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Part 39: Multiple Werewolf Beat-Downs

So, last time we were at the Fire mana stone...

And this happened.

For the curious, a full screen shot of of characters. Angela has mysteriously become blond, and everyone else has changed clothes. Now, about Hawk...

"One day I'll avenge the death of Eagle… but for now, I can't leave Jessica's side…"

"You've got a really bad habit of doing this.. you know this just means we're going to be doing the avenging while you sit here."

"I don't mind kicking their asses, you know, but it's just pretty slackerish of you not to do your own avenging."

"… mmm… Hawk…"

"Ah… well, I think I understand now. Let's go guys!"

Next stop, the frozen wastes!

"I hear the Queen of Reason gets her magic energy from a Mana Stone located there."

"Aren't these things supposed to be kind of secret?"

"Don't look a gift directions in the mouth."

"HAHAHAHAhaha! Burn, all of you, burn!"

"I like this new side of you."

"Just making up for lost time and old indignities."

Sahagin and Seahorses are particularly weak against fire. Going to the Fire Stone first definitely helps out in this area.

"This is starting to look familiar.. I don't know the countryside, but I think we might be getting close to Altena."

"Hey! Open up and let us in!"

"Hah! Not without the password!"

"C'mon, it's bloody freezing cold out here!"

"Nuh-uh, that was last week's password."

"I am the Princess of Altena, and I demand that you open this gate!"

"And that was the password two weeks ago. Your info is out of date."

"You know what? You can !@% yourself with a !#$#%, turn it sideways, and !@#% your !##% !@%# !@%#@! We're leaving!"

"Hey, wait a second! We're opening the… damn it. We are really the worst guards ever."

Some few minutes later..

"… Give up. We're already well on our way to entering the Holyland…"

"… and the Sword of Mana will be a sacrifice to our great leader, the Dragon Emperor!"

"The… who the hell are all of these people coming out of the woodwork coming after the Mana Sword? I've never heard of the Dragon Emperor."

"… You know what? Just die. Machine Golems!"

It does not go well for them. And yes, that is Kevin performing a suplex on a machine golem. If any of you doubted Kevin's awesomeness, this should erase your doubts.

"Well that's good, since I think we were just about to run out of places to go."

"That won't work. They're releasing the energy too quickly…"

"…and that's causing a chaotic imbalance! The Mana Tree is about to die!"

"The gate may open, but at this rate, there won't be a Holyland left behind it!"

"Undine! What's wrong? Are you ill?"

"But hey, just because I cry a lot doesn't mean I'm weak! I can still help you!"

"Well, as long as you're promise you're not weak, I think we're done here."

"They're… selling leotards in Elrand. I apologize for everything I said about your outfit, Angela."

"Apology accepted."

And now, on to the only place we can go at this point. These next two areas kater to Kevin and Carlie respectively, which is the most attention they've been shown thus far.

"Umm.. thanks. Although I'm a half-elf. Now that I think about it, though, that only proves your point further."

"Your guess is as good as mine. Although I'm sorry, either way."

"Don't be sorry. We need practice against magics."

"Gonna have to rub that in Lugar's face. Stupid smug Lugar."

"Worst kept secret magic stones in existence. I'm not sure how many magic stones there are in the world, but these are definitely the worst."

"I think we'll be okay."

"Oh. My. Goddess. I have to have this!"

"That's got to be..."

"Person who was completely wrong about outfits in the snow country says what?"

"Crap. Nevermind."


"Shit shit shit shit, which one is Kevin?"

"Just hit them all. I think he's a good bit tougher than they are, so he should be fine."

"Splendid, splendid! My dear Lugar, allow me to take care of these bodies!"

"My, what delicious souls do I see before me? Hehehehe!"

Although we couldn't have known it the first time around, this is obviously the animation for Death Spell. It's probably a good thing we can't fight Death Jester, as he's casting end game magic right now. Picking up the action again…

"You say Karl Lives… You LIE!"

"Ah! The son of the Beast King has returned!"

"But I will say this… Karl's soul was quite tasty, for a wolf's…"


"C… can't… move!"

"Hehehe! Looks like I'll be having dessert after all!"

"Dear boy, you'll be seeing Karl sooner than you think."

"I say! Isn't it rather rude to bother someone while they're eating?"

"He's the Number 2 man, and I'm Number 1! Hehehe…"

"Number 2? Oh, you're going to pay for that."

"I saw Kevin in the forest and followed him here. I'll finish him myself!"

"A… as you wish!"

"Just give me.. a minute. Then we'll finally settle this…. not like you can hold the whole Wendel thing over me anymore…"

"I'm tired of you talking. I think I'll fix that by taking your lungs out."

Kevin and Lugar

Hopefully this is as confusing for you as it occasionally was for me. You have to fight Lugar no matter what here, but I think it's special when you have Kevin as the main character. Also, every special that Lugar uses is one you can potentially have for Kevin.

Angela's second level Dark spell is actually pretty useful in this fight. It's her highest single target damage on anything that isn't resistant. Unfortunately, she didn't get too many chances to use it.

Death Jester is SUCH a weasel.

"Ugh… Kevin.. heir to the throne… learning the arts from the Beast King himself…"

"…Words could not express my jealousy…"

"Although you kind of just did. I guess dying does wonders for your vocabulary."


"I would've given anything… killed anything… to have what you were granted by birthright…"

"But for myself… a mere soldier without a drop of royal blood… it was an unattainable dream."


"But you let it all go to waste, Kevin…"

"All your pacifist nonsense… you let your martial arts training go to waste. I couldn't allow that."

"Nobody can say anything about your finishing moves, but you REALLY need to work on your fundamentals. Fancy moves don't have anything on good old fashioned ass-beating."

"Lugar… you strong enough… enough to be heir…"

"Kevin… one day, perhaps. Until then… continue training… don't let yourself become weak…"

"… Lugar!!"

"Oh, but of course! I was waiting for you to arrive…"

"Luna!! Please… help Lugar!!"

"… All right, let's see…"

"Ah.. animals… pick him up and raise him! No worries! Normal for beastmen!"

"Says the girl whose mother was planning to use her as a human sacrifice."

"… okay, animals might have been an improvement."

"It's on the first floor of the Moonreading Tower."

"Altenan soldiers tried to raid it a while ago, but Lugar and his men defeated them all."

"Hah! Did you hear that? I'm stronger than the whole Altenan army!"

"That doesn't speak well for the rest of the world."

"Umm… Hey, where Deathjester go?"

"If he were here, I'd sense his evil presence… but I don't. Maybe he left."

"Deathjester… gah. He went to go tell Beast King. He, using Beast King…"

"Deathjester try to get Sword of Mana, like Koren and Bigieu. We gotta stop him!"