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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 16

Dear me! It's been a little while! Power outages and work, ya know... they add up. I guess. Anyways. Let's get back to where we were. Kickin' God Beast ass and taking names.

Let's get through this ice wall, shall we?

Labyrinths are never fun.

Hay this path wasn't here before!

Joy. I guess the people who named it a Labyrinths weren't kidding

Oh god!

Hmm... this path looks odd.

Now Playing - Strange Medicine

Fiegmund! Well, just for you, I captured a bit of the dialog that took place between Kacey and Fiegmund.

Sup. Hey, were you a fan of the 80s? I miss Cory Feldman.
Last I heard, he had burned Astoria down.

He did? Well, what a shame. He hasn't really done anything good since that episode of Sliders.
He released that solo album of his ya know. Speaking of Sliders and child actors, Jerry O'Connell was a fatty as a kid.

They were both in Stand By Me, remember?
Yeah, which one was it who got his bit off by leeches?

Hell if I know. I don't pay attention to things like that!

Say, have you been able to play Twilight Princess yet?
Nope! This is 1995, that game doesn't come out for another 11 years!

Oh, right. By the way, I just turned Jail Bait into a snowgirl.
Good. That bitch has been annoying me in 3rd person all this damn trip.

I jumped on the other side. Your weapons do nothing.
Nigga plz.

It's a little something Feldman taught me when we dropped acid back in '87.

In that case, here's a little trick Lacy Chabert taught me.
That bitch ruined Sonic the Hedgehog.

Clearly you're mistaken. The game was doomed from the beginning by team Sonic.

Fuck, I think you killed me.

The Faerie finally sees things in a positive light!

Anyways, we gotta get out of this place. Better call Lily Thai.

Better take us to our next destination!

Forests make me giggle on the inside.

Darth Matangos. Members of the Sith.

I hate paths.


Let's heal!

Let's go visit Bilbo Baggins!

Now playing - Frenzy

Uh... shit. I guess he's not home.

The girls tried to talk to Mispolm. But he's a pumpkin, and as such, Pumpkins can't talk.

But every time you hit Mispolm, he does his best to impersonate

His attacks are very Halloween-ish.

Jesus. You'd think with Dryad being such a pussy that Mispolm would be weak itself. Clearly this is not true.

I wish I got a better shot of the left tentacle giving it's Cell (from DBZ) impression.

This explosion wasn't as spectacular as the last boss


Only 2!

And thus, I call Lily Thai, and head to...

Hey, been here before!


These enemies were annoying easy.

These ones, not so much.

For anyone playing RPGs, if you see a path, always go left for the save point / items, go right to advance the plot.

See? I was right.

And on the other side is a cave. We're advancing the plot.

And other save point...

Now playing - Rolling Cradle

And it's Land Umber! Let's see how the conversation went.

My word! Outsiders! Do tell me, how did the Yankees fare this season?
Not good. They choked in the playoffs, then Cory Lidle ate his ice cream and flew a plane into a building.

Dear me. What goes of the NFL playoffs?
Don't really care. Seattle lost. Should have put Josh Brown in at Quarterback.

Well, then! What goes of things now?
Not much. This thread has been dwarfed by that stupid Resident Evil 4 thread. Damn them and their popularity

Resident Evil 4 you say? Times have changed!
Yeah, I mean, I love the game and all, but still...

Sorry, I tried Well, best of luck to you!
Thanks! Most people don't wish us well when we kill them! You're one of a kind! Well, I guess I'll be seein' ya in hell!

Explosions, yadda yadda.

And such.

What next?

But how do we even know it's alive?

Pedan! Of course! The city that doesn't exist! GREAT IDEA!

Hey, what the fuck? Where did it come from?

I like forests, but I don't like jungles.

Hey, there's a building in the middle of nowhere.

Hell yeah I'll stay.

There's a fucking town here!

I can't read anything around these places.

What? Prince Richard? TIME CONSPIRACY!

Really? Interesting...

The Dragon's hole... sounds kinda secksay.

Someone wanna tell me is going on?

So, we're in Pedan, and there's mysterious happenings! Why do we see the young Richard? Well, only one way to find out. Check in next time!