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Part 44: Boss Suplex!

So, after the results of the voting this happened. I've hidden a save state away of this party just before the changes, and may consider taking it out and showing off their other options as an extra at some point… mainly because these are some of the most interesting classes.

For reference (and since I needed the shot anyway to make new icons…) this is the updated character artwork. With that done, it's time to head for Pedan.

Since our party involves a more physical version of Carlie, she'll also get the highest tier of purchasable weapon. I'm also very amused by the name "Satan Flail."

"The Priest of Darkness lost, and then disappeared somewhere…"

"Huh.. first I've heard of it…"

"I'm FROM Wendel and I haven't heard anything about this."

"When are we? Long time ago here was probably long before any of us was born.."

"It's close to Pedan… in the Jungle of Illusion to the west."

"HA! See, told you going for stronger weapons was the answer!"

"I'm not sure if I want to live in a world where that logic works."

That conversation is actually a flag… we can find the Mirage Palace on the map, but we're going to have to trek through the jungles to get there.

I hadn't actually realized how much there was to the jungles until this playthrough. The actual route is through the water in the center. As a note, this is a great place to grind for ??? seeds and for levels in general. These enemies are worth more than 2,000 XP in total and you're almost certain to get a ??? seed from any chest they drop.

Continuing through the jungle, the sure sign you're going the right way is the first headless goddess statue.

"This is all I can do… Will that be okay?"

"Sure! Told you that you could help us!"

"You really should have more confidence in yourself."

Directly south of the headless statue is a lost woods type of area that has to be navigated through trial and error if you don't have a guide. It's at about this point that I decided that yes, my party was criminally underleveled, and needed some help. It's also a good opportunity to show off the final party and their abilities.

Going with Dervish gives us Suzaku Sky Dance (named for the Vermillion Bird of the South) for our group hitting technique and Veributach as the grappling technique. I have no idea of the origin for Veributach, but it's basically a backwards suplex. Enemy expressions are usually hilarious when it's used.

Angela and Carlie summon a 10 ton weight and a giant flail, respectively. The name for Carlie's ability is "HugeHuge," which is also used by some of the higher level Rabites.

This version of Carlie has some pretty decent spells, with the ability to summon a couple of demons and tear the enemies to shreds as my favorite.

Angela's 3rd Stage Spells are all elemental, and most have an additional status affect for anything that manages to survive the initial damage. The spells granted are Stun Wind (Silence), Cold Breeze (Snow Man), Blaze Wall, and Stone Cloud (Petrification). The exception appears to be Blaze Wall, but I could have just never triggered the effect.

Finally, Carlie's Demon Breath attack is a pretty good setup for a group that includes Angela, as it lowers the enemy's magical defenses. It's also pretty useful to take the edge off the enemy's ability to use magical attacks on your characters. I'd include something of Angela's final, Death Spell, but we've seen that one enough. Speaking of which, it's time to get one with this show.

After going through the Lost Jungle, the sight of actual demons running around is one way to be sure that you're approaching a significant area.

More to the point is another headless statue, although it is at least in a pretty location.

I also managed to get a bit lost and find a significant spot a bit early… this entire jungle area and the final areas in general are very compressed, and as a result are pretty dependent on going to spots in the proper order. The right location to head to first is more like...

"Ah… God-Beast… still inside…?"

"Yeah, looks like a pretty good guess to me."

"Or it was until about 5 seconds ago."

Zable Fahr - No Sabers

Zable Fahr is a slightly more difficult battle without access to Saint Saber, and you definitely don't want to use Moon Saber (it reduces damage to 1 on this boss). We don't have any powerful holy attacks to speak of, but Kevin provides more than enough compensation for that. The only real problem is that Zable Fahr can use Death Spell on a whim, and it doesn't miss. Despite grinding for a bit, I'm still too low level to use the spell in return. Video is provided for the curious, and I took the opportunity to cycle through Angela's spells.


"Now the Sword of Mana contains the power of all eight!"

".. Then… we make enemy… stronger!?"

"…that's… YES! Yes, we made the enemy stronger. What the hell did you think I just said?"

"Heh… just wanted to make sure. Good! Weak enemies are boring!"

"It kind of looks like he dropped something…"

"What's that!?"

"That must be the Mirage Palace! We can get there from the west side of the jungle…"

West end of the jungle, you say…?


"Well, this is most exhilarating! The Masked Mage is about to absorb the God-Beasts' power…"

"What manner of monster will he become? Nobody knows! I tingle in anticipation!"

"What… what are you? You're not human…"

"How about we just make him dead and settle the question?"

Boss Fight: Death Jester

Death Jester Battle

For those of you who've played a good few RPGs/action games, it's THIS battle. We've got the main target and two clones, with only the main target being subject to damage. The other two can harm you, but aren't subject to damage. Also, the AI isn't great at distinguishing false from true. There are, however a couple of ways to handle this...

The first and most obvious thing is that only the real Deathjester uses magic. The clones are basic physical attackers, and once you target a spell it stays targeted. As soon as you see the spellcasting animation, just target that one. Attacks aimed at the clones will always miss, and this includes full screen abilities… so you can also just use a technique and see which one takes damage.

It's difficult to juggle, though, as Deathjester will continually hammer you with high level spells. He has all of the level 3 elementals, holy ball, all the darkness elemental spells, and Death Roulette. Demon Breath can take a lot of the edge off, but they still hurt a good bit.

One oddity with Deathjester is that grappling techniques actually work on him, as compared to other bosses we've seen. It's very satisfying to smash him into the ground. If you're targeting the wrong Deathjester by accident, the attack will simply miss… and you're more than likely going to do the full screen tech the next time you try. He's honestly not that tough if you can keep an eye on the birdie. Unique among bosses, he also shows you how much experience he's giving up when he "dies."

"Hehehe! 'Til next time!"

"What!? How? You… you come back here and die like you're supposed to!"

And with that we enter the final dungeon, with 1/3 of our enemy triumvirate already out of the picture.