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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 10

I'm bored, and the updates keep comin.' I hope you guys are enjoying this, because I'm having too much fun playing this game.

Previously on Dragon Ba... er, Seiken Densetsu 3: Tits, Jail Bait, and Kacey were all stranded on Bucca Island, which is facing an impending eruption. Let's see where things go from there!

Going up, and what the hell is that thing? It's a giant turtle-like turtle.

Them forests are nice and purdy.

Hey, a village!

These dark priests are actually nice and don't try to kill me by summoning things.


That's horribly depressing

Ugh, Cockatrices, they transform into flying things after you kill them. Highly annoying enemies.

We've reached a dead end. What do we do?

I know what we'll do

Gnome is pretty bad ass.


Uh oh, save point. Must mean something big is coming up!

... or not. Here's another one.

Dammit, I'm trapped!

It's Dracula! Looks like he's taking a break from all of his Castlevania games.

Oh, so it's not Dracula. Some douche named Jagan.

Villians are so lazy nowadays. Never willing to put up a good fight. They'd rather sit around, eat ice cream and fly airplanes

Ow, ow, ow.

It's that giant turtle again! He'll save us!

Uh, yeah. How else will the video game go on?


Yay! We're riding the turtle around the ocean!

Turtle says welcome.

I guess he dropped us off in Maia. I think we were supposed to head to Forcena or something.

So we'll take the cannon route!

I love cannons.

Here's a little more storytime, now pay attention.

Bookskaboo? I like the name

I doubt that. Bookskaboo is Max Hardcore in disguise. He's looking for his next actress.

Being a band kid in Jr. High, this highly excites me.

Let's play it and see what happens!

let's ride the seas!

Now, obviously, I need to go unlock the other mana stones and get the power of the mana spirits, but let's put that off for juuuust a second.

Hey, remember this place? Path to the Heavens.

A Mana stone! And look at my level! Do you know what this means?

Concentrate... on your Tits!

Oh god what do I choose

Let's see what happens...

Tits is a Sorceress now!

Jail Bait is next...

A Priestess! She's gone holy!

So with Tits and Jail Bait going light, you think Kacey will follow suit...

Nonsense, Kacey will be a kickass Rune Maiden!

And the party upgrade is complete! Previously, the little pussies looked like this:

Now they look like this:


Alright, we've got a choice to make. Right now, the paths to Luna and Dryad are blocked, so I've got a choice... Either I head back to Tits' motherland to claim Undine or go the alternate route and head towards the desert and gain Salamando. But why choose? Because I want you to.

Goons, tell me where to go.
Head to the ice or the desert?