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Part 12

3rd page! Don't worry, I have no intention of letting this thread die, even if it means suffering grades. We're getting close, don't worry!

Last we checked, we had just reached the town of Mintos. Looks like a dark and scary forest is up next!

Moonlight Forest. Expect scary things ahead!

Fuck, I hate Werewolves. They do that suzaku sky dance shit and kill you if you give 'em the chance.

For those of you that know Kevin, well... Here's his best friend, or what was left of him

Save point, I think something is big up ahead.


This clown pedo clearly plans to these dead magicians.

SOULS! GIVE ME STRENGTH! (I'm a big fan of Cervantes)

Deathjester is casting some voodoo dark magicks here.

Don't tell his master either

More magicks.

Kevin is pissed. Not only is Karl dead, but Deathjester just cursed him with a thousand years of E.D.

Damn! This man stops at nothing when it comes to crazy shit. I'm sure his next "trick" is the Cleveland Steamer with Tits as his assistant.

(P.S. Cowboy fans, I bet Romo was thinking this last night!)

More dark magicks!

Can't sleep. Clowns will eat me

Christ, cannibal!

I wanna see Lenny though

ladies are here to save the day!

Uh, is it?

I'm surprised you can't remember a little girl named Jail Bait

If Heath is Number 2, Deathjester is clearly Doctor Evil.

:vader: (oh, damn, no emoticon for that vv )

Oh dear, not Lugar...

You're clearly mistaken

Deathjester is scared? Of this little shit?

AHH! This fucker hurts!

Before I landed the final blow, he got off a dance attack that took me by surprise (hey Ze Pollack, if you ever read this, thanks for the tip from the Cheat Trough). Kacey's stat-downs made him worthless.

Pacifists never win, clearly

Not really


O, hey Luna.

I didn't have to save you, thank god.

Sweet. Another stupid thing to follow me around in my head.

You think Luna would help you? She clearly didn't save Karl.

she turned Lugar into a baby!

Luna just pwnt Lugar.

Oh, I'm sure.

It's never going to happen

Whelp, Lugar is guaranteed to be a furry when he grows up.

[ Image Missing ]

Lugar did our dirty work, only for us to repay him by kicking his ass.

Uh, k.

Way to cause a false alarm, you stupid Faerie. You're dumber than Navi.

Damn straight!

Let's call Max Hardcore.

Sup Max. How was your last filming?

To Diorre!

Hmm... this could be a problem.

that was too easy.

This has some history to it!

Oh I see.

These red flowers are pretty! I think I'll follow them.

More red flowers, and enemies guarding them!

Diorre! Cool.

Why are there 2 graves here?

them elves are afraids of me!

Faerie King? Sounds pretty gay to me

Took you long enough to figure that out!


Racist fucker.

Without regrets? They left a child that's gone retarded because of that. Stupid parents.

Because of a forbidden love story? I'm about ready to kill you.

[ Image Missing ]

That's everyone's excuse nowadays.

... And that's everyone's answer!

this statement, taken out of context, can be incredibly hilarious

Well, they may not be laughing, but I am

Oh, okay

Like any video game with Elves, the inn is incredibly cheap.

So that's what those graves were of

Luna does his/her/it's magic again!


I really wish Nintendo, instead of inventing the rumble pak, invented the "smelling pak" to break the 3rd pillar (or whatever that shit was called) in more ways that Kojima ever could.


Is this thing a pokemon? Cause it totally just evolved there

It's next stage in the evolution process is the explosion process.

.. followed by the obliteration process.

Yes, you're saved.

Oh jeeze cry me a river

Dryad is a little whiny cunt.

God dammit, fucking pussy.

Yes, we need the power of the

Will you stop being a little PUSSY and just help us SAVE THE FUCKING WORLD?

I don't even know if I want this little shit anymore.

Yeah, but one sucks.

Max Hardcore will take us to the Island of Oblivion

Yeah, it's where TES4 took place, silly!

Sweet! We got all 8 spirits! We're headed to the holy land! But what scary adventures lie ahead? What fucked up things are gonna try and kill us now? And is Dryad really a pussy?

... Find out next time!