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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 7

Where were we? Ah, yes. After Tits screwed up and blew up the bridge to Forcena, we were stuck... or were we?

Let's head back to Maia for now.

Let's drop by this random house, shall we?

I like cannons

Whoa, check that out!

I doubt you'll make another invention by the time this game is over

This part seemed to be mistranslated...

But this old-timer is alright!

Back to the cleft again!

What will I do?


Oh God, high school physics


Ahh, Watts. The cornerstone of any Seiken Densetsu game. He's what Cid is to Final Fantasy only in a different series.


Here we are in the dwarf cave! Let's kill this scary bat-like battums.

Hey, who's that up there?

Jesus, Watts, you're ripping me off more than the guy who sold me "high quality" speakers in the Home Depot parking lot.

...I'll suck your if you give me some gunpowder!

I'll show you MY tremors

Save point! Something big must be coming up!

It's that cheapskate Watts!

No, this is a picture. I can't hear anything

Another enemy! Crud! (note: I wanted to record this video, but playing on snes9x was too much of a pain, not to mention video codecs are very with me).

This enemy is annoying. He sits there and hides in the corners, and he has high defense, and my offense sucks

Hey, he's leaving his shell!

How come in every RPG, organic animals spontaneously combust after you kill them?

Them exploding is even more

I could somewhere very wrong with this...



No, it's fucking HILARIOUS.

Flash some boobies in front of this guy and he'll do anything.

Yay! We're not such a pussy fest anymore!

God damn, Watts. Make up your mind.

Oh, I won't

Back in Maia, let's visit that clown guy again.

Nothing like a little weapon-threatening to get the motivation going.

Let me ask you guys, would you walk into a cannon made by a man in a clown suit? Cause I just totally did

I hope I too can get shot out of a cannon someday.


We're totally not going in the direction of Forcena

This is gonna hurt...


Oh you girls

Molebear highlands, half mole, half bear, half pig.

I hate this part. Going through lots of holes to get to Forcena.

Hey! Duran!

I believe we already met earlier in the game

Girls aren't fighters. They belong in the kitchen

Ya coulda sacrificed yourself for your mom and this all would have been over with

Dead people!

Oh, they're still alive

I walked into an invasion in my parent's room when I was a child once. My dad was invading my mom, it was confusing, to say the least.

It's that prick, Koren

Is he flying through walls or is he fucking hacking?

Aren't you the main fighter for Forcena?

King's chamber approaches...

Red Lotus? Sounds like or some ninja shit.

Not even for some fresh baked cookies?


Oh movie theory. We always must bust in at the crucial moment.

Nice to see you too, Koren.

... you damn snitch.

Surprised? She's pretty hot, too.

Go angst in your livejournal instead, you emo bitch.

I think Richard is Tits' daddy

He's clearly her father, but he doesn't want her to know otherwise he'll have to start paying child support

Uh, ok

You let that faerie die. You must have been a pretty miserable chose one.




But Byzel is guarded by pirates!


Good, that makes two of us


Hey! Everything is all back to normal again! Better stop by the library then.

Kacey has just found inspiration for her next career after she saves the world.

Wow, that took awhile! That's it for today, I think! We're headed to Rolante! What strange twists will occur? Only way to find out is to keep reading, or play the game yourself