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Part 15: Episode XV: Casual Discourse on Somniloquy

Episode XV: Casual Discourse on Somniloquy

Music: Blow Up

Welcome back to the world map. While previously, we were in a vague "Plains" area and a fictional rural village in said region, Fengtian and Dalian are both real places. So, it seems the gang has managed to fly in the ballpark of 400 km between chapters. Not bad for a plane that looked like it could barely lift-off and almost assuredly wasn't topped off on its fuel.

It seems our band, or at the very least Yuri, has managed to jog 21 miles since our adventure began. Not a bad work-out. I think 1 step = 1 yard in the game's calculations. Or maybe more correctly one meter. I'd hazard a guess that wasn't originally in Imperial and the localization didn't rejigger the calculations for an optional menu few people likely looked at and has zero impact on the game proper…

Badger Devil sounds hardcore.

In any case, let's jump on into Dark Port Dalian… In a bit. First, a flashback!

Sound of footsteps in the grass.

New Music: Tanjou

Hee hee! Don’t worry, Mom, I’m fine! I’m just gonna go tell Dad it’s suppertime! He’s been working so hard, he must be hungry!

We join Yuri's dad smacking a hoe into a hill to seemingly no effect while wearing his full military uniform. Look, he's trying really hard to farm and is too proud to admit he has absolutely no idea what the hell he is doing. Also, he's quite concerned about the sun going supernova back there.

Young Yuri runs up to him. Kid, you're wearing that fox mask wrong…

Papa Hyuga stops tilling the hill, wipes his brow and looks to see what his son wants.

Heh heh… Mom says supper’s ready!
Oh. Well, I could use a break.
<looks at the ground quizzically> I umm… I think I made some real progress here…

Yuri trots around and looks over the area.

Sure. Winter’s much harsher here on the continent than in Katsuragi, where you were born. First, we work to plant lots of seeds.
Then we umm… We… Drat… I used to know this one…
Water them and they grow into big crops!
<snaps fingers> Yes! Of course. I was going to say that. Just… testing you is all… That's my boy!

Then, in fall, we split the harvest with everyone from town. If we all work hard and help each other out, we can make it through even the toughest of winters. Understand?
<nods> Yep!
<turns away>

…Say, Dad… Will you have to go away again in the fall? To work?
<turns from his son to the sun>
…For how long? Will you be back soon? It’s okay, Dad, I can wait for you! ‘Cause I’m a man!
<walks up to his dad> But, Mom’s different. She’s a girl so she misses you. She tries to hide it, but… I can tell how sad she is…

<turns to Yuri> Yuri. You look after Mom when I’m away, all right? I’ll try to come back before winter.
Okay… I promise. Come back soon, okay…?
Of course. I promise, too.
I only need to sort out the one sorcerer this time. I'll be back in no time, son.
C’mon. Mom’s waiting.

The two take off back towards their home as the scene ends. I don't think they say Yuri's father's name for some time. For some reason, they localized it as Ben Hyuga. His original name was Jinpachiro Hyuga and that's what they use when he's mentioned in Shadow Hearts 2. No idea why they changed it here.

Music ENDS.

Now for a brief Mysterious Voice intermission. And then…

Music: Rice Field of Light

Yuri. Wake up! Please wake up.
…Mnnh …huh?
Mhmf… f-five more minutes, mom…
Yuri, this is serious!
Gah… Fine. I'm up… I'm up!

…What? Somethin’ happen?
Did something HAPPEN? I’ll say it did! How can you possibly sleep at a time like this, sonny boy?!
Time like what?

Is… something on fire…? Oh gawd, we're still on this flying deathtrap!?
Oh, I'm sorry, dear. Alice and I had planned to carry you to the nearest inn and gently tuck you into bed when we landed… OF COURSE we're still on the airplane!!

Huh?! The engine’s busted!!
Yuri, I heard what you said… in your sleep. You were saying, “Dad, Dad, they’re coming to kill Mom, help” …You seemed to be in so much pain…

That's weird, cuz I remember a dream about my dad being bad at farming with the sun exploding for some reason…
Look here, Missy! This is no time for casual discourse on somniloquy! We’re going to crash! CRASH, I tell you!! Aiiieeeee!!

I'm sure it'll be fine. They're just overreacting.

See? Margarete pulled it up just in time. Now they just need to find somewhere to land and—

AWW CHRIST! Well, at least the entire party seemingly eating shit and dying again is a good excuse to end things short. I need to go prep for my daughter's birthday. Frikkin' sixteen. What the hell!?

Video: Episode 15 Highlight Reel
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