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Part 49: Freddy All Along

"And since when are jails mixed gender?"

"What!? Hey, lemme out!"

"Shh… be quiet!"

"Somebody there!? Where is this!?"

"Wait… we escape together. How? Leave to me!"

"Leave to me… yeah, we're doomed."

"Hey, quiet!!"

"Freddy… you can't put me in jail… the Beast King will hear about this…"

"W…wait! I did it because of Lugar's orders… ah, all right, this must be some mistake!"

"If mistake, you should let me out. Then I forget, and Beast King never hears."

"OK, you can go now… but… only for Beast King…"

"It's open! Come on!"

"That was pretty slick. You've got some pull around here, don't you?"

"Once they find Freddy… probably not anymore…"

"Let's go! Ship leaving soon from harbor… we run, catch!"

"And I'll bet you play a mean game of fetch, too."

"Oh… that's a faerie from the Mana Holyland! We're on a journey to find the eight spirits that guard the Mana Stones…"

"In Wendel… Priest of Light… talk about the one faerie chose!

"Said 'I just got rid of those two idiots, and now another one comes along? Go find them, and you'll get what you want. Or not. I don't care. Now you've got five minutes before I put up the barrier and nobody gets in or out to bother me.'"

"So… you have problems too?"

"Karl and me, no mother, so always together…"

"But one day… Karl attack me! After that, I dunno… my body felt real hot…"

"Oh my… so it's that kind of relationship."

"Huh? Yes, very special relationship, but..

"When I came to… I killed Karl. I'm a beastman, but… not like the ones who attacked Jad…"

"My blood, half human… After meeting Karl, I learn about friendship, and trust…"

"Yeah, from the sounds of it there's definitely something different about you…"

"The Beast King trick Karl into attacking me! My beastman blood… Karl…When I found out… I attack the Beast King… but no good…"

"Of course! When the Goddess of Mana awakens, I'm sure she could return Karl's life."

"The Goddess of Mana doesn't discriminate, no matter which way you go."

"Ooooooh… I'll go!"

Just a bit later...

"This is a bit of a predicament…I said I wasn't going to come back until I dealt with that Crimson Wizard."

"Not back to Forcena, or not back home?"

"Not.. back home. I suppose that gives me a way to go back. Let's go!"

"Wait a sec! What do you mean?

"W… what!?"

"I think.. golems!"

"Don't get it.. what's the big deal?"

"I remember these things being a bit tougher…"

"D…didn't we just kill this thing?"

"And why is it ticking?"

"BOMB! Everybody off!"

"Hey! Don't talk about my mother like that!"

"Or would YOU like to find yourself at the bottom of this ravine too!?"

"Wow, touchy."

"Well, how would you feel if I was talking about your parents?"

"I don't know. I've been an orphan for ten years."

"Ohh… sorry…"

"Altena started invading all the other kingdoms to get their Mana Stones…"

"If they're here, that must mean a Mana Stone is close by!"

"We'll have to ask the king of Forcena where it is… but how can we get to him?"

"This is pretty much the main route.. it's how I left Forcena. Maybe somebody back in town knows?"

"It beats standing here looking at a destroyed bridge."

"To do… what, exactly?"

"To shoot people to far away destinations, obviously."

"…sure. Why not? I just want a fifth of whiskey before we travel."

"Where do we get it?"

"We'll have to deal with the dwarves.. I hate those little bastards."

"What's so bad about them?"

"They're always digging all over the place and getting into things. I can't count how many times I caught them in the booze cellar."

"Wait, why were you in the booze cellar?"

"I was on patrol...checking to make sure the stock was... okay, let's just get going, alright?"

This segment can be just a bit confusing, since there's a couple of people who tell you where to go, but just knowing where you need to go isn't enough.

You absolutely have to talk to this guy before you go any further. In a way, this reflects how games have evolved over time. Older games required you to talk to everyone just to figure out what was going on, but in later games like this one you have to talk to everyone to make sure you trigger the right flags to proceed. In this case, I got all the way to the cave before realizing that I needed to go back.

After a quick return trip, we can actually open the doorway..

And get a bit of foreshadowing about our next spirit. Gnome, earth, and dwarves are fairly regular associations. I think of the Tales series in particular.

Breadcrumbs, leading us to the next dungeon… Gunpowder to Watts to Item Shop to Tunnel...

And boom goes the dynamite! (Quite literally)

One thing that playing through the game a few times will show you is that this dialogue is absolutely identical no matter who your character is. I haven't had the patience to grind up 3,000 gold to see what happens if you pay him off. As you can see, despite accidentally making a few extra trips I'm only 1/3 of the way there.

While skipping this fight would be kind of nice, it's still worth it just for the experience. Also, this Watts is a lot less hardcore than the Watts from SD1, who actually helped you fight. If you'd like to see how Duran performs and some of the challenges involved with an all-offense team.

Jewel Eater Video - All Offense

"It's born once every thousand years, in the Gemstone Valley to the west…"

"What's the world coming to? First Gnome is missing, now this…"

"I can't imagine that the two things aren't related."

"I guess if I hadn't woke up, I would da been eaten alive! Ahahahahahaha!"

"That's… that's not funny!"

You say that, but I find it hilarious."

"Somebody with a sense of humor! Okay, I'll go along with you… looking to find the Mana Holyland, right?"

Don't ask me how it happened, but… yeah. Somehow.

"Well… how can I ever repay you? Oh wait… I know! How 'bout some free gunpowder?"

"I thought you couldn't just give the stuff away?"

"Lady, the three of you just slaughtered a monster that's born once every thousand years and your'e hanging around with the patron spirit of my entire species. I'd be stupid not to give it away at this point. Now, do you want a free trip out of here?"

"Yes! I'm sick of being stuck underground."

Bon Voyage's shenanigans are about the same, with one difference being that Duran takes a muscle pose and starts punching his hand as soon as he starts talking. Also, the positioning during the conversation makes his sword drawing motion appear to pass through Bon Voyage's space. It makes for a little extra intimidation.

The landing remains amazing, although the animation actually makes it look as though Duran landed on his head. Luckily he's wearing a helmet.

"Maybe he figured that if he shot us off into monster-infested countryside he wouldn't have to deal with the brutish lout who threatened him again?"

"Oh, come off it Ange. You'd have done the same thing, just with your little wand instead of my sword."

"Angela, and.. well, maybe. He was an annoying little troll. So how do we get out of here?"

"Looks like only one path."

"Pretty much. Just follow me…I used to come out here all the time for training."

Having Duran in your party changes this place just a bit, as the developers didn't see a need to fill this space with someone else to explain that you really needed to help Forcena. The end result, however, is about the same..

"Looks like we got here just in time.. I'd hope that destroying the golems would have stopped them."

"They've got a lot more where that came from…"

"Maybe they're in the same place?"

"Shit, you're probably right… but that will make everything easier."

"It seems like this really isn't going well for the guards."

"Yeah, bunch of fungs… we had to replace the entire guard staff except me last month. It looks like they couldn't even kill the enemy properly."

"Oh… so it's you again. Why has my crazy ex decided to send her armies after me?

"For the Mana Stone, old man…and Valda said she's just sorry she couldn't be here in person."

"Is that all you have to say for yourself?

"That and 'Look behind you.'"


"I think I'll be leaving now…"

"Oh no you don't! Remember me?"

"…and from the looks of it, the only one who survived."

"I guess I should've killed you on the spot. Oh well, nobody's perfect."

"Well, I must be going… though I assure you we will meet again!"


"Oh sure, run away! Run away, because next time I'll cut your head off!"

"Just make sure that's not where you start cutting things off. I mean, what am I, chopped liver? How dare he ignore me!"

"Uh… what about the king?"

"Duran… thank you."

"I wish I could get a few more guards half as competent as you are. Now I'm going to have to hire a whole new set of guards. This is killing my yearly guard budget."

"!? W, what? You're Valda's daughter?"

"… Yes… but… I left Altena because my mother tried to kill me…"

"I don't believe it… Valda had a daughter…!?"

"Yes. I, the person who identified myself as Valda's daughter and have repeatedly referred to her as my mother, am in fact the daughter of Valda. Incidentally, Valda had a daughter."

"Valda… daughter.. when… daughter… how old?"

"It's NOT nothing!!! Stop hiding it and TELL me!"

"Wow, you really are just like your mother in some ways…"

"Hey! Don't talk to the King like that!"

"It's all right… My princess, you will find out soon. But now is not the time."

"Valda… how could she think of killing her own daughter…?"

"I blame it all on that jerk, Koren… it all seems to have started when he got powerful out of nowhere."

"What's this, then? A faerie… which means it's back to that again. Just like when we were fighting the dragons…"

"You had to do the same thing we're doing? Was it with my father? Which one of you had the faerie in your head?"

"As I recall, it was Valda…I only saw it, but she had to live with the damn thing yammering in her head all the time. I'm not surprised she went a bit loopy, all things considered."

"Different isn't quite accurate… we're not precisely individuals as you understand the term. But you're quite right that the world is in danger. We've only been able to gather Gnome and Wisp so far."

"You should go to Rolante next. Jinn was pretty helpful finding the other stones, as I recall. Ask about the Corridor of Wind when you get there. Once you've found him, come back and we'll figure this mess out together."

"Yes, sir!"

"And Duran… make sure to keep Angela safe. Be careful out there."