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Part 40: Family Matters

Our final spiritual destination. It's not exactly obvious considering the distance between this beachhead and the actual site on the mini map.

"Don't want to go in because of the dark, or scared of the woods?"

"Worse, I think I have family here."

"Yeah, that is worse."

"Yup, that's me! Who're you?"

"Kids these days.. don't you know anything?"

"Are you the Faerie King?"

"I don't understand… why would he let you come here…?"

"I told him I didn't want any flipper-baby abominations coming back to haunt me because my daughter…"

"HEY! I don't have flippers!"

"Your highness! Please, we need your help!"

"So that's it… you're the ones chosen by the faerie!"

"The barrier spell drained his energy… he has fallen very ill…"

"Oh, not again. Fate's a bitch sometimes. Leroy and Shayla must be turning in their graves right now."

"After you were born and they both died, the Elder took you to Wendel and I shut the door to keep any more human riffraff out."


"The hell just happened?"

"I'm sorry.. there's little I can do about the Priest. The Mana is not strong enough."

"Then we have no choice but to obtain the Sword of Mana… that's the only way…"

"Thanks! Now, where'd Carlie get to?"

"Come on! Carlie's fine now! Really! Thanks, Faerie Grampa!"

"Carlie… My… how you've grown. Good luck on your quest."

"Trust us… the less said about this place, the better."

"Uh… Carlie… elves are pretty much of a bunch of granola eating hippies, right?"

"More or less…?"

"Then why is there the severed head of a deer up on the wall here in the inn?"

"Why do they even have an inn, if the village has been closed off for more than a decade?"

"I'll admit to being honestly confused one the first, and I'll say force of habit for the second."

"I feel like it's staring into my soul. Let's get out of here."

"Is it okay if I keep one o these flowers? They smell so nice…"

"It's all the same to me. Thanks, though."

I love the spell animations now that I'm the one applying them. I was initially thinking that bugs were weak to ice and fire, but it could just be a matter of Angela's intelligence ruining general mooks more than anything else.

"Uh.. Kevin? A bit of help here?"

"This is no time to take a nap!"

"Uh…? Oh Goddess, Angela! Kill it! Kill it with fire!"

"That's a plan I'm more than glad to go along with."

"I was trapped in the Gildervine… It took all my energy… I… I can hardly move…"

"I… I can't… the last of my power was drained… I'll be useless…"

"I don't know…"

"He's right… Dryad… please help us…"

"… Thank you for giving me a chance. I'l try…"

"So… that's eight spirits. Now what?"

"Time's running out? How long do we have?"

"And where's this Island of Oblivion? You didn't mention it before…"

"A couple of weeks, so we kind of need to hurry."

"WEEKS!? Why have you been pushing us so much?"

"Umm.. could you go through the human time measurement system again?"

"Centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes…"

"Oops. Hours. Hours! It's close, though, it's where all the Mana energy in the world comes together. We can get into the Holyland from there."

"Using an ancient spell, we can control the energy of the eight Stones to open the Gate…"

"As long as I'm not a sacrifice this time."

"Ooh… almost!"

"Almost… but don't worry! Carlie is here watching over you!"

"Hey, you almost got it! Try it again!"

"Thank you, everyone… but the Mana isn't strong enough. I'm going to try one more time…"

"Wait… no! It wasn't me! I didn't do anything!"

"The gate opened itself…?"

"This could only mean… the energy from the Mana Stones has been released!"

"W… what?"


"Thanks to the spirits, we were finally able to release the energy from the Mana Stones!"

"Now, we can fly the Gigantes into the gate! Oh, by the way… here's a present from me!"

"Koren, you dick…"

"And dad? You too?"

"And who the hell is that?"

"Not a clue. But it looks like we're going to be a bit behind…"

"But the door… it's up there in the clouds!"

"The Father of the Winged Ones… Legend has it the Goddess herself rode this creature's back…"

"Highest… hmm. Rolante very high place. Mother told me…"

"It'd be really helpful if we actually had someone from Rolante who could tell us a bit more it.

"We go… to Rolante!"

"The Father of the Winged Ones is Rolante's guardian. He only opens his soul to our people."

"Be careful…"

"We'll take our chances."

"Oh, I know what the problem is! You're not a father at all… you're a girl!"

"Well, in that case, you need a cuter name. Hmm… How does "Flammie" sound?"

If you don't have Lise in your party, the faerie pretty much takes over her part. It's a nice detail, and a pretty decent way to cover for how the game allows you to choose a wide variety of partners.

"How does she know where the Holyland is, anyway?"

"Dunno, but she seems to know where she's going."

"Well, this is definitely the Holyland. But what the hell happened?