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Part 7: Episode VII: Bonfire

Episode VII: Bonfire

Don't worry too much about Yuri exploding like that. It's probably fine. Probably. Let's just move on to something completely different instead.

Jeanne, the little girl that was taken hostage earlier, wanders over to Yuri accompanied by her pet dog goddamn white wolf.

<pulls some food out of her basket> Supper's ready. Mama made it. Here, it's still warm.

He really likes you, doesn't he?
Yeah, we've been together ever since Papa died.

<uncertain whine>

S-Link Established!

Wow. Up until now, he's never taken food from anyone but me!
Nobody has ever really tried since he's a big wolf and all, but...
<licks chops>

I wonder if they'll come back...
They will.
Because they left soldiers alive in the town?

I wonder what they want with the village, anyway...
<leans back> Hmm.
<pets wolf> Anyway, if they come back, this guy will let us know right away.

Yuri lays down in the grass.


A new party wanders over to the bonfire.


Jeanne, your mother's worried about you.
Don't you have a bedtime or a school night or something like that?
I don't really have a set bedtime and it's a Friday night.

The old man sits by the fire and unscrews the top to his flask.

<knocks back a shot> Mmm... that's good!

<clears the air around her nose> Ooh, that stinks! Are you drinking again?!
Is it a day that ends with "Y"? I only drink on those days.
I told you it was Friday.
There you go!

Heh heh. Don't be so hard on me. This is my one true pleasure.

Yuri sits back up.

Well, better get to bed. Your mom's waiting for you.
You don't want her mad because you came home smelling like booze again, do ya?

Jeanne grabs her basket and gets up with her wolf buddy.

Goodnight Yuri, Goodnight Grandpa.
I'll see you in the morning.

The two depart.

You too. Shouldn't you be turning in soon?
Hehe. After I have a few more drinks. Hmm...

Pounding shots out of a flask by a pleasant night campfire dressed like some manner of leprechaun pimp. This old man knows how to live out his twilight years.

Lemme see that.
<stops drinking and considers> Hmm...?

Ehh... Just a little sip.

Yuri proceeds to fuckin' pound the rest of that flask. The old man is not pleased by this calamity.

Eh? Hey! Hey!! HEY!! G-gimme that back! Gimme!

<desperately tries to coax another drop out of the flask> Ugh... I can't believe it... Ngh... ohh... UGH!
Ahhhh... That's good!
Ugh... Wonderful, that's...

Say, how long are you planning on staying in this village, anyway, eh?
<stretches> ...Hmm. I'm not really sure.
Never been really a plan for the future sorta guy unless some voice is yelling junk into my head. And I do NOT wanna go back to that...
What about you? How long are you gonna stick with me?
...Hmm. I'm not really sure either. Hmph.
Lazy old bum.

We get a quick flash of just how long the old man and Yuri have been hanging out together. It... wasn't very long after Shadow Hearts 1 ended...

They're gonna keep coming back. No matter how much you beat 'em. They always do.
This war's not over by a long shot.
This war is different. It's some kinda... tremendous or I dunno, maybe even global war. I'm sure they'll think of a proper name for it someday.

We need...
A safer place to stay.
That's right.
There is no safe place. Not around here. You know that, don't you?
That's why I'm staying right here. I'll protect this village until I die.
What's with you?
It sounds to me you're just looking for a place to die.
Well, you're wrong. I don't plan on throwing my life away, old timer, if that's what you're thinking!
Is that so?
Tch. I punched out a god once. I think I can handle a few more waves of guys with rifles and bayonets.
Oh yeah? You gonna kick over a tank next if those roll in?
The hell is a "tank"? Pfft... Whatever, I'm sure it's a few notches below space god.

Yuri stands up.

Besides, my life isn't my own, anyway.

This life of mine was given to me by her...

Uhh... Yuri. I know you're busy stargazing and thinking fondly about the departed Alice and all. But you may want to pay attention to the fact you're slowly slipping into the abyss...


Huh...? HUH!?


I know you're eager to help. But you've got to watch your footing in the nightmare dimension. You may just trip over...

Oh no! Wolf buddy! And we'd just established an S-Link with him.


Either Amon got smaller in the transition from CGI Zone to in-game or Jeanne is just a big kid for her age.

Welp. Make a note. There's your unfortunate LP tradition of dead children down at the seventh update mark.

<takes a deep breath>
OK. Don't freak out. Don't freak out...



Wolves can sense when you have surreal nightmare sequences alluding to their death and will react accordingly.


The old man from Yuri's flashback wanders onto the scene. Yuri attempts to stand but weakly falls back to kneeling.

<points to Yuri> We can't go back.
Don't worry about it...
I'm fine living in a cave now. This is all fine...

I barely managed to pull you out of that light in time! You can hardly walk!
I can walk just fine.
Oh yeah? Well get up and let's go.
<groans> You know... Just gonna rest my legs for a few minutes.

What happened to the village?
The soldiers came and took the villagers away.
Well, not the first batch of soldiers. They were all dead. Another one came... I think... There was a lot going on getting you two out of there.

Yuri stands up.

Can you walk? We can't stay here.
I'm feeling better...
I don't have a good feeling about my current experience level though...
<pats Yuri's back> Don't push yourself. You barely even survived. You're a lucky man.

We'll head for Paris through the woods. I've got an apartment there.
I used to take fine bitches there all the time back in my youth. Oh, those were the days...
Oops. Sorry! I'm sure you're a lovely young lady.

If they find you, they'll kill you too. Miss, umm... err...

<nods> Hmm. I'm Gepetto the Puppeteer. This here is Yuri.
<groan> Yo.

First you have to think about surviving. Right? Hmm?
Or you can live in this cave. I wouldn't recommend it. It'd probably get lonely. The wolf is coming with us, you see.

Karin stands up and tries to help Yuri. But our rude hero is having none of that.

<pulls arm away> I'm fine! I told you I feel all right now.
Just gotta walk it off or punch the source a few times. It's not a problem...

Hmph... That Mistletoe... Hmm... We'd better try to figure out what kind of curse it put on you. Hmph. Yeah...
Kids these days and their curses. I swear...

Sapientes Gladio, huh...?

Not even a full year since Alice Elliot sacrificed herself to save Yuri from a curse and this fucking guy turns around and gets another full-blown curse. This ain't a good look, Yuri. This ain't a good look at all.

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