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Part 41: Episode XXXIX: A Fragrant Perfume

Episode XXXIX: A Fragrant Perfume

Music: Old Smudged Map ~ Europe

Technically, there was no map transition for once. That boat ride took us straight from Cannes to St. Marguerite Island. That's because there was a planned but incomplete dungeon featuring the villain team that got slotted here and that would serve as the transition replacement. But since we're playing the original version, we're just unceremoniously dumped into the first room of St. Marguerite Island. But we can back out of the dungeon immediately and see it on the map. Like so!

Anyway, just throwing that out there. Let's head on in. We have no outstanding warrants elsewhere at the moment.

Music: In Darkness of a Labyrinth ~ Dungeon

I hope you're ready for an overbearingly shades of gray dungeon. I mean, it is an island prison fortress. I as I understand it, they are not the most inviting of locales. We get a scene as soon as we head toward the door.

<looks around> This is one weird place...

Really, Yuri? We just did a magical levitating block filled puzzle in an subterranean ancient aliens dungeon to get a cursed book guarded by an extra-dimensional alien. The actual, real world dungeon prison which thus far is just a cavern with a door is what qualifies as weird?

While we ponder what Yuri considers peculiar, a random wolf rushes up and snatches something out of Yuri's pocket before vanishing (quite literally, you can see he's semi-translucent in that second shot) before vanishing into a nearby hole.

Yeah! Nothing to worry a...
<jumps in surprise> Aaaaaaggh!
What?! What the hell's wrong with you, screaming like that?
The key! He took the key!
The key?! You mean... to here?
No, the key to Gepetto's apartment back in Paris.
<shakes head> All you can say is "yeah"?! That's it?! Now we can't get in, you doofus!
S-sorry! It was just so sudden...
How many times do you get pickpocketed by a lousy wolf?
No offense, Blanca.

Gepetto and Blanca investigate the hole the key thief wolf went down.

No chance.
And I am not letting a little kid in my party again unless I absolutely have to or their psychic mom is yelling in my head again.
I have a lot of questions about that statement but I am just going to let it go at this point. We need to get that key back.
Smart. Well, no tiny kid espers around but...

But Blanca could do it... I'm sure Blanca could get through... Yeah, Blanca could.
What a good boy.
Awroo... (Don't be condescending.)
No problem, buddy.

Blanca is now our party leader and by that I mean...

The party is just now just Blanca. This should be fine. He's a reliable boy.

Following the thieving wolf through the crack in the wall will reveal a forested area which doesn't make a lot of geographical sense since we were just next to a rocky cliffside entrance to the dungeon. But details. Maybe that hole was far longer than anticipated. Just ahead there is a save point and another wolf. This one is no thief, though. He's just an upstanding businesswolf trying to turn a profit. :v:

Awroo? (So, do you wanna buy something?)
Awroo. (Yep, sure do!)
Awroo! aw-awroo, awroo! (I'm always here. Come by any time if you need something.)

Wolf World (the name of Zac's shop) just has basic supplies in case Blanca is lacking anything while he's flying solo. I think we're good. But nice of them to stick this here just in case.

Before we move on, another chest is hiding a magic crest just past Zack, the Peddler Wolf. Gotta catch 'em all!

Going back the way we came and going up the northern fork in the road, we find another wolf. One that looks decidedly like a thieving scoundrel wolf.

Awroo! A-awroo? (Yeah. Gimme the key back!)
Awroo. Awroo. (Otherwise, they're just going to stand around and whine instead of finding another way in.)
<shakes head> Grrrr... Awroo, awroo! (No can do! If you were dumb enough to have it stolen, that's too bad!)
Awroo? Awroo? (What do you even need with a key? We can't open human doors.)
A-awroo! (Tch. Not with that attitude.)

<enters fighting stance and growls> Grrrrrr... Awroooo! (Then I'll just have to take it back!)

Music: Vicious 1915 ~ Battle in Europe

Time for a battle against a Stray Wolf. I must emphasis this is just an exhibition match and not an officially sanctioned Wolf Bout. As we all know, all participating wolves must register a character portrait before becoming eligible for wolf bouts. Beyond that, it's a Wind class elemental, like Blanca, and has a pitiful 68 HP.

It's only notable attacks are Howling, which does a paltry 12 HP of damage at most. It can also headbutt Blanca for around 18-20 HP of damage. That's it. That's all a common Stray Wolf has going for it.

Blanca can easily topple this less than friendly wolf in a single turn with just his physical attack chain. Heck, this wolf is such a non-threat it's one of the only enemies in the game that don't get an entry in the Library.

Music: In Darkness of a Labyrinth ~ Dungeon

Awroo... (If they're all as weak as you, I am not too worried.
Awroo? Arwoo! (You know what? You're just rude!)
Awroo. (And you're still as weak as a newborn pup.)

The Friendly Wolf drops the stolen Waterway Key and trots off with its tail between its legs back into the wood thicket.

Blanca does just that.

You can always count on Blanca!
<nods> Okay! Back to work, then! Let's go!

OK, then. We're back to having a full party now that Blanca has done his little side mission. If that seemed random and pointless, don't worry. We may have some more Blanca-centric gameplay in the near future.

For now, let's head into the dungeon proper. I hope you like dreary stone gray brick pathways and dead ends.

Up ahead is some manner of break room. Can YOU guess where a Lottery Ticket is hidden?

I would personally have guessed on the gambling table covered in cards and dice. But nope. It's in a basket of candles in the back of the room. Sure, why not?

Continuing onward, we find a locked gate and two other doors leading to the east and west. Guess we'll need to do some exploring.

To the west is a storeroom filled with nothing but a load of junk. At least, for now. We'll just remember this room exists. Possibly for a MUCH later date.

To the east we have a prison cell block. I suppose that is only natural what with this being a prison and all.

Straight across from where we enter, is a door locked with a three-digit code. I smell a puzzle cropping up. Or we'll walk over somewhere and the answer will just be handed over to us at random. Based on dungeons in this game so far, it could go either way, really.

Also based on dungeons in this game so far, naturally it is high time we started hitting random battles. Would you expect anything less?

Music: Vicious 1915 ~ Battle in Europe

There are two enemy types present in this stretch of the prison (this dungeon might be a multi-part affair.) The first and most common are the Clawed Admiral, an 80 HP highest tier variant of the Steel Claw enemy type with an affinity for the Dark elemental class. Guys... Those aren't claws at this point. You're just using swords. Your name is really not working.

Like the previous clawed soldier variants, these guys prioritize setting up combos. Which is a problem since there is usually 3-4 of them in any given battle. Although, their tendency to bunch up makes them prime candidates for AOE magic attacks which almost certainly will annihilate all targets.

Speaking of AOE magic attacks, Clawed Admirals also can cast Evil Born which... just straight up summons a Sarlacc from Star Wars to chomp down on everyone in range for a decent chunk of damage.

Additionally, their physical attack strings have a high tendency to cause Panic which causes 3 SP to be lost every round instead of the usual single SP. Yuri and Joachim can handle that fairly well but Panic is definitely a problem for Blanca or Karin. So nailing these guys first should be a priority, as it has been with most Clawed Soldier type enemies.

Occasionally joining the Clawed Admirals are Paladins. These mages possess 77 HP and a Light elemental affinity.

Their primary attack is casting a Light magic spell that is a little bit weaker than having people be devoured by a Sarlacc but nothing to thumb our nose at here.

The other issue with these jerks is that they can cure themselves and their allies. Which is why AOE magic is preferable when dealing with the groups. Can't heal someone if they got shredded to pieces in one shot by a magic tornado, now can you?

Music: In Darkness of a Labyrinth ~ Dungeon

We may encounter a few additional enemies later in the dungeon. But those two are the only threat at the moment. For now, it's time to start questioning prisoners to see if we cannot suss out that passcode to the locked door.

<reveals themselves as Lottery Member 12> There's only one way to absolve my sins, by working as a lottery member for the good of the world. Help me repent!
I guess I'll help you out. What did you do?
Panty theft.
OK... creepy and perverted. But they sent you to PRISON for that?
My sins are beyond the grace of God. So, help me out by playing the lottery.
I'm not sure how those are related but...

I'll help you out.

Congratulations! And thank you for helping me pay for my crimes. I'll be here, repaying my debt to society. Come by again sometime.

This Lottery Wheel's gimmick is it moves at variable speed i.e. it speeds up and slows down at random. Whenever the cursor is stopped it halts at the exact spot you hit the button, so it's not that tricky. Slow 2 is just a Judgment Ring augment with an even greater chance of causing the Slow status effect. So that's nice. Moving on to the next cell over...

All even numbers. So it's narrowed down to 2,4,6,8. Let's head down to the bottom row of cells next.

The numbers go in descending order. And they're all 4 or higher. I got that from a reliable source, you know!

So... it's 864. Well, that was easy!

Markov, Fussy About Courtesy is rude and gives us a useless hint when we already know there has to be an eight.

864! Nailed it in one!

Music: ENDS

Continuing deeper into the prison, the party decides to sort of just mosey in an idle in this room for no particular reason.

That is except for Blanca, who senses something is amidst and starts growling.

Oh, this smell?!

What is it all of a sudden?
Hey, whoever smelt it dealt it.

This perfume... I'm going to... faint... Ugh...

Lucia proceeds to faint.

<stumbles> I'm getting... weaker...
Hmm. I don't feel anything.
...Wait, here we go.

Karin and Joachim crash to the ground.

Uh-oh, it's got me too!

Gepetto goes down as well.


What's wrong with all of you?!

Are they playing a prank, boy? I feel fine.
I know, right? It's not a very funny pra—


Ugh... This perfume was made from foxglove. It... it will paralyze you if you... inhale it. Ugh...

Music: Veronica Vera ~ Her Majesty, The Queen

How do you like my special blend of perfume? None of you can move a muscle.
Oh, no. It's her again.
Except for your mouths, I suppose.
<laughs derisively> It works on the central nervous system. You must be having trouble breathing!
Damn you!
Heh. That was easier than I thought it would be.
Hey, how come we aren't getting' paralyzed too?
<laughs> Don't worry about that.
That's not an answer but OK.

What will you do?

That's also not an answer. Blargh...
<passes out again>

Lenny and Veronica notice Blanca hasn't taken the bait and is still up and about.


And he is OUT of here! Dogs ain't into weird human kinky stuff.

Nicolai marches into the room.

Go after it and kill it!
What, that stupid dog?
It's smarter than you.
Ya don't see me licking my own crotch to clean myself.
I don't see you cleaning yourself in general.
Hey! I shower... occasionally...

Nicolai marches up and kicks over Yuri before searching him. Hmm... I wonder what he could be after.

Nicolai yanks out the Émigré Manuscript which... Yuri, apparently had shoved down his pants?

Ah. I'll take this. Thanks for the help.

Okay, I'll finish them off!
Wait a minute. Nicolai said I could have him.
Oh, not that weird stuff again?!
It's one thing to do that on your own time but it really creeps out me and the boys when you do it at the workplace.
What about it, Nicolai?

Welp. This is all going well. Tune in next time for definitely not a prolonged torture scene or two with someone WAY too into doing the torturing as Shadow Hearts Covenant continues.

Video: Episode 39 Highlight Reel

Clawed Admiral Concept Art - Oh come on. You're not even wearing ANY claws now! That's just a whip.

Paladin Concept Art - They're not even trying with these Char clones in newer Gundam shows.

St. Marguerite Concept Art - Yep. That looks about right.