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Part 11

So apparently Let's Play threads die off after the 2nd page. I promise this won't happen! (besides, I'm already almost halfway through the game )

Anyways, everyone said go for Undine, so as to your wishes, we're headed north to experience Christmas once again

From now on, the turtle's name is Max Hardcore. If you don't like it, too bad. Anyways, Max here has graciously taken us to Elrand.

Hey! It's the same town that I started in. Ahh memories.

Let's get down to business, shall we?

Tit's new special attack as a Sorceress is to flash her thong at unsuspecting enemies and unleash her attack vagina.

Save point! Something must be ahead.

Hey! It's Altena, maybe your mom changed her mind about you, Tits?

Ah dammit. Looks like I'll be spending this weekend at Bernie's

Another save point! A gold one at that. Something must be up!

Oh this guy again

Why would you sacrifice a sword

Oh dammit, more machine golems

Well that was fast! And uneventful. (actually, they were kind of hard)

Tits is learning her level 2 magic. Excellent.


That sucks.

Tits just got told

Almost? Nonsense

Right, I'm sure of that

Ice magic!

Max Hardcore is just returning from a filming. Just in time to pick us up. Only one other option to go. Let's head to the desert!

I like sand cities

But I really don't like deserts of scorching heats.

Ahh, Mad Mallards, the pinnacle of any Seiken Densetsu games. Cooler than Rabites, plus they throw bombs.

Let's get a look of this place from the sky.

Another village! This one is prettier.

Oh fuck.

Jesus Christ, I hate Bill and Ben. They kicked my ass last time, now they'll do it again.

I really don't like the sound of that.

Japan really likes fusing things, silly Japanese

Oops. Forgot to take screenshots of the fight. Sorry bout that. The fight was as annoying as the first time I fought them. The ending was uneventful.

Save point! You know what this could mean...

Hey, if Jessica is no longer cursed, I can kill this Bigieu bitch then, right?

Hawk comes to save the day!

Oh please, Hawk is a pussy. He didn't even class change.

Jessica is pretty hot too, and she's vulnerable

Uh, k.

Dammit, why am I always late to stopping them from fucking up the stones?

Not Bill and Ben


Thank you, Captain Obvious

Catastrophes are fun



Whoever translated this part, I seriously want to shake his hand.

Oh hell yeah.

She's leaving a goon's life

Dammit, she's only interested in Hawk. There goes my chance of scoring with Jessica

Better call Max Hardcore and get out of this place.

And head to the wolf forest!

A scary statue blocks your path.

... And touching it makes it disappear!

Mintos? Squaresoft could've made a lot of money by advertising Mentos in this town


Sweet. We're in Mintos now. What next? You'll find out, because we're getting closer and closer to the Mana Holyland with each new spirit we find. Only time will tell what'll happen next!