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Part 80: Episode LXXIV: Karin Koenig ~ Ghost Whisperer

Episode LXXIV: Karin Koenig ~ Ghost Whisperer

Alright, we need to go on an expedition back to Le Havre to sort out our second ghost file. On the way back north I remembered the Pedometer sidequest. I've had Blanca equipped with the Pedometer for everything but when Wolf Bouts cropped up and he's been in the main party the entire game except for a brief stretch in Idar Flamme where I was trying to get Anastasia's next Photo Album picture and... we're only at 3608 Steps out of the 9000 needed for the top and only worthwhile prize. Oh boy...

Music: Town of Twilight ~ European Town

We have spoken to an Elderly Irene before. She was an asshole NPC that could block your path and complained you got in her way if you clicked on her. She was hanging out over by Granny Lott's bar. I definitely recalled that from memory and am not just looking at a guide to save time. This questline is totally not a huge pain in the ass going through blind.

Yes. Why? Who are you? And how do you know my name?
I read your nameplate.
<spits> Those things are rubbish! Like my only defining trait is being elderly.

I'm Karin. A man named Serge asked me to give this to you.
It's kind of old-fashioned, but it's not a bad little ring. Never heard of this Serge fellow, but I'll take it.
What? You don't know Serge? He was going to ask you to marry him!
Marry? Ridiculous! I've been married to my husband now for decades! I haven't got time to stand around talking all day. If you're done, then beat it!
What, you again? I'm busy, you know! If you don't have any proper business with me, then just leave me alone!
Well, that was a good use of our time.

At least we tried. Let's head back to the Fort of Regrets and relay our findings to Serge the Sailor.

Music: In Darkness of a Labyrinth ~ Dungeon

Well, the thing is... Irene is an elderly lady now, and she's already married...
For a decade... or four...
...I see. I didn't realize so much time had passed... So... did Irene remember me? Or did she already forget all about me...?
Oh, she remembered you! Of course! She was surprised when I handed her the ring, but she was really glad!
Was she...? That's good. I really appreciate what you did, Karin. When I see Irene in the next world, I'll be able to tell her how I feel myself.
...Yeah. You do that...

And with that, Serge fades into the afterlife. So we can just bullshit the lingering dead and put their spirits to rest, huh? Is Serge going to instantly pop back into the Fort of Regrets in a few years when Elderly Irene croaks and doesn't know who the hell he is in the afterlife...? Oh well, we'll certainly be done with that sidequest by then. Not our problem!

Now that we've busted the ghosts on this first floor, we are free to explore the next level of the Fort of Regrets. We cannot fully complete this next level yet but we can at least gather up any ghost requests we find.

The Professor has migrated to the next floor. He has the exact same dialogue as he did above just incase Karin needed a refresher on the Fort's deal. Gee, I sure do wonder if one of the lingering spirits we'll need to put to rest will eventually be the Professor himself. Nah... That'll never happen.

In the northeastern corner of the dungeon, we find another ghost in the form of a little girl. Wouldn't want to shy away from the dead children LP brand.

Oh, my! What's the matter, little girl? Don't cry.
I'm scared! That scary ogress mask is staring at me! *sniffle* Mommy left the mask in my room. She said, "Let the ogress eat you, then!" Waaah! I'm scared!
Poor little thing. Hey, I know! We'll go take that mask far, far away. Okay?
You will...? Far, far away?
You bet! So cheer up, okay?
Okay. I won't cry anymore. Thank you, lady!

Don't let her looks fool you, this child's sins are many. Not even the might oni can contain her malice.

Karin says this but I want a version of this quest where as soon as we find out we can just bullshit ghosts, Karin just starts half-assing all these ghosts' solicitations more and more. Like she just takes this mask, shrugs and tosses it in the ocean on the way out of the prison. Good enough!

Down the hall from Crybaby Kazuna, we have perhaps the most annoying ghost request in all of the Fort of Regrets.

<transforms into Lottery Member 3> I died without ever having done the lottery. What a pitiful lottery member. Please... play the lottery!
Okay! Just stay away from me!

We're jumping all the way up to Lottery Member 3, huh? This Fort of Regrets sidequest might have been intended to be tackled a touch later in the game. But, it's not my fault it unlocked so early. I hope you have some Lottery Tickets handy. For two reasons. One: This lottery member's gimmick is their ring has Haste and accessories preventing Haste do not work against it so getting that top prize is a real pain in the ass without save scumming. And two...

It's... it's not enough! More...! More! More lottery!

Yeah... just one Lottery win is not enough to send this spirit to the afterlife. It wants us to play a second time.

...And a third. And we need to actually get one of the prizes for it to count. Blowing it and getting tissues will not satisfy this ghost's cravings.

The top prize this time is Mind's Eye which, well you can read the description. It's a returning accessory from the previous game. This accessory can be put to very effective use this time around by setting the Judgment Ring to the all or nothing setting and just remembering where the one Hit Area is located. Perhaps we'll put that to use in the future.

And with that Bitter Ludwig the Lottery Member 3 is deleted from this plane of existence.

But we're not done with ghost requests on this floor of the Fort of Regret just yet. There is one more restless spirit chilling out in front of a pair of guillotines. As you do. Let's see what their deal is...

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I can't remember my name. I've been racking my brains, but I can't come up with it.
Your name...?
I think it starts with maybe a F... or a U...? I don't know.
Right now, this is the only clue I have.

Again, the fact a ghost is evidently allotted exactly one corporeal object in their possession is odd, to say the least. I mean, other than the Lottery guy but the Lottery Members have mysterious powers beyond the realm of flesh, so don't worry about that too much.

That is very little to go on, but sure.

The Troubled Soldier is the one request we cannot complete on Disc 1. The person we need to deliver this watch to in order to help put this spirit to rest does not exist in Europe. This is as far as we can get on Level 2 of the Fort of Regrets.

However, we can help out the little girl ghost with the menacing Ogress Mask. Is Paris far enough away to take this? I think a decent clip across the continent is far enough in my opinion. Frankly, I would say just off the prison island would be far enough. But what do I know about ghost rules?

Specifically, we are going to the Cathedral District. I have no idea how the flying hell you're meant to find where to take this on your own. At least we were given instructions to go to Le Havre for sorting out Serge's item delivery Fed Ex quest.

Music: Town of Twilight ~ European Town

Remember the Junk Shop where we could spend way too much money to get Gepetto a worthless exclusive accessory? Well, at some point in the game a man in a suit appeared outside the shop. He is who we want to speak with...

Yes, that's right. I'll give it to you if you'd like.
You will? Really?
There is a... slight... chance it is cursed. Is that OK?
Wow... a genuine Japanese curse! Terrific!

What luck! A real Japanese ogress mask! Thanks you very much! Banzai!
I'm glad you like it.

Now that the oni mask is safe in the hands of a French weeb, we are free to return to St. Marguerite Island one last time and wrap up the final doable portion of the Fort of Regrets at this juncture.

Music: In Darkness of a Labyrinth ~ Dungeon

Yes. You're all right now. I got rid of it in a place far, far away!
Good. That bad ogress is all gone. I'm not scared anymore.
Just avoid France and you should be fine.
You don't have to tell me that. Thank you. Goodbye!

Crybaby Kazuna fades away.

Good work, Karin. We will put a pin on the Fort of Regrets for now. We're nearly done with all the Disc 1 sidequests. All that remains now is, let me check my notes here... umm... hmm... Aww fuck me! Solomon's Trials. Argh!

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