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Part 83: Episode LXXXIII: Messiah

Episode LXXXIII: Messiah

Music: Middle of Nowhere

It has been a long road. But I feel like it's time we finally sorted things out with Albert Simon. He has been waiting patiently for a more than reasonable length or time.

Hyahah… I’m impressed. That you of all men were the last to remain standing in my way. Perhaps this was our destiny, even at that moment we met on the train.
I must say, I expected you to be here a touch sooner.
Ehh... we had some things to take care of...
I gave you a week deadline before the end of the world. It has been nearly two months...
<looks around> Yeah, called your bluff. I think you were a bit off the mark on that God arrival estimate, champ.
<grumble> ...Indeed.

<shrugs and shakes head> Couldn’t say, really.
<turns away> I will create a new world, perfected to God’s will. A pure world, without deceit or defilement.
<shakes head> Would such a world… be any fun?
Sounds like a dull bummer.
<turns back> Of course it will be fun! It will be a wondrous place.
Yeah, how...?
As I said, it will be a pure world built as God intended.
What's fun about that though?
Ergh... Infinite bliss and whatnot, you see. God's plan is mysterious, even to me...
I dunno, man... You gotta work on that sales pitch.

I really wanted to show it to all of you.

…I see. In that case, fine. Let’s promise then. No matter who wins, no hard feelings, eh?
No second forms. No back-up plans. No merging with God or any of that crap. We're just gonna duke it out like respectable folk.
Leave the surviving world to the mercy of fate? Fine. I promise you. There need only be one fight that determines the course of the planet.
Granted, you will have to defeat God if you manage to best me. There is precious little I can do about that.
Of course.
Then very well, it is agreed.

Heheh, now there’s my Albert! Glad we agree on something.

If it kinda feels like Albert and Yuri having some sort of mutual respect for one another is coming out of nowhere... well, it is. It sort of feels as though we were meant to see Simon a few more times between Nemeton Underground and here. But then again, the guy's characterization has been kind of all over the place ever since the not being Roger Bacon thing came to light, so who knows? It's final battle time!

Music: Demon's Gig

Alright! It's time! The final battle against Roger Bacon Albert Simon is at hand! Surely, this time he'll hav—


I suppose Albert did promise this would be the deciding fight for the fate of the world, so he's kind enough to just skip past the filler first phase of his battle and jump right to the meat of the thing. It seems Albert has learned another Fusion or... something of that like, while left to his devices in the Palace of the Deranged Gods for a few weeks He's also maybe developed a wee bit of a complex too, considering his new form is just known as "Messiah." I feel like I fought this thing in a Bloodborne Chalice Dungeon but sure, Albert. You do you.

Messiah is a Non-Elemental enemy with a somewhat meager 6000 HP to its name. Though, that number may be larger than it appears. We'll get to that in a minute.

Before we can do anything, Messiah's starting gambit is cracking open the Ark of the Covenant again to dish out around 225-250 HP of damage to the entire party. The Holy Chest will make an encore appearance roughly every fifth turn Messiah gets unless it's busy with an emergency technique for that turn.

Unfortunately for poor Albert here, he's missed an entire story arc of training the party has undertaken since the last time we saw him. Dude is a Frieza and we're ready to go punch out Cell. Heck, he never even got to see the Demon Rays spam from the Amon Fusion we stole off him during the last encounter. This is just kind of a stomp match as it stands. But we'll give him a chance to show his stuff.

Messiah has a standard combo which hits for around 200 HP of damage and a Status Abnormality single strike that does around 120 damage. On top of that, sometimes his physical hits will drain SP as well. But we've guarded against that beforehand. I know for a fact he also has !!!! -- the reduce a target's health to 1 HP attack that Fox Face loved to use back in the day. But Albert failed to perform it during this bout. Possibly because he was getting smoked too hard.

While this fight goes well in our favor to the point Messiah is in the weakened state by five rounds in, there is one little wrinkle that makes this fight end up lasting twice as long. I don't think possible to damage race past this occurring.

Once Messiah drops to critical levels of HP, it will cast Grace which... I'm not sure how much HP it actually heals. 999 is just the cap for what can be displayed in-battle. It's more like 2000+ HP considering it takes around 3500 HP to drop him afterward and I'm going to assume he was in the ballpark of 1000 HP when he cast Grace.

Not that it does much other than delay the inevitable. For Everyone wore off and even that just gave Messiah a slight reprieve from the party just lining up to kick him in the dick to submission. Or... whatever gnashing maw is sitting in his crotch region in this form.

Music: Results

Alas, Albert Simon's Hail Mary of transforming into a Bloodborne boss did not pan out the way he desired. This is also the final Results screen we'll see in the game. Level 59 Yuri, 58 Alice and 56 Margarete will be taking us into the home stretch with their 414,716 Cash war chest.

Music: ALICE

I see you all... grew strong... while you were... away...
Yeah... I fought my dad's ghost in my mind.

Yuri… You’ve… all of you have chosen your fate…

Yuri approaches Albert.

But, none of this will come true… unless you defeat the god that is arriving soon… But it should be fine. With people as strong as you, humans may yet be able to overcome their mistakes. If you really think you can arise victorious, then take my blessing, too. May my soul assist you…
Your motivations have gotten really murky since we learned your identity.
Heh... Indeed... I must be... getting old...

<looks around> Err... wasn't that here? Alice wasn't that supposed to be here?
I... though so...?

Hey, wait. What the f—

B... ar... f...

So ends Albert Simon. I'm not sure what it means if your body explodes into light instead of fades away like everyone else who has died. It's probably fine. Probably.

In any event, tune in next time as the gang travels to the ONE place that has yet to be corrupted by capitalism malice...


Video: Episode 83 Highlight Reel
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