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Part 110: Episode CIV: Your Nose and Your Eyes

Episode CIV: Your Nose and Your Eyes

It's probably going to take a bit of time for Saki Inugami to recover from her crazy demonic possession and having said demonic possession forcefully knocked out of her via punching, stabbing, wolf spirit barrages, and luchador wrestling techniques. So in the meantime, let's check in on Kato and the Mutant Apes over inside a future dungeon Mt. Fuji.

Let's get back.
We don't want the master to think we're milking our smoke break.
Why do we keep calling it a smoke break when neither of us smokes?
I used to smoke when I still had a mouth. I just like to take a moment and reminisce about going to flavor country.

The two teleport away to a different, more brightly lit barren cavern and proceed to have a walk and talk.

That monster is somewhere up ahead.
Haha. It's like it's waiting for us.
Like it's some kind of boss of this place. I wish I could just stand in place and wait for someone to come to fight me.
Are you scared?
Don't be stupid.

You and me both died once in Shanghai. What do I have to be afraid of now?
I can't think of anything more frightening than being blown to bits by a giant monster lady and finding there is nothing but cold oblivion waiting on the other side.
Hehe. So you are afraid...

Raiden stops walking .

When even the doctors gave up on us, it was the Master that saved us.
With science!

He treated us good. Just like we was his own family. Even stupid me, who couldn't die right.
Now look at me. I have nifty robot ears and an electric fist. He even gave us all an unlimited supply of grenades. He's so generous.
That's why we fight so hard for him. Why we're willing to die for him.
Exactly. But...
But what?
Ouka is different.

Music: Impatient Mood

Unlike us, she wasn't given any mechanical implants.
At least none that I know of...

She was the Master's girlfriend, reborn. He wants to have a baby with her and live like a nice, happy couple.
I wish I had a girlfriend that called me master all the time. Or a girlfriend.

Listen, Hien. No matter what happens to us, I want to be sure that we protect those two.
Is there something strange with wanting to do that?
<shakes head> Un-uh.
It is already our jobs, after all.
Yes. But I want to do my job. I don't even need to get paid to do it.
...Wait, you get... paid?
<nods> Of course.
The master and I may need to speak later.

Are you with me then?
Of course. I'm right there with you!
Just like the Shanghai days.
Just like them. But... Let's try not to die this time, eh?
I'll try my best. You do the same.
I'll do my best not to get blown up again.

Music: ENDS

We now join Kato and Ouka hanging out figuring out what manner of dungeon puzzle they need to solve in order to pass this lava river. As you do.

Hm? Did you call me.
I have been standing right by your side the whole time we have been here. I do not know why I would need to call you.
Is something wrong?
No. I thought that I heard a voice. Just my imagination.
Perhaps inhaling the fumes of molten lava is having an ill-effect on you?
It's probably nothing.

Is the boundary still holding?
<nods> Yes. There is no need to worry. But... the flow of time is different here. A few hours here is actually several days in the outside world.
One could complete all manner of optional tasks and take multiple trips across the continent without the consequence of neglecting to address an imminent threat.
We can't just stay here doing nothing. Yuri and the others could arrive here at any moment.
If what you are saying about time dilation is correct, they could have even grinded multiple levels in the time we've been here and have become stronger than ever.
It is certainly possible, Master.

We're back, Master.

Hien and Raiden enter the scene and bow.

There is no up or down here. No front or back either.
There is only cave and lava lit cave. It's like a maze. Or a dungeon. Sort of a dungeon cave maze. I've never seen anything like it.
But he's here all right, Master. I'm certain he's here.
I see...

The Mutant Apes' report is cut short by the ground beginning to tremble and the lava river churning up.

Music: Flame of Strain to Blaze ~ Tension

Master, could this be the path to reach our objective.
It would be odd if it wasn't the case.

Hmm... It seems that Nicolai wishes for us to enter.

We may not come back alive. You understand that, don't you?
<bow heads> Yes, Master.

So what is the goal of Kato and the Mutant Apes with Nicolai at this point, again? Other than he's bad news now that he's possessed and probably should be running around on the loose. Oh well, I'm sure it'll all work itself out. Or they'll all get their asses kicked forcing Yuri and friends to have a climactic battle against the wayward possessed cultist.

Music: Field of God-Dog ~ Village of The Dog God

The Mutant Apes were there too.
I really am not a fan of that name. At least Sapientes Gladio had some sort of mystique to it. Mutant Apes make us sound like we're involved with a pack of monkeys.

Would you call it a lair? Rasputin's floating fortress or that spooky tower in the Vatican. Those were lairs. This is more a guy squatting in a big cave.
Is that really your chief concern right now?
I'm just sayin'. We're devaluing the term lair.

They're tough. They'll be okay. Right?
They'll be fine!
They might even beat Nicolai for us.
They'd better not! I'm going to be ticked off if I don't get to punch that jerk in his smug face again.

Kurando enters the room.

How's your mother?
She just came to. She asked to see all of you. It's this way.

The only thing to do now is to head up the stairs. Though, there is a sneaky Lotto Ticket hidden behind the staircase.

Music: ENDS

Well, how are you feeling now?
Much better. Thank you. I'm very sorry to have caused all of you so much trouble.
<shakes head>
No trouble.
I don't mind a fight that isn't locked behind a puzzle in a creepy alternate dimension or involves flipping switches and climbing a bunch of stairs. Ugh... We're going to have to run through a big dumb cave again next, aren't we?

Thank you for saving me.
We should thank you. You told us where Nicolai is. Huh?
Only having to fight a demon-possessed version of you for a few minutes is a bargain trade-off.
Hee hee...

Is there... something on my face?
Yes. Your nose and your eyes.

That's a pretty silly joke... Hm?
Yes... She's always saying stuff like that.
Being humorous isn't really the strong suit of the Inugami family. Mother tries but ehh...

Now don't get so angry.
I wasn't getting angry. Just... kind of confused...?
You look so much like your father, that's all I'm saying.
You have the same permanently angry angled eyebrows.
My father?
Huh. Did you know him?
<nods> Yes.
You really knew him?
<nods> Yes.
For reals? You knew him?
<nods> Yes.
Jinpachiro Hyuga. You knew him?
<nods> Yes. Though for a while he tried to get people to call him Ben. Nobody quite knew why.
So you're really saying you knew my dad?
<nods> Yes. If you do not mind, can we move on from confirming this?

But how?
I am his sister.


Music: Memories of Melodies ~ Peace

So you're Yuri's aunt?
His aunt?
His aunt?

For some reason, Anastasia sees it fit to punch Joachim in the balls for... repeating what she said, I guess? I don't quite get that reaction. I think Anastasia is just a mean little shit and gets her kicks from abusing Joachim at this point. And don't think I've forgotten about you kicking Blanca. At this rate, we're going to ship you back to Russia in time for the purge.

I heard about you from Kurando.
Wait... Kurando did you know I was your cousin the whole time?!
I had my suspicions we were related. Since you do look remarkably like pictures I've seen of my uncle. And... also you possess the ability to transform into a monster. There is a limited pool of families that can perform that feat.
You never thought to bring this up?
You never asked.

But when I first saw you, I thought my brother had come back to life... heh... as a street urchin.
Street urchin...?
I prefer the term wandering adventurer or rude hero.
You kind of are homeless, Yuri. And no, squatting in that church back in Domremy doesn't count.
Yeah, well... I don't see the rest of you all having a house.
I have a family home back in German.
You stayed at my apartment in Paris.
I rented a room in the back of Granny Lot's bar. And I always have a home in the squared-circle!
I have an apartment in Florence.
I live in a palace. But only in winters. My family has a summer villa and a fall retreat and...
Yeah... Well... All of you shut up!

I really want to hear all about you, but I'm afraid we don't have the time.
The imminent threat to the world should likely be taken care of first.

Music: Field of God-Dog ~ Village of The Dog God

For 2000 years, this has been the base of monks and soothsayers, working to protect humans from evil spirits. Each family has its own unique powers. The power of transforming that you share with Kurando is just one of them.
So my soul fusion ability... You're saying I got it from my father?
Well, he could fuse into a dark elemental devil-like creature, so...
Sort of, although your case is a little unusual. Normally, the number of forms you can embody is limited to one.
That's pretty weak. I can do three of each element. And a bonus one too that I stole from a wizard. I even used to have a different set before that jerk Nicolai cursed and de-leveled me.
I think your unique experiences have taught you how to transform into various forms. They say dormant powers can be awakened through encounters with death or severe emotional disturbances.
My mom did get killed by zombies in front of me. And I got cursed. And had the voice of a psychic in my head for months. And a ghost version of dad showed up to kick my ass a bunch. And I accidentally blew up a city. And... Yeah... OK. I see what you're getting at.
So I might have more dormant powers?
No doubt you have. You and Kurando both.

<nods> Yes.
<turns to Kurando> Hehe! So the two of us are still just novices, huh?
<nods> I guess so!
Maybe I'll have to stick you in the main party once in a while so you can grind out some levels.
It would be nice to do something other than sitting on the sidelines once in a while.
We'll see...

<steps into the middle of the crowd> Sorry to interrupt, but this is no time to be dreaming about all that! We can't let Nicolai get away.
...That's right. Even as we speak, the monster is deep in Mt. Fuji, gathering its strength.
In Mt. Fuji?

Some people even refer to it as the Immortal Mountain. I've even heard of some maps that have it marked as such.
Maybe Astaroth is planning to make Mt. Fuji erupt?!
<nods> I would guess that he is. With that monster's power and the energy in Fuji's ley lines, it wouldn't just be a normal eruption either.
I-if that happened...
He'd completely wipe out Japan!
Not exactly a world-ending threat like a space god's arrival to reset the world. But... it wouldn't be great if we just let Japan get wiped off the map.
You're going?

There's lots to talk about when you get back!
<nods> Sure.
Uh, yes?
We've got a lot to talk about too.
Huh? Sure! I'm really... looking forward to it...!

In the transition from the voice-acted cutscene to the text-only cutscene zone, we transitioned from Saki's bedroom back to the den where we began.

If we return upstairs to Saki's bedroom, we'll find Cheerful Old Nanna was hiding in a corner that whole scene. But importantly, to the left of in the corner by the window we find...

Another of Lucia's Aroma Oils! I think we're just stealing our aunt's beauty supplies in this instance. That's rather rude. Having said that, this is the final Aroma Oil we'll find just lying around someone. There is one final Oil to obtain but it involves, you guessed it, an endgame sidequest.

Just rub me down with all the fragrant wood aromas. I want to smell like a tree. A tree life for me. And with it the combinations are many:

Just a friendly reminder that all these Aroma Oil combinations are unknown in-game until they are used for the first time in battle. So we'd have to have Lucia waste twelve turns to reveal the extent of this new acquisition. Also, we'd have to use Lucia in battle.

Heading outside, we find ourselves at the doorsteps of the lovely Inugami estate. Remember before when we went to the path leading to the shrine cavern, there was another path with stairs leading up a hill that we skipped? This is where it led to. Cheerful Old Nana would bar entry to the house proper and tell Kurando to go visit his mother at the shrine, so it was a waste of time coming here earlier. But now that we are here, there is one goodie hidden in the yard.

Another of cursed Lucia's Tarot Cards. They stuck one of absolutely everything in this tiny village, huh? The effect of this card is either a 50% increase in maximum HP for a battle or a 50% reduction of max HP for a battle. The Special Effect version is the entire party's maximum HP being doubled. In the Special Reverse Effect, all allies have their maximum health reduced to 1 HP and you're looking at a Game Over screen if you're in a boss battle and cannot flee. Good stuff, Lucia. Good stuff.

This village has hit almost every ongoing sidequest that isn't based in a specific location. Except one... If we return to the Inugami Shrine, we now find...

Another Wolf Bout! What, you thought we'd do all those other side quest advancements and NOT do a Wolf Bout? We're in frikkin' Dog God Village. We're gonna have a dog fight.

Awroo, awroo! (Are you the wolf traveling with Kurando these days?!)
Awroo? (Yeah. What of it?)
Grrr... Awroo! (Protecting Inugami is the job of the Matsunagas. We don't need your help.)
Awroo, awroo. (What do I care about your family history?)
Awroo, awroo. Awroo? (Besides, when I met him he was being pursued by soldiers and nearly slain in a drive-by shooting. Your family is doing a terrible job.)
Awroo! Grrr! (Silence, impudent pup! My claws will teach you a lesson!)
You asked for it!

Music: Soul Comet ~ Spirit of the Wolf

I won't stand for any more of your insults! Now you'll witness the prowess of the House of Matsunaga!

Music: Glint of Light ~ War of the Hungry Wolf

Another Wolf Bout it is, Matsunaga, with his strong eyebrows and a voice that is just literally just Joachim coming out of a wolf, is a Light elemental wolf with 900 HP.

His main gimmick he immediately throws up a Special Defense increasing Barrier so special abilities, like Soul Comet, are out. Our counter to this is to cast Rage on Blanca to bolster his physical attacks.

And then it is just a damage race of two wolves taking turns beating the shit out of each other.

Needless to say, Matsunaga of the Matsunaga Clan does not win this damage race.

Music: Result ~ Victory

Blanca will take on all challengers in the most epic of fights lasting less than a minute you have ever borne witness to!

Music: Field of God-Dog ~ Village of The Dog God

That's what you get for bringing personal feelings into the battle.
Awroo... Awroo! (I'm mortified. Let me give you my stamp as a symbol of my undying shame...)

Just one more paw print to collect until Blanca is the champion of the Wolf Bout. But to what end...? Let's see Matsunaga's profile before we depart.

Heir of the Matsunaga
clan. Killed by Blanca
before he could marry.
His death signaled
the end of the
Matsunaga legacy.

Uhh...? Blanca, is there something you're not telling us? Are you going to come back one day and just straight up murk this wolf? Or is the wolf going to fake its death to escape from its disgrace and pin the murder on Blanca? Wolf Bout politics behind the scenes are wild.

But for now, that is a wrap for Inugami Village. Tune in next time as we pursue the demonic possessed Vatican priest that was secretly a high-ranking secret cult leader who was also secretly the bastard son heir to the Russian Empire's throne to the largest mountain in all of Japan. As Shadow Hearts 2 continues to just do what it wants.

That was a fairly short adventure but we did make some new friends along the way.


She will, if her territory is threatened by astral projecting demons, possess local shrine maidens and throw down with any passing adventurers in the area. Nobody said she was good at being a guardian goddess. Just look at her crazy eyes.

Smug ass Harmonixers with their pure spirits. I bet they think they're something special. Bah!


Would you believe she is actually the wizened, practically relic age of... 35! Please, hold back your shock at her advanced years.

Video: Episode 104 Highlight Reel

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