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Part 63: Episode LVIII: Remorse

Episode LVIII: Remorse

Music: Deep Meditation ~ Title

That whole peculiar adventure into the surprisingly dull recesses of Yuri's soul has reunited us with the Amon Fusion. While we're technically still in the middle of a lengthy succession of cutscenes, let's take a quick look at Amon before continuing.

Oh, you're a God of Wrath now, Amon? Are you a conscientious objector to The Great War? Anyway, Amon was the second most power Fusion in the previous adventure and the most powerful one available in the Bad/Canon ending. It's still no slouch in the sequel. Even though it's now the third strongest one.

Amon at factory default provides:
Yep. That's far and away the best boost in power of any Fusion thus far. It does take a hefty 5 SP hit per turn so we really need to be on the ball stomping the enemy. But we'll make it work. Beyond that, Amon's abilities include:

Mind/Body Revival - 48 MP. Restores target's HP and cures unconsciousness. We probably shouldn't be wasting Amon's time reviving people but the option is here.
Demon Rays - 36 MP. Damages targets in a line with demonic light. It's that sentai posing laser blast.
The End - 54 MP. Inflicts Heavy Non-Class damage on all enemies, attacks a medium area. If you absolutely, positively need to kill every trash mob clustered together in a room, accept no substitutes.

We're going to go ahead and spend some of our stocked Soul Energy to buff Amon to Level 5 to unlock all his abilities straight away. This also takes his stat boost to:
Yeah... That'll do nicely. With that taken care of, let's go see how Rasputin is doing back in Petrograd.

Music: ENDS

...I see. So Japan has accepted our conditions?
Even the master sushi chef installed in the palace kitchen?
Yes, Master.
You have done well. I'm very pleased I entrusted the matter to you, my friend.
Thank you, Master.

<sigh> Russia is losing this war because lack of food and arms have devastated the morale of our front-line troops. We have the money but unfortunately, we do not have the supplies.
An army cannot run on weeks old borscht and cabbages and fighting with their grandfather's hand me down rifle. Ugh. The state of it all.
<looks up> I know. But soon now, Japan is going to begin a major offensive against the German Empire.
Hmm... Yesterday's enemy is today's friend, eh. Ishimura is no fool. Has that special envoy left Petrograd yet?
No, Master. In fact, we have requested his presence at the banquet.
Oh, bother. Another blasted banquet? It never ends with these people... Tell me, what does this envoy look like so I may speak to him should we cross paths.
Just look for the tall Asian man with an enormous chin and wearing a cape.
A cape, you say? Hmm... I considered a cape once... but it seemed a hassle. I feel I long coat is much more practical but maintains a similar effect, wouldn't you say?
As you say, master.

Hmm. Very well.

Rasputin stands up and looks out the window.

Now, what do you know about America?
They're still officially maintaining their neutrality, but it's only a matter of time before they enter the war.
How can you be so sure?
England and France are both exhausted. The only reason America has not yet entered the war is that they needed a proper pretense.
Hmm... And now they have such a pretense, Nicolai?
Am I sensing some spicy intel, my friend?
Indeed, master.

Next week, a ship named the Lusitania is leaving New York, bound for Liverpool. There's a rumor going around that it will be carrying a huge shipment of munitions.
The German submariners will be forced to sink it, isn't that so?
It will be England's sacrificial lamb...

Music: Serious Mood ~ Unrest

By the way, Nicholai...
Is it true that Lenny was killed on St. Marguerite?
Yes, Master.
And we lost all of his Claw Soldiers too, is that right?
Regrettably yes, master.
And they slew Veronica's dog as well, is that correct?
I'm sorry about Oscar as well, master. He was a good boy.

I don't understand why you didn't stay and fight?
I... uhh... I thought Lenny could handle matters himself.

We had captured the Godslayer and his allies. Veronica had... plans... for them and then Lenny was to dispose of them. I'm not sure what happened.
I see. But you knew how powerful he was, right?
We have been calling Yuri Hyuga "Godslayer." The man killed a god once. It's right there in the title.
But still you sent Lenny alone to do battle with him?
<nods> Yes.
Tell me, Nicolai. What again was the late Lenny's special ability? I believe he had a transformation. Could you tell me the name of that transformation?
G-Godhand, sir.
Yes... that was it. You left a man who turned into a beast called Godhand against a man they call the Godslayer. Do you see the problem here, Nicolai?
Now that you mention it... Perhaps that was a bit of a blunder.

Well, I'm off to the celebration. I'm certain he'll show up again. Next time, Nicolai, you'll know what to do...?
Yes, Master.
Please say it for me, Nicolai. I want to be certain I have gotten my point across.
I will stay and fight the Godslayer next time, master.
So you can learn simple instructions. Good.

Very well. You may leave.

And on that not Nicolai departs and our interlude back in Russia concludes. Meanwhile, in Turkey...

Music: ENDS

So here you are.
How's the bishop?
He's still sleeping.

Karin sits down next to Yuri.

The old guy might never wake up.
Don't say things like that.
He's really old and astral projecting into the deepest part of your soul took the wind out of him. He probably just needs to sleep it off.
For three days straight?
OK, it's a little worrying, but...
I'm just saying what we're all thinking.

What a pretty sunset...
I guess.
Everyone keeps seeing that but you can barely see it with a mountain in the way. This is the first time I've even seen it and we've been here for like a week.

Are you feeling guilty?
No, I'm totally stoked I probably killed the old man keeping this place together.
<looks down below> Look at all of them.

Music: Sadness Mood

Every one of them praying as hard as they can so the bishop will be all right.
He's an important man...
Plus, there's free baked goods for everyone that stops by and sends their support.
Not even a free pie would make me feel better right now...

If I hadn't come here, this valley would still be a nice, peaceful place.
But then we couldn't save Russia. Think of Anastasia's family. It's your own mother's homeland.
These guys deserve to be saved too.
And let's be real, bringing up my dead mom's homeland isn't really making me feel better about this...

...You're right.

Everyone wants the same thing. To be just a little happier than they are now.

Nothing big. Just food, shelter and time to laugh and cry with the people they love. That's enough to make them happy.
And yes, I am purposefully ignoring super villains like Rasputin who are only happy by taking over countries or destroying the world. Don't immediately poke a hole in what I'm saying. I know you.

<opens his eyes> I have to pee.

"Happy." What does that even mean?

Music: ENDS

Yuri, have you considered you just have depression?
"Depression." What does that even mean?
A mood disorder with a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest in things you once enjoyed.

Music: Spiritualization ~ Holy Land of God

The bishop! It's Bishop Jovis!
What about the bishop?


There is literally nothing we can do right now but wander over to the Bishop's room and proceed to the next cutscene.

Music: ENDS

Bishop Jovis!

I am happy to see you. Are you all right?
Things got a little weird, but...

We met Amon's soul like you told us to. We met your friend too.
Was he doing well?
Yeah. He's having a great time.
I mean, he's dead but, y'know... I am a little uncomfortable with the ghost of the guy that tried to destroy the world and kill me and my friends multiple times hanging out in my soul. But he seems to have mellowed out. We had a weirdly chill chat.
<chuckles> Is that right?
He was always, as you young people say, on his bullshit but if you got him to relax by hotboxing a confessional or the like, he would, as it were, chill his tits.
Yeah, it seemed like he had that covered.

You see? Nothing to worry about. Just rest and get your strength back.
No, this is the end for me.
You mustn't say that!
I neglected to remember that HP/MP curative spell drew from my very lifeforce.
Oh, geez. That's what is doing you in? We were good! I've got like a dozen Tents in my inventory, man!
It is too late, I am afraid.

<motions to the door> Yeah, come on! What would the people in this valley do here without you?

Music: Sadness Mood

That is for my followers to say, children. I've taught them everything that I can.
Don't say that!
No, they need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. I cannot be their spiritual leader dad forever.
Listen. The dark angel, Astaroth...

Like Asmodeus...

...and Amon...

...he is another God of Darkness. Someone has made a soul pact with him.
That is, as it is said, a goddamn problem...

I do not know who this person is, but when you meet them, beware!
...It's gonna be Nicolai, isn't it?
It's definitely going to be Nicolai.

I can handle it. I'll drop him just like a bad habit!

Music: ENDS

Bishop Jovis...
...Please forgive me. I swear to God, I didn't mean it. I never meant to sacrifice the people of this valley to save Russia!
I hate it... when people let others die just to get what they want...
So many random people died in my previous adventure and I thought I had turned it around this time and now all this... This sucks...
Listen to me. If, with my death, the people lose all hope, then all my life has been in vain. But if I had someone to succeed me, I know that the valley would survive.

NEW Music: Never Ending Sadness ~ A Lament
(About what you'd expect from an old man we just met dying theme.)

Then, for the first time, it could be said that I live on among my people. Don't you think so...?
As they say, y'all got to get it together, dawg.

My son, he who has willpower has the power to change the whole world.

Whether that change be for good...

...or for evil depends on the heart of that person.
Some go too far for the greater good and turn into huge dicks, like my friend, Albert, did. And some are like Rasputin, there is a cat that really was gone... It was a shame how he carried on...
We're mortal. We live in fear and... and doubt. There's no shame in admitting that.

Yuri falls to his knees.

When Albert died... he passed the world on to you, didn't he?
Oh no, dawg. I was out of the game.
Now it's in your hands...
Go to Russia. Only you have the power to save the young princess.

Yuri stands back up.

<clenches fist> I swear it. I swear I'll beat Rasputin! When he's dead I'll come back, I'll come back. Don't die on me!

<nods> I'll try.

Yuri dashes out of the room, presumably to run straight back to Petrograd.

Brave soul...
Hot-blooded idiot, but a brave soul...

Karin kneels back to Jovis' side.

He takes upon himself the burden my friend and I bore together. Now I've finally fulfilled my promise. Now I can face my friend...

Huff... Huff... Huff... Oh boy... I have no idea what direction Russia is from here... Huff... Huff... Huff...

Please give him... my thanks...
As the young people say... Barf... <dies>

And with that, Bishop Jovis immediately drops dead and closes out this chapter of the game. Tune in next time as we return to the somewhat (uncomfortable given the current geopolitical landscape) task of Saving Russia as Shadow Hearts: Covenant continues!

That was another rather dense chapter. Let's see what has been added to the Library.


Hey, babe. Want to see my invisible dick?

I just pulled you into a pocket dimension to hug! Why have you been eviscerated on a molecular level?! WHHHHHHY?!

Ghost clans are VERY strict about dietary limitations.

Flashes her bright blue on orange skirt panties just as often as the original model. It's honestly difficult to try to get battle screenshots that aren't upskirts on Karin.

You're no Fox Face.

Marvel and Star Wars sequels for all time!


T.E. Lawrence's bio is updated to reflect the fact he is one of the earlier historic figures we met. Remember the previous game where the only historic fiction characters in play were Kawashima... kind of... with a lot of the details fudged and Mata Hari Margarete that they never actually called attention to being Mata Hari? I'm personally glad they just went "fuck it" and we're full-on dumb historical fiction now going to kick Rasputin's teeth in with the backing of TE Lawrence and Princess Anastasia Romanov.

This cosplaying white girl from Minnesota taking a gap year is certainly an ancient Israelite king's steward.

Go into exile, I must. Responsibility, I will not take...

No, he's cool now guys. He just almost exterminated humanity to take down a weird sex monk taking over Russia. Also, ignore all his ranting about getting revenge on the church officials that wronged him centuries ago and all the war crimes he did along the way while going under the name of his old mentor he was also pissed at... He meant well.

Video: Episode 58 Highlight Reel
(A decent amount of plot and character development went down. You should probably watch this.)