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Part 127: Episode CXXI: Queen's Guardian

Episode CXXI: Queen's Guardian

I mentioned on the way out the door that we may have cause to return to the Queen's Garden. And it's time to make good on that.

Remember the guy who gave us the Nibelung Scene from Southampton mentioned a queen's secret castle. I'd describe this as more of a secluded mansion than a castle, per see, but details. The Queen's Garden does fit the bill so let's start our search there for the final Nibelung play chapter.

Music: Spiritualization ~ Holy Land of God

As in Shadow Hearts: Covenant tradition, our point of interest is the boss room at the far end of the dungeon. You would think the party would eventually learn to thoroughly loot the boss chamber of a dungeon before warping back to the world map. But they're probably just as eager to leave most dumps by the end as I usually am. Lord knows by the end of the upcoming bonus dungeon my smile and optimism were gone.

If we check behind the central altar we'll find a sneaky Magic Crest hidden behind the cross. Gusion sounds like someone flubbed saying Fusion and just rolled with it. Yuri, that's a real swell new Gusion you picked up. You're quite the Hamomixer.

But what we really want to inspect is the area behind the statue that was holding the Moon Stone.

Really?! Lemme see, lemme see!
It just looks like a blurry wall texture to me.
Shh. You know how these things work.

Insolent scoundrels... He who dares touch... the queen's treasure...
Pillaged... from foreign lands... by imperial right...
Will pay... with his life...
Huh?! What was that voice? I've got a bad feeling about this...

Music: Glint of Light ~ Mid Boss in Europe

Time for our first endgame bonus boss, the very originally titled Guardian. Which is certainly not a wooden block reskinned Gargoyle. Why would you think such a thing? Guardian is a Light elemental enemy with 6800 HP.

The biggest threat of this boss is that it possessed Energy Charge which will up its attack power by 125% for the next turn. It does this immediately at the start of the battle and can potentially do it again at any time. When this happens, the options are either to waste a round with everyone blocking to lessen the blow. Or just accept the fact one of our team is going to get their shit bopped and instantly KOed as Guardian will do 600-700 HP of damage. The latter is the smarter play overall since it's not a big deal to revive someone when there's only one enemy to contend with and they lack any multi-hit skills. Sorry, Blanca. You've got to take one for the team. We'll get you back up in a minute, boy.

Guardian hits fairly hard in general to the tune of around 300 HP of damage just from a normal attack string (400+ if we don't have a Barrier up like fools.) Additionally, its attacks can inflict Special Attack Down so it's best to sticking to fisticuffs and stabbing instead of magic. The wooden golem is strangely resistant to fire. Who'd a thunk?

Speaking of fire, Guardian can just plain summon a meteor shower to pelt a targeted party member. This has kind of a long attack animation, what with the view from space. Yet it does less damage than if it just lumbered over and clobbering someone. But, maybe it's just having fun.

Beyond a couple of our team getting bodied out of nowhere to Energy Charge supplemented attacks, this is otherwise a bog-standard fight. Go to your dead queen, vile royalist toy.

Music: Result ~ Victory

Our reward is the usual fountain of Cash and EXP. But more importantly, we can now reclaim plundered treasures and return them to their rightful owner -- a German army deserter.

Music: Spiritualization ~ Holy Land of God

Thanks! This is the last one...
I helped.
...No you didn't, Gepetto.
Why are you even standing here?
Meh. I got bored.

And thus we retrieve the final Nibelung Scene and with it unlock Karin's ultimate Sword Art, Sonnestark.

Sonnestark is a Fire class AOE with a hefty 88 MP cost. Karin strikes a pose and summons an exploding Phoenix sigil. It's honestly kind of underwhelming compared to leaping in the air and lobbing a flaming sword at an enemy's head or doing a furious 20 hit combo of swords slashes. But it is what it is.

With that, our time in the Queen's Garden comes to a close and we have no need to ever return.

But we're not done with the British Isles yet. Our next destination is a return to Wales to drop in on Roger Bacon. Deep hurting awaits once more in the cursed land of Aberystwyth.

What's up? What's going on?!
We only stopped by because Gepetto had to use the bathroom.
Sue me. I'm old.

Well... I had a bad feeling, so while you were all away, I went down to the underground Neam ruins... And I was right! There are evil-looking waves swirling towards the altar down there!
Evil, swirling waves?
Yeah, they might be some kind of side effect from removing the Émigré Manuscript.
Ugh. That evil book again? It's causing problems even when it's not around now? I told you we should have burned the thing.
That is a priceless artifact of sublime arcane power!
Still sounds like good kindling to me.

If we don't do something, I bet some weird, monstrous creature is gonna start coming out of them or something!
Wasn't that place already infested with monsters?
Yes. But I'm talking weirder and even MORE monstrous creatures!

Well, we've got to do something before it's too late...
Why don't we just dynamite the entrance and seal it back up? That place has been nothing but trouble since we opened it.
That will only delay the problem.
Sure. Then we'll take care of it later. We're kind of busy already.
He's not wrong.

Okay, I'll go take care of it!
Another harebrained idea!
<points at Joachim> What did you say?! You're coming to, you know!

Of course! Who else would I pick? This is just the job for my trusted ally! Right?
Well, I guess...
That's better, sidekick!

Stay alert down there! You can bet it won't be a friendly monster...
Are you trying to scare me?!
Well, naturally it'll be hostile. I mean... it's called a "monster" for a reason and it's not because it gives out hugs.
I dunno. It's a real pain, going all the way down there, you know...
I still vote we just block the entrance and move on. I'm really not feeling a bonus dungeon right now.
You want to just ignore it?! Fine. Forget it! I'll go by myself!
<shrug> Go for it, squirt.

It's been so long since I've gotten to do anything...
Tch. I hope you like blocks and switches.
Cubes are a pleasing shape.

Oh, Kurando! I knew I could count on you!

But I didn't say anything...
I already agreed to go.


Yuri sees Kurando's true plot.

Hey, remember when I said Immortal Mountain was hands down the worst dungeon in the game? Yeah, as far as the main plot dungeons go? Certainly. But main plot dungeons do not hold a candle to the tedium that is some of the endgame bonus dungeons. Tune in next time for a switch-flipping tower of pain with a mandatory party including two characters dragging in levels and with some of the least utility in the game, no less! A return to Neam Underground and two and a half hours of my life will be forever lost next time on Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Video: Sonnestark Sword Art

Karin and Anastasia Illustration - Karin with a look of "please get this gremlin princess off of me."