

"Down the road, big cave, got a bridge. Can't miss it."

"Aren't you.. the ship's captain?"

"Different bearded old man. Anyway…"

"I heard the Priest of Light has put up a new, stronger barrier around Wendel…"

"The only one who can cure him is Heath, and he's missing… it seems the Priest's life is in danger!"

"Oh no! I've got to…"

"Besides, can't go back by boat anyway. Only way back is forward."

"That's either very profound or very simple-minded and I'm not sure which."

"Okay, then let's get going! Grampa doesn't have all day!"

"This is obviously some kind of misunderstanding, right girls? I mean, I am the heir to the throne…"

"Sometimes that doesn't really mean much to people… I think this is one of those times."

"I don't think that's going to help this situation… although if that's what it takes to stop them from trying to kill us.."

"I think that ship has sailed. Now, FIGHT!"

Adding Angela completely changes battles from the previous group, since we've got a powerful indirect attacker added in to the mix. It's pretty visually spectacular, but does require a bit more menu use.

"What's that ticking noise?"

"That was close…did they intend all along for us to beat those things?

"Those people were from Altena? Forcena might be in trouble..

"Altena started invading all the other kingdoms to get their Mana Stones…"

"Not really your fault, there. What were you going to do, overthrow your mother? Go hide the Mana stones?"

"Wait a second…"

"If they're here, that must mean a Mana Stone is close by!"

"We'll have to ask the king of Forcena where it is… but how can we get to him?"

"Maybe the people in Maia know a different way there?"