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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 20

Goons, we're about to make history. This will be the shortest completed Let's Play thread in the history of Something Awful Is it something to celebrate? I think it is, but who knows.

So first things first, we head on towards the Dragon Master.

Getting closer...


Oh shit.

Now Playing - the Sacrifice, Part One

He wasn't kidding. Why?

The Faerie is about to commit a very action right here.

Hurr! Nice try.


Last two? What?

Makes sense, doesn't it?

Holy crip it's a crapple!


ITS POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000! (I love this joke too much to only use it once)


Looks more like a Dinosaur!

This might hurt.

Don't laugh at other's misfortunes.

But never fear! He's emitting a sparkly thing! Must mean something awful right?


Aha! We win by default, because heroes never lose!

Yer darn tootin'

Healed by an unknown force!

We've been using our regular weapons quite fine, if you haven't noticed.


I know she means the spirit and stuff, but what is the spirit of the Sword of Mana?

It was our hope? Jesus! This is news to me!


Now Playing - The Sacrifice, Part Two

And the eternal struggle begins!

He changes color as we fight. He's a very gay-friendly Dragon.

And he moves to the bottom of the screen. Annoying little shit.


Wait for it...


Now Playing - The Sacrifice, Part Three!


Ancient. Ow.

Dareisay you've lost some weight!

Time to kick some ass with Double Spell.

He just comes back with his firey attack of death.


I thought this attack was really cool looking.

Ancient again

But a well-placed Double Spell and...

it makes the screen go inverted!

Actually, it means he's dead!

That was kind of cool.

Stereotypical antagonist RPG response. Everyone says this.

Uh oh.

She's dead

Yeah seriously.


We should hope so!

This thing just showed up and started talking to us.


A thousand years? that's like, forever! That's not till, the next Seiken Densetsu game!

And we leave victorious

Now Playing - Reincarnation

Lily Thai takes us out of the Holyland once and for all.

Hey! Kacey! We're back in Rolante!

Thank god

I'm sure. I have that dream every night too.

We can always try

After she rebuilt Rolante, she pursued other interests. Be sure to find her latest video on bangbros!

And Jail Bait is finally home.

That's kind of sad, actually

Well, that makes sense, I guess.

But not to fear...

Because he's alive!

She sacrificed herself just for you. That's kind of hot.

I don't what Jail Bait's obsession with Heath is. He must be her bishie.

I'm getting happier as I write this

Finally, Tits' story.

It's possibly the most down to earth of them all.

I'm sure.

Yeah. Moving locations might be a good priority.

Eh, it's not like your spells are anything useful.

O rly?

I'm not a kid

Jail Bait always makes me laugh.

And we never find out what it is. If I were to speculate, I think Tits just discovered her vagina.

Bonus content! In case you were wondering how the other storylines ended, or wanted a refresher, here you go! Note: Hawk''s name is Tetsuo, because I thought it was cooler at the time. And I'm not posting any commentary, because I'm lazy, and it's not a part of our girlie girlie storyline. Enjoy!

With that said, let's continue the real story.

Now playing - Return to Forever

Back to the Mana Holyland... hey! It's all green again!

And the sproutling begins its new life to become the new Mana tree. Continue your plight, little thing

And here come the credits.

Hey, it's Max Hardcore!

Sorry about the porn star references, I just thought they were funny at the time.

And we enter the sky. And the stars.


And that's the end of this Let's Play. The ending can best be described as one picture:

Seriously, guys. Thanks for letting me do this. Though the turnout was small, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and posting it. This was great practice for me. I've already begun prepping for my next Let's Play thread. I won't drop a hint as to what it is, but it requires some... heavy modification to the game itself, expect a change in dialog, characters, and hopefully graphics. It will be good. In the meantime, happy playing!

I hope I get a medal for winning whatever award I got for this thread