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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 3

Alright, boys and girls. It's game time! Starting from Princess Tits' storyline!

EDIT: because of complaints, I fixed my comments! Yay!

God, people in masses are retarded

Scene change! It's Princess Tits!

I'm sure you were...

I'm sick of your bullshit, old man!

Hey, I can finally move!

Who's Victor, and why am I waving at him?

They sure are!

Oh, fuck. Caught.

Backstory time! Everyone gather around!

Such a sad tale

No way Jose.

After this, I ran around the castle for a bit. Talked to a few guards, they said nothing of significance. So, I went and met Victor

Why thank you, castle guard

Shit, this can't be good

Altena is gon' get it!

Cue dramatic music...

Tits' mom is a bitch.

Shouldn't have skipped all those magic lessons, should you, eh, Tits?

Uh-oh, it's getting white...

How did she end up outside?

Good question!

Whelp, let's see where the road takes us...


A few more screens later, we have a problem...

Last I checked, your mother wanted to sacrifice you to revive Satan or something. You sure about that, Tits?

Fuck, she fainted.


Hey, this looks like a nice cozy house.

Elrand, eh?

This is the most significant moment in gaming, folks.

Welcome to Elrand!

The Inn is free?

Alright, I disabled a layer to prove that yes, she does sleep naked, well, kind of. she's got pretty panties on too

I talked a fortune teller in town, he/she/it told me to go to Wendel. And since fortune tellers are 100% accurate...

If you do, your mom won't kill you!

Insert narration:


And, we're off!

And... we're here!

We're in Jad!

Well now, if nothing was wrong, this wouldn't be an RPG now, would it?

Oh, so THAT's the problem.

Well, shit.

HEY! It's Duran! Sorry I didn't choose you, man

Wow, that took a long time. Anyways, that's it for this update. Expect one tomorrow, hopefully! Tits is stuck in Jad, and Jad is overrun by beastmen! Whatever will we do! Find out in the next installment!