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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 4

It's 2:25 AM on the West coast, how about an update?

In our previous installment, Princess Tits was stuck in Jad, which had been captured by the evil beastmen. What do we do?

Hey, it's Hawk! He has an idea! Thanks...

... you fucking pervert.

Come night time, the gate is wide open. Hawk was right!

We're in Rabite land now.

Well... I DO need to go to Wendel. Let's try it!

Ah, figures. Some dumbshit sealed the way with an "invisible force." Let's go to Astoria instead! After all, the Goonies were filmed there!

Do the truffle shuffle!

This man in Astoria reiterates the fact that Tits is a slut.

Anyways... I went to stay at the Inn, then...

What the hell is that? Is that the good witch of the North?

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

I chased it down into a corner. Hey, that looks shockingly familiar to those balls of light in the opening scene...

It's a... FAIRY?

Whew, what a relief


Well, good! I was headed there anyways

Mana Holyland, eh?

Uh oh...

Oh, shit.

I think Cory Feldman's career lit on fire and burned down Astoria

I got no joke for this


She's in my head. Great.

That's my soul speakin' to ya, Tits

I guess, she's not really helping me.

Ah, crap. They destroyed Astoria how we gonna film Kindergarten Cop now?

Whelp, let's hit the dusty trail. About that barrier...


Wait... Is that...


Jail Bait just confirmed that she still is, indeed, jail bait.

Here comes the story...

This bitch is stalking me.

No offense, Jail Bait, but I think Tits has you there

Enough chit-chat, let's roll.

Real priests aren't allowed to have sex, so he can't be your grand-daddy

What the fuck are you, a fortune cookie?

We're out of the cave. Yay?

And... we're finally in Wendel!

Well, that wraps up this edition. Sorry if my humor sucked, it's late, ya know. I think instead of celebrating the New Year, I'll be working on this with champagne in hand