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Part 50: You Can't Go Home

"…Except that it's not set up yet. Come back later."

"What do we do until then?"

"Kill time in town, I guess…"

"Dammit, that's the one thing I didn't want to do…"

"Oh? Why not?"

"Oh, you'll see."

"…that's part of it."

"You have a little sister? Where is she? I want to meet her!"

"Your house… why not go in?"

"When I set out on my journey, I decided not to come back until I'd defeated Koren. So…"

"If you're trying to hide something, like your porn collection… That's okay, I understand…"

"Although I'd kind of like to see that too…"

"Huh? What's.. porn?"

"Don't worry about it, you probably wouldn't be interested in the kind he's got."

"I don't need to have a porn collection, they have it at the library."


"Knowing where the porn collection is at the library isn't any better than having your own… in some ways, it's worse."


"I'm... not going to win this one, am I? Let's just move on…"

"And you're that jerk who jumped up on my counter, so your fate is 100% getting the hell out of my store… you and that fairy by your head!"

"Hi! I'm why you can't tell his fortune!"

"Told you that fortune-telling was bullshit, didn't I?"

"Is there anywhere else we can go in this town? It seemed like this was the high point."

"There's always the bar."

"Yeah… not feeling too welcome here."

"Don't worry about it. Pick a table and I'll get us some drinks."

"Oh, hey, Duran! You picked up a hottie this time, didn't you? Wanna take her back to my place like usual so your aunt and sis don't see her?"

"Okay, we're leaving! Now!"


"Bartender, two for the road!"

"Right now, anywhere but here would be fine."

"Don't listen, we're going to Maia."

"Just let me finish this second drink."

"This place looks alright…big port towns are the best."

"Because they're full of life and always have something new to see and do?"

"That and because they cater to sailors with lots of cheap bars."

"This just may have been the most embarrassing day of my life to date."

"Might want to keep it in mind, since you're going to have to do something for a living now that the princess gig is out the window. If it'll make you feel better, you can say it's artistic."

"Angela probably dance pretty!"

"That's sweet of you to say, Gene. I don't think so, though.. using magic to slaughter various monsters seems to pay a lot better for a lot less work."

"Hahaha, I knew I was going to like this town!"

"The outfits look a bit dull, but whoever did their hair and makeup did a great job.."

"I like hair and makeup!"

"Of course you do, honey."

"Rolante got invaded by Navarre recently. They killed the king and all. Nasty business."

"I'm starting to think regicide must be contagious… there seems to be a nasty strain going around these days."

"Luckily it wasn't terminal in Forcena."

"Is that… all inclusive?"

"Yar, for 50 Luc ye be getting a bunk, meals, and grog."


"But what if I don't want grog?"

"Then I'll drink your share."

"Is there anything we should stay clear of so it doesn't look like we're resisting?"


"These guys don't seem to talk much."

"And a cat person too? Navarre is weird…"

"Do you think there's anyone around here we can actually talk to about this Corridor of Wind?"

"To the bar!"

"Hey, I think I know that girl from somewhere…"

"I don't even want to hear about this."

"No, I met her in Jad… she was looking for her brother. I think she mentioned something about Rolante. Maybe we should follow her?"

"...After I have some of what he's having."

"Smell so good…"


"You're in the secret Amazon hideout! I'm Lise, the princess!

"Goddess, can I go two days without stumbling over a princess?"

"Our kingdom was ruined by Navarre's forces. I thought I was the only one alive…"

"That's in the Corridor of Wind on the western side… but you might have trouble getting past the wind-god statues in the cave until we get control of Rolante back…"

"Then we'll help take it back!"

"This is our fight… I can't ask you to get involved. Once you recover, please leave."

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have a secret strategy meeting to get to."

"Not our fight? To hell with that, get up everybody!"

"Relax…so, what's our secret strategy to take the castle back? We've got one of those, right?"

"Not so much… we kind of figured that if the castle got taken we'd be too screwed to worry about it. We didn't expect anybody to half-ass it like Navarre did."

"So your suggestion is that we ask some random guy that I've never heard of?"

"That's because you didn't pay attention in history lessons. He's the one who advised King Richard on how to beat the Dragon Emperor…"

"That sounds good. So how do we find him?"

"That's the tricky part. He's a Corobokkle… he lives in the Corobokkle Forest."


"Geography too? It's near Jad, but they hate humans. They probably won't even talk to you… but it's still our best shot."

"Then leave it to us! We heard the story! We can't get to the Wind Mana Crystal until Rolante is saved. This is our fight too!"

"… Since you insist… Thank you, thank you very much."

"Good Go… what's the point of even sneaking into a secret meeting if you're not going to pay any attention to what's being said?"

"You're going to have to pretend to be Corobokkles so they'll talk to you. That's about the only way."

"I really hate old geezers who just expect you to know things they never bothered to tell you…"

"You can do that if you have the legendary Chibikko Hammer. I think someone in Byzel owns it."

"Luckily they're usually so wrapped up in what they have to say that they don't notice interruptions."

"Maybe! Let's find out together!"

"And you guys don't have a bar, either…"


"Little to the right next time… almost had nice, soft landing."

"I'd rather just go home and sleep. Here, you can have one of my dead grandpa's things."

"Well, that went better than expected…"

"No it didn't! You can't have a hero just get a legendary item by showing up at the market. We should have had to fight a monster for this or something."

"You can do whatever you want. Go kill a monster and say you did it for the hammer. I'll back you up. But now, I'm going to bed."

"Wait a second, wasn't it 50 Luc last time we sailed with you?"

"Aye, before somebody… and I'm not namin' any names…drank so much grog I had to resupply early. A man's got to cover his costs."

"Fine… but same deal as last time. You've got more money to compensate for the extra drinking."

"Yeah, we, uh… just moved in from out of town!"

"I dunno… you smell like humans, and I know that smell… are you absolutely sure you're not humans in disguise?"

"Uh… we were attacked by humans on our way here! The smell must've rubbed off…"

"Those damn, dirty humans! Uh..would you happen to know where Don Perignon is?"

"No.. but you appear to be harmless idiots, so do whatever you want. Maybe go look for him yourself."

"That's because I'm right here."

"What!? I asked you where he was, and you didn't tell me!"

"Ah, but I was walking around at the time. So I wasn't in any single place."

"If great, why are you clinging on to sword so hard?"

"Something wrong? You seem a little nervous."

"Well… um… we need your tactical help…"

"The Corobokkle village in Rolante was invaded by mice, see… and we…"

"Shut it. Corridor of Winds, Wind Spirit Jinn, sleep powder. Then kick Navarre out."

"First off, we ride mice around like ponies and milk them like cows. If you'd said rats that might have worked, but I know better."

"Second, you've got a little faerie constantly circling around. Humans can't see that kind of thing, but to us it's plain as day."

"Third, does Don Peri look like a bitch to you? Well do I?"

"No sir!"

"You're damn right. It's okay, though, I had some fun messing with you about it. Good luck with that whole Navarre thing."

"70 Luc? This is piracy!"

"Maybe, maybe… but I've got rum, vodka, and tequila this time."

"He's good at this."

"I think this might be it."

"What was your first clue?"

"Huh…2 spirits already, but I guess you haven't seen one yet, have you? There's a God-Beast inside getting ready to wreck everything as soon as it pops out."

"You worry too much. It'll be fine. Anyway, where's Jinn at?"

"Why would Jinn leave footprints?"

"Yeah, that's not a good sign."


"Can't anyone give me a good villainous monologue?"

"Watch out, Jinn's looking kind of monstery around the gills!"


"I kind of think it's an improvement."

"You would. She's got wings and talons!"


"You too? Okay, I've had enough of this."

"Okay… just don't wreck any taverns next time you catch me eyeing up a tavern wench and not paying enough attention to you."

"Just as long as you remember."

I've… been better…"

"Jinn, hang in there…"

"Phew! I'm saved!"

"Who was that knight…?"

"I didn't really get a chance to ask his name, if you get my drift."

"If he's trying to unseal the Mana Stones, I'll get a chance to fight him…"

"Really? Are you looking forward to it that much?"

"Meet a strong guy… naturally you want to fight him!"

"Are you kidding? You saved my life! I'll do whatever you want!"

"Great! We need you to help us spread some sleep powder around Rolante castle so we can murder the hell out of the soldiers there."

"I… what!? That wasn't what I had in mind when I said I'd do anything!"

"Don't worry, we're taking it back from invaders. We're the good guys!"

"It's okay, they really are… for a given value of good."