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Part 38: Episode XXXVII-2: Solomon Again

Episode XXXVII-2: Solomon Again

Music: Deep Meditation ~ Title

This doesn't really fit anywhere and hell if I am going to remember to regularly check Solomon's Key to see if we can fill in anything new. There are a LOT of gosh darn Crests if you haven't been keeping track. But we have actually acquired enough to fill in a couple more regions so let's knock that out now while we're between chapters. It would take a reasonably long time for Yuri and the gang to make it from Wales to southern France with 1915 transportation methods and the party canonically being kind of broke hobos.

Particularly, the Enchanting Sea region has all its Crests and is ready to be filled in. Yeah... nothing screams out "enchanting" like a colossal whirlpool, an active volcano and a sea monster chilling out. Toss a Disney Princess right into the middle of that shit.

Once again, these aren't too difficult to piece together. Uvall did some dirt and now he's been banished to an island. Well, there's only the one island on the map. I mean, it's more of a volcano rising out of the sea more than anything. But I guess that constitutes an island and I don't think you get to call where you want to be banished to, but I admit to not being a banishment expert.

I feel like sailors should be avoiding a whirlpool in general. Also green chicks. I know it's lonely at sea but that seems like a big red flag. Vepar. Whirlpool. Not too hard to figure out.

Focolar is a little less clear. But, this is the only region with clouds and he'd probably need to be near land for tides to matter at all.

Forneus can recite the entire John Galt speech from memory. Anyway, since we already have a clear contender for the whirlpool slot with Vepar and there is only one other slot adjacent to the Forest of Passion, this crest clearly goes here.

I skipped Crocell because Forneus' location would work too with this description since they're both on the border of other regions and next to Vepar. But by order of elimination, Crocell gets slotted here. And thus...

And thus another region is complete. Which nets us the unlocks of:

Vepar - Gale Spin - We've seen this. Decent wind magic attack.
Crocell - Raise Up - 24 MP. Restores a small amount of HP and SP to one unconscious ally. Hopefully, they didn't get knocked out from SP loss shenanigans.
Forneus - Aqua Edge - Seen this too. Add the Water element to physical attacks. Has its uses.
Focalar - Hail Breeze - See Gale Spin but Water elemental.
Uvall - Heal - 8 MP. Cures all Status and Ring Abnormalities for one ally. Actually quite good. Unless the person with it equipped gets hit with a thing that disables magic or something and then welp.

That's one region of Solomon's Key/Key of Solomon we can knock out. There is another. The much less inviting Flame Desert. It seems like a problem if your desert is also on fire. Mistakes have been made at that juncture.

Aim just seems to have a bad situation all around. But the burning oil field kind of gives it away.

Phantasmagoric is a word that doesn't get used enough.

Not sure if I'm alright with Haures' description unless he's actually Liam Neeson getting mad about a pink elephant plushie. If you do not get this reference, please do yourself a service and look up Darkman pink elephant on YouTube. Anyway, the oil fields are taken and this is the only southern slot open near a border so here we go with Haures.

He *loves* death. He cannot get enough even living in the desert that is on fire. And this is the only slot northish and, you know, next to a boneyard.

And by order of elimination and also the fact it's the only oasis in the desert, we can slot Beleth here to finish the set.

And now for our prize for this Solomon's Key session!

Amy - Entrance - 25% of Max MP - In exchange for 25% of the user's current Max MP, one ally's Special Attack increases by 125%~150% for their next turn only. That's some DnD ass bullshit. Which you can probably use to break a boss in half with used in conjunction with The Third/Fifth Key and being baller at the Judgment Ring.
Beleth - Evil Ray - We've seen this. It's the pretty OK Dark element spell.
Bathin - Cure - It's the basic cure spell. Always OK to have back-ups.
Haures - Red Blaze - See Evil Ray but Fire elemental.
Aim - Heat Edge - We just used that to take out the last boss encounter.

Anyway, that's our Solomon's Edge update for now. We'll check back... probably like three or four chapters from now. It's hard to say. We actually start getting to the plot going places soon and areas getting way meatier. Stay tuned!