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Part 35: Episode XXXV: Book Burner

Episode XXXV: Book Burner

Music: Old Smudged Map ~ Europe

Following the previous events, we're unceremoniously dumped back onto the map screen. Technically, the game points us back toward Florence. But, we're not quite finished with the SG Italian Branch HQ. So let's turn back around and give that place another once over.

Music: In Darkness of a Labyrinth ~ Dungeon

And by that I mean just march straight back to the room where we fought Janus. I think random battles are just straight up disabled now. I guess the place has been abandoned. An airship did just open fire on it in the middle of a city. I think its secretive hideout nature may be somewhat compromised.

The torture chamber is a bit of a mess after that artillery barrage. But now taking up residence in the rubble is a wolf. Let's strap a Pocket Watch (prevents Ring Abnormalities) on Blanca and see what's crackin' with this old-timer wolf.

Huh? Did this wolf just talk in people language?
<looks at Yuri> Ah, pardon me. I didn't mean to startle you. I might look like a wolf now, but I used to be a human. That's why I can speak both wolf and human languages.
Hey, same as me. I can understand what Blanca says too.
See, that means he's hungry.

<looks at Blanca> I have to beat you if I want my human form back. Will you fight?
Awroo. (I have to honor my elder's request.)
He's thinking about it.

Music: Soul Comet ~ Spirit of the Wolf

They used to call me "the old tiger". I won't go down easily, you know!
You know a tiger is a feline, correct?
...Yeah. The old nickname doesn't fair very well these days.

Music: Glint of Light ~ War of the Hungry Wolf

Wolf Bout time again. You know the drill. Henri has 300 HP and an Earth class affiliation so he's Blanca's opposite.

As previous wolf encounters have had, Henri innately can cause Reverse Ring with his physical attack string. But we've taken care of that with the Pocket Watch accessory. Though frankly, Reverse Ring is one of the least troublesome Ring Anomalies.

In addition, Henri can cast Thorn which... actually does less damage than his physical attacks so I'm not sure of the point.

This fight is pretty much another battle of attrition that Blanca can fairly handily win solely by casting Soul Comet every turn. Soul Comet is technically a Wind-based attack so it does quite the number to the old tiger.

Music: Result ~ Victory

That's one more in the book even if beating up a cursed old man isn't the most glamorous of victories. Do you still count as a werewolf if you just transform into a regular ass wolf and not a wolfman? Some vampires can turn into wolves and nobody calls them a werewolf. But maybe vampire status supersedes that? I'm sure there's a supernatural rule lawyer who could clear up the confusion.

Music: In Darkness of a Labyrinth ~ Dungeon

Age doesn't have anything to do with it. It's just a matter of whether you take on fighting as your living or not.
You're absolutely right. Maybe research suits me better than battles.
Also, having to retrain my fighting style at 90 years old to another species is a tall order. Maybe if I were still in my 70s, that would be another story...
Well, Blanca, here you are.

Soul Comet can never get enough power-ups. Going to have a whole pack of wolf spirits howling at the moon like on a bad t-shirt before this adventure is over.

You take care too.
He says goodbye.
You realize I can understand him?
Aww. He's still hungry. We should go.

With that, we are completely done with the Sapientes Gladio Italian Branch HQ. Scratch another location off the list.

Music: Old Smudged Map ~ Europe

Now that our extracurricular activities are concluded, we should probably head back to Florence as the game wanted us to earlier. Indeed, doing so automatically whisks us back to Carla's place of business.

Music: Town of Twilight ~ European Town

Just what kind of secret does this Émigré Manuscript hold, anyway?

Here's the deal.
Let me grab some paper and a crayon.
Visual aides are important to storytelling!

Music: ENDS

Ten years ago, three ancient tomes were stolen from the Vatican.
Well, I guess it was more like twenty... I probably should have just said twenty.
It's really shaped like a skull? That seems awkward to hold.
You said there were three books. What about the other two?

...OK, I don't really remember what the other two looked like. They were just... plain books but magic. Not a skull shape or anything neat. Look, it's not important.

The Pulse Tract, which incarnates a god from the soul of the Earth.
That thing blew up Shanghai. Also technically it got absorbed into my soul.
...There's a god from the soul of the Earth living inside YOUR soul?
Yeah. It's complicated. I dunno if it's still in there. Never really resolved that one... Hopefully, it moved out along with those Three Mask jerks when I got rid of my last curse. Anyway, continuing...

The R'lyeh Text, with the power to summon a god from beyond the stars.
They used to call it the "Codex of Luri"e but I guess that was a mistranslation or something, according to Roger? I dunno. Anyway, that's the god I punched out in space.
Is that why that Nicolai guy called you "Godslayer"?
Yeah, I guess. I mean, it WAS pretty impressive but it sounds so lame coming out of that smug dork. Anyway, the main book...

And the Émigré Manuscript, which creates life from death.
A knife fighting doctor with an eye-patch in London melted down a bunch of orphans to try to resurrect his mom with that.
Awroo..? (What...?)
Yeah, it didn't go well for anyone involved.

Because each one has the power to warp the very fabric of existence, the books have been widely sought after over the years, and many tragedies resulted from that search...

Music: Town of Twilight ~ European Town

Albert Simon just kind of dropped the god summoning one. A weird kid hanging out in that cauldron where those orphans were melted down gave me the Émigré Manuscript. And I traded an Erotic Book I stole from an evil Chinese sorcerer with Roger to get my hands on the Pulse Tract.
...What? It opened up a bonus dungeon! Was I gonna NOT do the bonus dungeon?

That dangerous, eh? And do you remember where you sealed this Émigré Manuscript away?
It's hardly something I'd forget! But I was in favor of burning them and being done with the whole affair, myself...
Roger blew a gasket. He was all "Do you know how long it took me to copy that tome?" and "The pope tried to have me killed for that book!" and stuff so I backed down.
So where is it?

We hid the Émigré Manuscript in the Great Nemeton Fissure.
Which is a mouthful so we just called it the Neam Ruins.
Nemeton...? You mean that desolate spot in Wales?
That's right. And it won't be easy to go down there. That place is crawling with evil and monsters!
Even for Wales that place is crazy evil.

You make it sound like a walk in the park, but this is serious business! We could get ourselves killed!
And that is a change how from recent events?
Hmm... Good point.
Hey, where are the other two books?
It's a secret.
By "secret" I mean "I don't know."
Roger Bacon never told you?
<rubs neck> No, I was there. I uhh... mighta just, you know, forgot...
Sorry, I only remembered the one that was shaped like a skull. Give me a break.

Since Lucia is kind of a dumbass and a goddamn liability, Carla now offers a free HP/MP refill if we speak to her while the party is in the neighborhood. So that's nice. Saves us a few bucks, at least.

Anyway, that concludes this chapter. I guess we're jumping on the next boat to Wales. One day we'll be free from that cursed land. One day...

That wasn't a very long excursion but we did bump into some new beasties along the way. Did you know the show Beast Wars was called Beasties in Canada? Fucked up.


You know, I think this is the only mythological creature that didn't actually exist yet in folklore as of the timeframe setting of this game. I can't believe Shadow Hearts would get anachronistic like that.

So is she splitting the rent on that monster torso with another woman who died during childbirth?

Oh no. This poor monster is stuck in an isekai. No wonder it's insane.

Video: Episode 35 Highlight Reel
(You should watch this for Yuri's animated doodles.)

Blanca Face Concept Art - Very regal.