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Part 63: Bonus Update: Escape Methods and Alternate Classes

Bonus Update: Escape Methods and Alternate Classes

Some people have mentioned some curiosity about how everybody escapes from the prison in Jad. The two characters who were never planned to be our third character are Hawk and Lise, so we'll go with Hawk first. Kevin will get taken care of in the next playthrough.

Hawk, as usual, is pretty damn self-assured about the whole thing. You'd think he'd been thrown in jail a few times, or something.

Naturally, as a thief, his ability involves picking the lock on his cell. The thing is, though, that there was no real reason for him to wait for the guard to show up. He could have walked out at any time.

The beast-man guard is so astonished by the door being unlocked that he's actually willing to ask for a demonstration as to how it was done. It's mind-boggling, in many ways.

A few seconds later, the situation is completely reversed. Say what you like about Hawk, but he's smoooth. And, now, as for Lise…

The first thing to note about Lise is that the computer version of her is very diffident and polite.

She's even polite to the guard when she launches her escape plan. Somehow, this diversion sounds very familiar...

Luckily the guard is concerned enough that he lets her out of her cell in order to investigate. After all, one person can't be as big a threat as an organized prison break...

Aaaand… Lise is outside while the beast-man is inside. The one common thread between all of these escapes is that they only work because the guards are complete and utter idiots.

She's just so

The next thing we'll look into is the alternate classes we could have went with. I haven't done this before, but for Carlie and Angela there's a lot of variety with their second stage classes. For reference, here's the other way we could have gone with all of these characters.

Kevin's abilities aren't that different with this class variation. His single spell isn't anything we haven't seen before, and his full screen attack is only a slight variation on the one we've seen before. His grappling technique, however, is a spinning piledriver. And it is awesome.

Carlie's special as a Necromancer is basically going nuts with her flail. Appropriately, it's called "Craaaazy."

Angela's new technique is pretty much a barrage of small explosions aimed at the enemy. I think it's an improvement over her previous version, just because it doesn't look like a magical girl's favorite attack.

With this version, Carlie gets Black Curse. It's a single target debuff that basically lowers every single stat the enemy has. It's a great way to neuter just about any enemy you'd like.

Her Necromancer summons are all undead, and to varying degrees disturbing. Ghost is probably my favorite, as the Ghoul summon reminds me too much of the Re-Deads from Ocarina of Time.

Angela's Magus form gets single target second level elementals, which we've seen from various bosses. This is Earthquake, which probably shouldn't result in dropping a rock on the enemy.

Thunderstorm is a bit more spectacular. It's interesting that air and thunder are so inextricably linked as an element.

Mega Splash is a more complicated attack, but I think it's much more interesting.

Angela's final elemental is Explode, which is pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Unfortunately, the Rust Golems are actually strong against fire so I ended up healing him. Still, Angela's attacks are undeniably spectacular no matter which route you go down.

Ancient, her ultimate spell, is pretty much Meteo. There's no other way to describe it. It starts out with tiny meteors, and then gradually gets larger as it continues. It's a loooong spell.

The final asteroid is a planet destroyer. It's one of those spells that you can't really explain how anything would survive it, but it still happens. At this level, though, it still does more than 650 damage to everything on the screen. At end-game levels, 900 damage wouldn't be too unusual. Angela is incredibly destructive.