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Part 62: Episode LXII: Float

Episode LXII: Float

Music: Much Hatred Still Rankles

Huff, huff… it’s over… It’s all over now…
Huff... I even stole... your Fusion ability. Thanks for that! Seems spiffy.
I ain't really sure. I think it was a magic rock I picked up back in that cave. Doesn't matter. Finders keepers! You're done, Albert!

You are overconfident. It is I who will end it! Haven’t you noticed? All of the power generated by our battle has been transferred to the “float”!!

Albert Simon stands up.

You keep saying "float" like that. I dunno what that means. Alice, are we supposed to know what that means?
You've got to stop asking me as if I know.
So that's a no?
Oh, you'll find out soon enough...

<laughs> I have won!! I have won!!

God DAMMIT! We REALLY need to do something about that guy teleporting!!
Hey, you all... I have the sudden feeling that we should get out of this weird underground temple.
...Yeah. Same.
Ehh... Simon could be anywhere. What's the rush if we can't find him?
We should go RIGHT the hell now!!
...Yeah, OK. We should probably go. Koudelka has been pretty on the ball yelling in my head to run...

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New Music: Sign of Him (The Creation of God)
(This only ever plays here so you should probably listen to it!)

You know, it's weird nobody has gone diving even once in Saint George's Channel. I mean, as everyone knows the waters of Wales are lousy with ghost fish, sea dregs and all manners of unspeakable things from the depths of the murkiest of waters. But, if anyone had stuck their head down there they might have noticed the underwater castle with a giant biomechanical heart as its foundation at some point.

Maybe now someone will take note after it shoots a beam of energy into the sky. That usually draws curious folks' attention.

If that doesn't do it, surely the magical glyphs covering the British Isles will raise an eyebrow or two.

Or did I say the British Isles? I meant several times the width of the entire planet.

Yeah... yeah, I'd say it's safe to assume someone is gonna notice that one...


Albert Simon is dumped onto the ground and quickly gathers his tophat. We're still in Wales. He's not going to be able to get another one of those anywhere around here. The only available headwear is dirtbag country folk caps and that won't do at all.

Hehehe... Watch... my ultimate dream... Now I shall achieve it.

BEHOLD! Worms convicted me in Nuremberg four hundred years ago... behold the fruits of your folly!

This light... this storm! Now... is the end of the world!!

The castle begins rising from the sea.

Oh glorious throne of the lord on high -- Neameeto!

This is indeed the signpost to a new tomorrow! The medium by which God shall bestow a new future to a world despoiled by human corruption!

Oh God, at last, the time has come! From the distant reaches of the universe and time, descend now upon this earth!

Heh! Thousands upon thousands before me have tried but failed...
None that I am aware of... But they undoubtedly existed! Probably... Who wouldn't want this?!

But I am the one who will finally achieve it!!

Hey! That thing is in the background of the boxart opposite Albert Simon's giant ghost head.

Most of the support tubes snap off and fall back to the sea. But the central err... umbilical cord, for lack of a better term, seems to be a touch more sturdy. Also... kind of tracking back toward land...

It's nice that the rest of the party decided to run over from London to see what the flying hell is going on in Wales. Don't look too closely to see that everyone outside Yuri and Alice is just their low-poly battle models.

W-What!? What is this!?
Alice, what the HECK is all this?
I DON'T KNOW! Stop asking me!

Say... Is it just me or is that... the tube attached to the... err...
I think Albert Simon called it a "float" if I'm not mistaken.
That is an awkward name, but sure... the float... It's rising, right?
Sure is...
And that tube is still attached to it.
I cannot help but notice it's about to hit land... like it's buried underground.
We did see some tentacle type things like that back in the creepy joint beneath the monastery ruins.
Uh-huh... So I cannot help but also notice where we're standing in relation to that...
I don't follo—


That would have been embarrassing if after all that the party got obliterated by an underground power cable. Why the hell did they run out here anywhere? They're like five miles from the Nemeton Monastery ruins.

Hehehehaha! The float has arisen! There's nothing you can do to stop it now!

<flies up toward the float> HAHAHAHA!

...Yeah, I got nothin'.

Meanwhile, on the edges of dark space, it seems Meteor has been summoned and is on a cruise course for the Milky Way Galaxy. You know, on top of everything else.

Seven days from now... God shall descend to Earth. You can... wave your fists all you want...


Well, so much for just running up that cord. Wales is going to be a mess with all this alien tech littering the countryside. I mean, a mess different from the usual way.

The blackness of the abyss awaits! The pulse of the stars... The lifeforce of all living things... All will be stopped! Soon... death will rain down upon the earth like mana! Hehehe! HAHAHAHA!!

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