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Part 41: The End

41: The End

Ending - Viddler
Epilogue - Viddler

Doskias struggles to his feet...

...and lunges at Maya, shearing through her armour.

He leaves himself open, however, and Selina runs him through before he can recover.

Doskias stares at Maya's Kyra tattoos...

...and has a vision.

I...I was wrong. It way you, Maya, all along. I may be of Marduk's blood, follow his spirit.

You are truly his descendant.

I am sorry, my love. I did not want it come to this.

No...there's no time. We must complete the prophecy. The Device has been delivered; it only awaits activation.

Doskias attempts to rise, but is too weak.

This ship is on the section to be raised - as well as Oasis, Maya's home!

Take Maya to safety and evacuate Oasis before it's too late. I'll remain to start the device when the time is right.

No, Selina, go with them. If you stay, you will die along with me when the shell moves.

*sigh* You are too weak to complete the prophecy. place is by your side, my lord.

Use the Gift of the Creator. Save the world...for Marduk...

The sun rises on Septerra.

Oasis, too, rises to take its place on shell 1... Lobo's ship, carrying the evacuees, flies to safety.

We had brought the forces of power and wisdom together, to complete the prophecy, form the rune, and obtain the Gift of the Creator.

The Core once again became balanced...

...and the people of Septerra looked to an unfamiliar sky.

Hanging in the heavens were three new worlds, each with cities shining forth from their surfaces.

Together, these worlds were the Kingdom of Heaven.

Each had gone through similar ordeals, and had been judged worthy to enter the collection - to have contact with the others.

On that night, my sacrifice...

...Selina's love...

...and Doskias's repentance...

...had proved to the Creator that the people of Septerra were also worthy to enter this Kingdom of Heaven.

One day, when the time is right, the people of Septerra will meet the children of these new moons, and the exchange of ideas and culture will be more valuable than any mythical treasures or fabled power.

But a tale for another generation.

~ Fin ~