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Seven Samurai 20XX

by mateo360

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Original Thread: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bad Games Megathread



So... this is a thing. I regret everything already.

For this first episode, I have Combat Lobster, Senior Scarybagels, and Loco. Joining us for other episodes will be Heavy Sigh, Nebiros, and DynamiteKidd


Overture - Decadent Moon
Chapter 1 - To The Silver Bridge
Chapter 2 - Art of Junk Life
Chapter 3 - Vanishing Love Petals Part 1
Chapter 3 - Vanishing Love Petals Part 2
Chapter 3 - Vanishing Love Petals Part 3
Chapter 4 - The Man in White
Chapter 5 - Struggle in the Wilderness
Chapter 6 - Justice for Oneself
Chapter 7 - To Live and Let Die
Chapter 8 - Searching for Sin without Malice
Chapter 9 - Victory Born from Death
Final Chapter - What Makes Us Human
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