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Part 52: Class Changes: The Semi-Final Round

Class Changes: The Semi-Final Round

Going into this last playthrough, the only character we have that's completely unique is Duran. Fittingly enough, he's kind of the main character… so we'll start with him.



Duran's light classes could be viewed as the path of chivalry, following in the footsteps of his father. The main benefit of this path is that Duran gains healing abilities, as well as the ability to use shields… with a but. You see, shields are bugged. They increase evasion massively, but the game doesn't check modified evasion, it checks base evasion. Also, the elemental absorption properties on the shields don't work.

Max Stats:
Strength: 17
Agility: 15
Vitality: 17
Intelligence: 13
Spirit: 14
Luck: 14

Leads to: Paladin, Lord. Paladin is Duran's only option to get Saint Saber, while Lord doubles down on the healing potential. Paladin also gets a full screen tech, while Lord has to make due with a single target. In either case his strength and vitality are fairly monstrous. Duran's a tank, and there's no mistake about it.


Duran's dark classes are a bit more focused on personal lethality, tending heavily toward combat efficiency over other considerations. He's got the highest strength in the game in these classes, and every single one of them has a full screen tech associated with it. Duran's Gladiator class brings the four basic elemental sabers to the table, although he can only use them on a single target.

Max Stats:
Strength: 18
Agility: 16
Vitality: 17
Intelligence: 14
Spirit: 13
Luck: 13

Leads to: Duelist, Swordmaster. Either darkside pathway is going to lead to more sabers, whether it's Dark Saber or the ability to multi-target the elemental sabers and use the moon/leaf saber abilities. Both options from here are equally proficient at clearing a room or destroying a boss.



The Sorceress is a specialist in elemental magic, gaining second level spells in Holy, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Ice elements. These spells give Angela unrivaled ability to attack enemy weak points, and she's got the native intelligence to learn all of them in short order. They are, however, single target at this point.

Max Stats:
Strength: 14
Agility: 14
Vitality: 14
Intelligence: 17
Spirit: 17
Luck: 14

Leads to: Grand Deviner, Arch Mage. Angela's second tier of light classes expand her second level attack spells to attack all targets on screen. She'll never get a multi-target technique, but if you're relying on Angela's techniques you're doing it wrong. The major difference at this level is whether you get a tri-elemental attack or universal attack.


In contrast to the Sorceress, the Delvar gains only one high level damage spell: Dark Force. She can't do anything with any other element, but Goddess help anything that's weak to dark. And.. that comes up a lot, right? She also, I suppose, gets an additional point of intelligence at the higher end. I should note here that this is the option we went with last time.

Max Stats:
Strength: 13
Agility: 13
Vitality: 14
Intelligence: 18
Spirit: 16
Luck: 13

Leads to: Meigus, Rune Master. Angela's second level dark classes fill in the gaps on elemental attacks and have some incredibly powerful attacks. Meigus adds the ability to use level 2 elemental spells on single targets, while Rune Master is the only place you can get Level 3 elements on single targets and the Death Spell, which we've seen the enemy use to great effect on us. For us, this means an instant kill to lower level enemies and 999 damage to higher level enemies.


KevinGene's going light path this time, straight toward Godhand. There is no other choice. This path will allow him to function at full power day and night, heal single targets, use a multi-target attack, and instantly fill the attack/tech gauge to full. That's right… no waiting to use level 3 techs. Just cast a spell, and go. Dragon Kick!