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Part 87: Episode LXXXI: A Rough Morning

Episode LXXXI: A Rough Morning

Music: Rising Sun ~ Japanese Town

It seems while Blanca was having his nighttime adventures befriending random samurai and taking on Japanese stormtroopers, Yuri has recovered from his chronic case of seasickness and is back in action. We can now chat up everyone, outside of Blanca, who is still out hitting the town early.

I only threw up in my mouth a little bit recently.
That is... still not great.

So is Yokohama the capital of Japan? You know me and geography.
Nope. That's Tokyo.
Then what information are we possibly going to get here? Kato said he was going back to the capital.
Ehh... you know how these things usually work themselves out.
...That's fair.

Darn. I owe Gepetto 20 Cash after I bet you would die.
...Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Yeah, heaven forbid we're stuck in another brown building for an extended length of time. That'd really be a morale dampener here.

I like that we just took the twelve-year-old with us to Japan without ever going back to her parents to confirm Rasputin is dead and she's and her family are fine. That's a responsible thing to do. Anyhow, if Yuri tries to leave the warehouse...

Yeah... He came back late last night carrying something...
Yeah, that's right. A comb or something.
What does a wolf need with a comb?
I know he's furry and all but I don't think his paws can work something like that very well.
Good point.
Maybe it was for his girlfriend!
What?! No way!
How long was I out that Blanca already hooked up with some Japanese wolf?
How do you know it's a wolf?
...I am not going to entertain that question.

Yokohama Brick Warehouses are no longer a hostile area and is now populated with NPCs we can chat up and a handful of side diversions we can investigate before moving on to Yokohama proper.

In the middle of a run-down warehouse district?
I think it has a certain charming aesthetic to it.
Yeah, if I wanted a coffee and to get mugged.
Some people like that kind of thing.
I was hoping Japan would be less eccentric... I should have known better.

We can return to the warehouses from earlier and chat with some more vagabonds. They just let people hang out in them at their leisure like rent-free flophouses, apparently.

Some people hate war, and some people make money from it...
I mostly make Cash from punching monsters, so that checks out.

I suppose we are going to have to make new arrangements for sales as we left Pierre and Gerald behind in Europe. Secret Dealer Kensuke is running the shop DANGEROUS TOYS and is offering us his wares in their place. He is selling new weapons and armor for the entire party and we are going to upgrade everyone. Yes, even Lucia and Gepetto. Well, Karin isn't getting anything since she just stole Nicolai's sword at the end of the previous disc, Blanca just got a free upgrade and Joachim will acquire something shortly by... other means. But we do need everyone up to snuff for a change.

The claw of a tiger-like creature that pretends to be a cat? Doesn't that just make it a tiny tiger...? Whatever. It has +111 Physical and +98 Special Attack.

I'm afraid I will have to shoot the Easter Bunny if he wanders onto my property this year. I am very serious about social distancing. But aside from that, this has +99 Physical and +110 Special Attack power. Despite the description, there is no Fire elemental affinity.

Festoon. Verb. Adorn (a place) with ribbons, garlands, or other decorations. OK, then. That was not a word I was familiar with... But it does give +98 Physical and +111 Special Attack. Though the only one shot, one kill she'll ever do with this is if she screws up another Tarot Card session.

Oh boy, Cornelia can become a real girl... and get completely skeeved out by the whole dress-up thing she has going on. +96 Physical and +113 Special Attack Power.

This is the male character only newest version of armor with +99 Physical and +90 Special Defense.

And this is the female-only version with +92 Physical and +97 Special Defense.

At the bottom of the Dangerous Toys shop list we have two unique items we'll also be picking up.

Another Crest added to the pile. At least this one has some new defensive abilities.

Secondly, we have a Raccoon Friend. A black market Raccoon Friend. We'll have a use for this shortly but not quite yet.

There's a second warehouse south of the first one which also holds a few items of interest.

There ain't nothing wrong with day drinking nowadays, friend.

It's not all imports, you know! Don't forget all the mountains of silk being exported!

Maybe the people in here aren't the most interesting lot. But you know what is? That's oddly out of place pillar discarded in the back of the warehouse. This wasn't here last night... Hmm.

Music: Gathering God ~ Thrill

<folds arms> Hmm. Nice pillar...
Yup, it's a big pillar. A great big, huge pillar. Not something you usually see lying around...
Maybe they renovated the place recently? Ehh... Nah, this joint looks pretty run dow—
...You're just going to steal this pillar and start hitting people with it, aren't you?

This pillar supported the structure of a house for generations, and now its role as a support is over... It bears the notches the children made over the years to record their height, like badges of honor...
Looks like he wants that pillar, huh?
Looks like it...

What will become of the fish trapped in frozen stasis? Eh. I'm sure a random vendor will take it off our hands for a price. Anyhow, Joachim's next bludgeon upgrade grants him +113 Physical and +96 Special Power.

What ever happened to that young daughter who left home that day so long ago, hoping to become a singer...?
Oh the young lad who fell into an illicit underground cage fighting circuit? Or the wayward father who fell to the temptation of the Satsui no Hado?
Who is he talking about?
Just let him ramble. It's fine... At least he's not stealing anything that might get us heat this time.

Joachim walks off with the Giant Pillar.

I think he's a lot of things.
Where did you find that guy...?
He was pretending to be a neighborhood superhero back in France and the local mob hired us to beat him up. And things just kind of fell into place...

Music: Rising Sun ~ Japanese Town

There are only a few more characters wandering around the area and they don't have the most interesting business to discuss. But just cover everything, let's jabber with the last of them. Perhaps one has something we need...

My friends and I stowed away into town on a ship.
Yeah, immigration is not my department. Carry on.

Why did they build number one last?
Japan is a mysterious land.

<reveals himself to be Lottery Member 9> And I've got the lottery to worry about, as well! Looks like that's why you're here, right?
Well, I wasn't before. But now...
What else?!

It's our first Lottery Member of Disc 2. As long as you don't count that ghost fella back in the Fort of Regrets we did way the hell early. There are no gimmicks with this guy. It's just a straight forward Lottery Ring spin.

Nice job! Here, take your prize! Okay, I've gotta get back to work. See ya again sometime!

The top prize is the Huge Jug which is the opposite of the Small Jug we obtained back with Kurando and Blanca's brief adventure. This halves Sanity Point loss but at the cost of -10 Physical/Special Attack and Defense. Which... I cannot think of a single use for... Unless you really want to get crunked with sake every morning and save some Cash in the process. But for our purposes, that is not really going to help. I also went and grabbed that Mirror Bracelet too. That's a useful accessory and it's not like we're wanting for more Lottery Tickets.

With that, our time in the Brick Warehouses is at a close. We're now free to travel to the south and exit the area.

Music: Grey Memories ~ Map of Japan

This opens up the second region of Yokohama -- Yokohama Streets. I see no reason to delay entering the city proper.

Music: ENDS

Oh, he's here! He's here!
What's he doing?
Can't anyone in this party just be normal for a change?
You were out of commission with seasickness three days after we got off the boat.
Hey, that's a medical condition and cannot be helped, alright?
Citation needed.

<waves arms> Blanca!!

<turns the other way> ??

<waves> Snowball!
Awroo! (Good morning!)
Awroo... Awroo... (Oh, crud... They're going to hear her call me Snowball...)

Music: Flame of Strain to Blaze ~ Tension

The morning meeting of assorted parties is interrupted by a black car peeling to a stop in front of the young princess. I'm sure they're just in a hurry.

<runs toward the scene> Awroo!! (What the...?!)
<runs in to help> Princess!!

Or it's an abduction, with the guy riding shotgun unloading deadly cutscene bullets in Kurando's direction. That's a way to get your morning started with a jolt.

<looks at Karin> Look out!

Blanca attempts to attack but is warded off by gunfire while Yuri dives in to push Karin out of the way of stray bullets. Hell of a way to start the day after nearly dying from seasickness.


<barks and chases after vehicle>
<passes out>

Tune in next time as Yuri and the gang figure out what the flying hell they just got themselves into and maybe the beginning of a Disc 2's plot begins to manifest beyond random soldiers attacking a teenage samurai and a child as Shadow Hearts 2 continues!

Video: Episode 81 Cutscene
(Aim as good as Star Wars Stormtroopers.)