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Part 43: Episode XL-2: Don't Use Auto-Fire or I'll Know!

Episode XL-2: Don't Use Auto-Fire or I'll Know!

Let's back up a bit. As I mentioned in the previous update, all of the characters have their own version of the torture scene with Veronica. Or rather... they have their own dialogue and choices to make. Other than a different character-specific line if we successfully complete the torture sequence (i.e. pick the first option every time) Veronica's dialogue remains static. I was going to go through all of them an abridged format but... I scrapped that idea after doing one alternate take since there's not really enough meat to support goofing on the same cutscene five frikkin' times in total.

There's a video at the end with everything in its entirety and timestamps if you *really* want to suffer through all that. Like I did...

Anyway, Karin was the next in line so you can get an example of exactly how much changes overall. Spoilers: It's not very much.

Music: Veronica Vera ~ Her Majesty, The Queen

Well, how do you feel, now that you're awake?
That strange scent went to my head... I can't even think clearly...

Karin looks around startled.

Tee hee! You're all my slaves. And I'm into the kinky stuff. I love to see my slaves struggle.
Ooh! Settle down. I hate pathetic slaves that struggle.
But, didn't you just say—
Making several contradictory statements in the same conversation is another one of my kinks.

<whips Karin>
See? If you don't listen you'll just have to be punished.
You will also be punished if you do listen.
That hardly seems fa—

Veronica gives Karin some volts.

<turns the machine off> That was just a taste. Did you like it?
H-hardly even felt it! W-was that a shock?! D-didn't feel a thing!
Oh? Then you won't mind if I try it again?
I mean... if there's something else we could do instead...

<activates the machine again>
<turns the device off> How about that?
No... problem...

At this point, we're once more given three options to select. As with Yuri, the first option is the correct ones. The second option is being trying to bag on Veronica or in Karin's case just kind of defiant. The third option is being a submissive/a wuss. We'll start with Option 2.

> What are you trying to do?

Torture you for my pleasure. I felt I made my intentions fairly clear.
<turns off machine>
Aaaaaargh! Can't stay...
Oh, need a pick-me-up, do we? Now to increase the volts!
C-come on!
What's the matter? I thought this was nothing? You weren't lying to me, were you? That won't do. I know, become my pet and all will be forgiven.
> You're the only pet here, you dog!

Come no, you cannot get impudent this far into the game. You must really be enjoying yourself.
<ends the torture>
<gestures dramatically> More volts! More!
C-come on! Stop this!
Look, just swear an oath of loyalty to your new queen and you will be properly cared for...
...As a sex slave?
That's the bargain. Yes. I find it completely reasonable.

> Who do you think I am?!
About to get shocked again.
This went better in my head...

The rest goes exactly the way if Yuri failed back in his session. So we don't need to go over that again. No bonus weapon for Karin.

So let's back up and try the third option series this time. Not that it'll go any better...

> W-wait! Can't we talk about this?

Oh, did I hear you complain?! No, no! That won't do! You've got to take it with a smile! <deactivates machine>
Aaaaargh! My whole body's...
And that wasn't a complaint. It was a question.
Yes, but now *that* is a complaint and we're back at square one.

Now to increase the volts!
C-come on!
Oh I'll come on alright if you agree to be my pet.
> Okay, okay! Just stop!

Veronica silently turns the juice back on.

Trick request. I wanted you to be a defiant pet, not a submissive one. That doesn't do it for me! <deactivates the machine>
I'm burning...
More volts! More!
C-come on! Stop this!
Tee hee hee... Very well, I'll give you one last chance! Just swear your loyalty to your new queen!
> Please, let us go...
You've chosen... poorly.

And we're back where we were before. OK. Let's do this right this time!

> You think I'll give in to you?!

<points at Karin> But never mind! That's just the kind of resistance I like!
I don't think I like you.
Yes, yes... Just like that!

What's the matter? Don't look so miserable! You'll have a much better life as one of my little pets, what do you say? I'll give you a collar and everything.
> Me serve you, you old witch?!

What are we supposed to do...?
Submit to my demands, little pet.
...What are we supposed to do that isn't creepy and involving a middle-aged hag?
Tee hee hee... That's no way to speak to the queen whose loyalty is demanded.

> Quit yapping, you old dog!

We'll see! See what you say after this!
We'll see if you've still got wrinkles. But I think we both know the answer.
<whips Karin repeatedly> There! Ha! Ha! Haaa!
Aaargh! Aaaaargh!
*pant, pant* Y-you really have some guts! Brave words, considering your position. Hmph, you're just the type Nicolai would have gone for. It would've been blind infatuation, of course. Tee hee hee! But we're having a pretty good time, aren't we? I won't let you sleep tonight! Hwa ha ha ha ha!

And with the implication Nicolai is creeping on Karin, we successfully complete Karin's version of events and things would progress as normal.

Gepetto is next in line. He thinks he just might be into the kinky stuff. Being completely frank, I really don't need to hear lecherous stuff from an old man that carries around an animated doll that looks like a six-year-old girl.

Gepetto's highlights are the option to ask Veronica out on a date. And he likes them young and Veronica Vera, being the practically ancient relic age of... 30, is too old for him.

Big yikes, Gepetto. Big yikes. This is why we keep you on the bench.

Next on the docket is Joachim. Who looks like he's ready to suplex Veronica if given the chance.

Joachim is revealed to have no interest in Veronica because you cannot bend a good man. Also, he's gay. So the interest isn't there for ginormous anime titties. He gets zapped for his lack of interest. Not cool, Veronica. Not cool. Also, Joachim is the most pointless one to set up to bat since his weapons are found in static locations and thus he earns nothing for completing the torture "successfully." Don't worry, there may be another weapon right around the corner for him regardless.

The final option is Lucia. Who isn't too keen on talking to Veronica.

Lucia... has just nothing interesting going on. We don't learn anything more about her or Veronica's history. She calls her old which... you're 28, Lucia. That's two years younger. That's still nearing well in the range of retired mom to shonen anime protagonist age in anime years.

In any event, that's a basic rundown on all the ways to have our plucky band of adventurers abused by a 1915 anime dominatrix while in captivity. If you want to see the whole versions of any of the scenes (they are all fully voice acted) there's a video with timestamps below if that's your kind of thing. Tune in next time for the start of Good Boy's Sneaking Mission as Shadow Hearts Covenant continues and gets REAL silly.

Video: Alternate Torture Scenes. (Begins with Karin.)

Gepetto - 8:20
Joachim - 16:45
Lucia - 25:05

Prison Concept Art - Seems cruel to keep people in crates like that.

Torture Machine Concept Art - OK. But what if we moved the controls to the left side and stuck a big arcade stick on it instead?

Torture Chamber Render - I'm not sure why they felt the need to do an art render of this room. But here we are.