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Part 58: Wssht…Search Your Feelings…

"So… this it it? This is where they're hiding?"

"Doesn't look like much, does it?"

"We've got a detour to make before that, though."

"This again? Are you sure it's going to be enough to finish that stupid mage?"

"It'll have to be. This is about as far as a human can go… so, do you have the items?"

"Yeah, I think we've come across a few."

This also happened, as requested by democracy.

For reference, the full character images for our new classes. Gene's actually looks pretty damn bad ass, and Duran's isn't half bad either. Angela's… well, I think I can see a face in there somewhere...

Duran's special with this upgrade is displayed here. It looks wind-based, but it's pretty obviously not. Dealing 600 or so damage to everything on the screen is pretty damn convenient.

Unfortunately, Angela's technique isn't nearly as interesting this time around. Instead of a sexy pose, she does a flurry of explosive staves directly to the enemy's face. The best thing you can say about it is that it's direct.

Gene, on yet a third hand, can either do a spinning piledriver or shoot glowy orbs of electrical death at all the enemies on the screen. It gets more impressive the more enemies you have at one time.

This is Aura Wave, which it turns out is actually a Dryad elemental spell. It's pretty damn quick to cast. Dropping one of Angela's level 2 spells and using Aura Wave on Duran to get off an immediate level 3 tech can clear a room in seconds and is GREAT for grinding. It's also a pretty good way to go against bosses.

Finally, Angela's RAINBOW! starts out with four elemental spirits popping out, turns into a circular wobbly bit, and then ends up in multi-color strobe. I'll make a point of using it in one of the later fights just to show it off. I didn't actually have it during the boss fight featured in this update so it'll have to wait a bit.

And with that, it's time to continue on with the game. The Glass Desert is… well, it's a desert. I'm afraid there's not very much interesting about it at all.

We've even seen most of the enemies before. In addition to these guys we've got lesser demons, gremlins, ninja masters, and guardian robots.

These vertical barriers are the one wrinkle in the entire thing, since you can't go directly up the slopes. We're basically stuck on the bottom of the screen here, and there's a couple places like this in the desert. At least one will send you back in a loop if you accidentally go down or get knocked down the slope. I went around 3 times since enemies kept going down the slope, dying, and leaving a chest for me.

In the end, it all leads to an inconspicuous hole in the rocky walls of the desert. And inside...

"Floating gently above the ground?"

"But… it hasn't cracked open yet… the God-Beast must still be inside it…"

"You were saying?"

"I've really got to stop opening my big mouth."

"Are… are those jesters?"

"Kind of. They look a bit more sinister than usual…"

"They remind me way too much of DeathJester."

"Can't argue that they're nicely spaced for a Saint Beam storm, though…"

"Oh, that's just not fair… I'm with you, Gene. I hate fucking clowns."

"You're… telling… me…"

"Oh, get up you big baby."


"It's okay Gene, the bad clowns are gone now."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, we're.. uh.. what are we standing on?"

"This is not the time to ask that question."

"Can you think of a better time?"

"Something about this seems just a bit off…"

"It's a trap!"


"They couldn't have done this if they didn't know we were coming… we've been helping them all along!"

"Wait, you mean that wasn't in the original plan?"

"You weren't even listening when we discussed the plan, were you?"

"If this hadn't worked out so well in the past, I'd say we were all doomed. But since it has…"

A short distance away we have an area that rivals the environs of Rolante for sheer scenery, culminating in a dragon-shaped entrance into the next area. But, before we can start exploring...

"Duran… give up. The Dragon Emperor has already regained his power…you cannot stop him!"

"Hey, who the hell are YOU to tell me I can't do something? I'm here to avenge my father!"

"That can't be true! King Richard told me that my father was dead! That the Dragon Emperor killed him!"

"Search your feelings… you know it to be true…

"I fell into a bottomless pit, and nobody ever found my body…"

"The Dragon Emperor thought I was a worthy competitor, so he revived me. Now, I work for him."

"That's impossible!"

"And Angela is King Richard and the Queen of Altena's love child."

"I… guess that's possible…"

"Also, Gene's mother didn't leave to move to a nice farm upstate… she's been dead for years."

"Now you're just being a dick and screwing with me."

"Oh… and that Bigieu chick who's been causing you so much trouble is actually a giant cat."

"Okay, if you're not taking this seriously we're done here."

"Duran, my son… come here. I haven't seen you in so long…"

"Together we can rule the world as father and son…"


"Its… it's a trick!"

"Duran, you do not yet realize your importance. With our combined strength, we can end all of this fighting…"

"It's not a trick. You'll be safer on our side… Join us, Duran!"

"Then it is settled. I'm sorry, Duran, but I must stop you at all costs…"

"Not if we have anything to say about it."

So how bad is Duran's dad? Let's put it this way: If he gets off two specials in a row you're fucked. I screwed up here and triggered his counters, and it was finished in just over a minute.

The Darkshine Knight has access to every single level 3 technique that Duran can possibly get, and can use them all freely. The thing is, every single one of those is full screen tech, and he doesn't have any abilities that don't hit every single one of your party members for 50% or more of their HP at this point. This is a battle that requires careful strategy and management. Angela's at her best as a healer in this fight, since her massive spirit stat ensures that she gets the best result from healing spell items. It's a long battle if you're trying to win, but it is doable

"No one.. can stop my death now… come here, my son…"


"Duran… thank you… for releasing my cursed soul…"

"You're welcome? I'm just glad you weren't old, pasty, and bald underneath that helmet…"

"WAS unmatched.

"If you nearly beat him, and we beat you…"

"You might have a point there…"

"Father… wait…!"

"A sword shows its wielder's heart. Have faith in yourself…"

"Wait!! Don't go!!"


"I'm sorry, Duran… after what happened to my mother, I never wanted to see this happen to somebody else…"

Koren… and the Dragon Emperor… you're both mine! Come on, let's go!"